Planning Ahead

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Advantages to Advance Planning Funeral Arrangements

It’s very practical to plan for events in advance. We have all planned for babies arriving, birthday parties, graduation events, weddings, anniversaries, and more. We normally don’t wait for the day of the event to plan for it—this is all done in advance with anticipation of the event to occur.  Yet, there seems to be one event where oftentimes planning ahead is put off. Planning for and simply discussing what is to occur on the day we pass away can certainly be uncomfortable for some. However, there are many reasons and advantages in doing so.

Providing Peace of Mind
By planning your service and funeral arrangements in advance, you can save your family the burden of making those decisions when that day arrives. Loved ones need to be protected during times of emotional upheaval, so you will have done your family a great service by planning ahead.

Reducing Stress & Preparing Financially
Planning your funeral preferences and arrangements will also eliminate the stressful distractions of disturbing funeral details and the worry of unplanned sudden expenses. Thoughtful planning will ensure that all funeral costs have been addressed and if you choose can be paid in advance to guard against inflation.

Ensuring Your Wishes Are Met
You might consider discussion regarding your religious preferences and if you choose a church service, or would rather use the funeral home chapel area for services.  You can openly discuss with your funeral director if you prefer casketed interment or cremation services.  Oftentimes there is a family debate regarding open casket for viewing or if the viewing might be private just for family members.  You may even supply the funeral director with your life’s biography in advance.

While there are numerous details that go into planning your preferences for the end of life, reaching out to a funeral professional and starting this process will be of a great benefit to you and your loved ones.

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