About Us

Nuclear Care Partners is an approved Medical Provider under the U.S.  Department of Labor Programs:  EEOICPA, RECA, DCMWC & FECA.  We work exclusively with former DOE workers who have been diagnosed with work related illnesses and consequently qualify for no-cost in-home medical benefits.  We thank you, former Department of Energy Workers, for your service to our country with your work in the Nuclear Weapons Industry - Nuclear Care Partners is here to give back to you and your families through these medical benefits!



Why Choose Us

Nuclear Care Partners is owned and operated by two compassionate nurses who gave up everything to follow their dreams of giving back to former atomic workers. The people who gave so much to protect our country. They dreamed of making a difference in the lives of former atomic workers by providing in-home care and advocating for them. From the foundation of the organization, to our operations today, this is what we believe makes us special:

Your Independence - Living each day with a serious illness is no easy thing. It is our goal for you to live happily and independently for as long as possible so you can live the life you want on your terms. We’ll even try to help improve your health with our physical therapy program to give you more freedom and independence.


Your Specialized Care - Different from any other provider, we want you to really understand your conditions and we want you to make informed decisions about your care. We want to partner with you to develop a customized plan of care so you feel comfortable and in control of your care. We go the extra mile and treat every former atomic worker with respect and dignity and go above and beyond with every interaction. 


Your Care Team - Each care team is made up of specially trained Nurses, CNAs, and Case Managers. They receive top of the line training, ongoing education, and have unparalleled expertise for treating and caring for people who have illnesses that come from atomic workplace exposure. We hire only the most compassionate employees to provide care to you. Our employees are hired locally in each of the communities we serve so they’re never farther than a phone call away and their employment benefits your local economy.


Your Resource - We are a resource for all former atomic workers, no matter what your situation is. Whether you are just learning about your benefits, need help filing, or want to learn more about in-home care, we are there with you every step of the way. We’re here to help answer questions and guide you through the process because we love having the opportunity to give back to those who have given so much for their country.


Your Choice - We are the top choice of providers for in-home care services. Just ask our patients, 99% of them recommend us to other former atomic workers.