Be The Difference


Award Winner: Sharon Henry

Story: I am nominating Sharon Henry, RN for Be the Difference Winner because she has worked with a very challenging patient for quite some time. Sharon is a very kind hearted, humble nurse and would not want this recognition, but she deserves it very much! We have gone through multiple staff in her area, but Sharon has gained the respect and confidence from her patient in a rather difficult household. Recently the patient became very ill, she needed to go to the ER to be evaluated due to significant pain. Sharon was not working that day, but the patient called her, as she had nobody else, including her family that were staying in her own house hold to help her. Sharon moved her plans around on her day off, went to the patient's home, assisted her in getting the ambulance and the help that she needed and then proceeded to spend much of the day in the ER with the patient to make sure she was comfortable and had someone with her. This is only one of many stories of how Sharon has impacted this patient's life! I am so honored to have someone like her on my team and part of the NCP family!

Location: Missouri

Nominee: Jennifer Taylor

Story: Jennifer noted that her patient diagnosis on his dashboard was incorrect and she independently worked with the wife to find the previous DOL card with the diagnosis codes that were appropriate and brought that to the Regional Director of the branch and together they contacted Amber Hawkins to investigate the discrepancy of diagnoses. The diagnosis code was indeed off. When it was converted from the icd-9 codes to the icd-10 codes the translation was not accurate. Amber Hawkins fixed that error for the patient database immediately. Jennifer went above and beyond to ensure that the patient chart was accurate and what we were documenting to was appropriate. As a CNA in the company, making a difference like this that could save the patient from having denials in care is huge!

Location: Washington

Nominee: Jonnie Renteria

Story: There is not enough one can say about Jonnie. She has been an FCG for her Dad in their home for the past 2 + years. Recently a fire destroyed their home. Luckily all got out safe, including their two adorable dogs. Jonnie has continued to care for her Father every day since without one complaint. She is a true advocate for her Dad by always going the “extra mile” for him and making sure he is cared for in a dignified manner. Jonnie is knowledgeable, patient and kind. When change comes about, she seems to accept the challenge without complaint. I am lucky to have her on the NCP team and want her to know how appreciated she is on a daily basis. The love in that family and their extended family hits this Nurse every time I walk through the door.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Francis Gamboa

Story: Francis has been caring for one of our patients now for about 4 plus years. This patient’s health has been declining due to a new diagnosis. Francis called me a few times to make sure I can help him get that new diagnosis covered. So to make a long story short we were able to get it added in a short period of time. Thank you, Francis, for your commitment to help and care for our patients.    

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Linda Johnson

Story: Linda was sitting with a patient while the wife was watching TV and the pt's wife saw a movie advertised. Linda heard the pt's wife say "what I wouldn't give to be able to go out for an evening and have dinner and see a movie". Linda thought about this and at the next visit she told the wife she would not take no for an answer. She told her to plan an evening to go out and see a movie or whatever she wanted, and she would come early for her shift to be with the patient (on her own time). The pt's wife was so moved by the gesture and she called her daughter and made a date to go see a movie! Linda is a great asset to our Idaho team! This is just one example of many things she does that shows she gives 110% of herself to those she serves. Great job Linda!!

Location: Idaho




Award Winner: Cory Krause

Story: Dear. Ms. Vanlandingham, I’m writing this letter because I’ve always believed that good employees deserve recognition, and Cory Krause falls into this category. Cory has been my home health care nurse for approximately near one year, and I couldn’t be happier. He is very knowledgeable and understand what is going with my health. One thing I appreciate in, particular, is the way Cory discusses health issues with me. I do not have a medical background, and Cory explains things in a way that I can understand. Cory is a very caring young man and I look forward to our visits. He has not only impressed me, but also my family and we all appreciate his professionalism and kindness.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Sue Olree

Story: Since starting to work with Sue Olree RN on a regular basis at the beginning of 2018, I have been very impressed with her willingness to expand on her critical nursing skills, as a result of this, her nursing documentation has improved a great deal. Sue keep up the great work and thank you for your dedication to grow and to provide excellent patient care.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Tiffany Skeen

Story: Tiffany Skeen, RN, is a pleasure to work with. She is a peaceful soul that eases her patient's concerns and fears. Tiffany is a strong educator, and explains drug interactions, diagnostics, and patient procedures well. Tiffany has been an important part of our team now for about 3 1/2 years and we appreciate her so much!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Eric Benter    

Story: Eric is part of our Western Colorado team! Eric is a CNA who is working towards his nursing degree at Colorado Mesa University! Eric is a team player and has been willing to travel great distances on a regular basis to assist in covering CNA visits for patients who have approved hours, but no regular CNA staff. Eric is laying his foundation and completing the ground work for becoming an excellent nurse and we hope he continues to be a part of our team after he graduates!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Sasha Reyes

Story: Sasha is a CNA here in Grand Junction. Sasha has been part of our team now for greater than 2 years and we are so thrilled that she continues to be one of our greatest assets. Sasha's patients praise her to no end about her kindness, compassion, and willingness to step in and help with whatever she can. Sasha patient's are so fond of her and trust her so much that they often do no accept care from another CNA when Sasha requires time away.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Patricia Fischer

Story: Patty Fischer RN is a diamond! Patty has an extensive career in nursing and it shows with her patient care and patient interactions. Patty knows just how to engage the patient in their own POC. Patty, is an astute nurse who takes great care of patients and is able to communicate that through her documentation. Patty has been picking up shifts in Grand Junction frequently, even though she lives about 65 miles outside of Grand Junction. Her willingness and dedication to all of NCP patients does not go unnoticed.

Location: Colorado       

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: She has a great smile and is always willing to assist the CM's in finding coverage for open shifts! She has been a great asset to our team since coming on board in January and as a branch we are more organized in every aspect of day to day operations. We would be lost without her!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Trina Williams

Story: Trina has been the Case Manager of a very difficult and hard to manage patient because of life conditions as well as environment. It has been difficult at best to cover this patient with nurses and CNA's but whenever there is a concern or equipment needed or staffing concerns. Trina will come and be that resource person as well as a caregiving nurse as many times as necessary to make sure the patient has what he needs. I am grateful to have her as part of my team and for this patient.

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Courtney Soderquist  

Story: Courtney has been instrumental in helping complete renewal paperwork for a client in Idaho.  This has been a difficult process as the patient was seen by his physician, a resident, on June 14th.  On June 22nd the physician left for an extended leave of absence prior to signing the renewal letter.  Authorizations was able to get an attending physician in the same office to approve and sign the letter.  They also obtained a CT scan report for a chest CT and sent it with the renewal as well as a recent note from patient's pulmonology visit.  I spoke today with the pulmonology office and they have not received the CT report yet!  Thank you, Courtney, for your patience and understanding as we worked through this process together.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Amy Austin   

Story: Amy is such a pleasure to work with. Everything she does, she does with a smile and a warm heart. She knows this business inside and out and is always willing to help out where ever is needed. Amy will always go the extra mile for our patients and our staff. Thank you, Amy, for all you do for NCP.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Christina Bradley

Story: Chris is a great nurse and an amazing person. Our patients love her and she goes out of her way to do what she can for them. I had never met her even though we worked with the same patients when my sister died suddenly. Chris left a note for me along with a gift of money to help with unplanned costs. She refused to take it back and said "you never refuse money". Then she offered to come by in on her day off so I could pack. Thank you so much 🤗

Location: Washington   

Nominee: Karina Schild

Story: Karina stepped into the HR Specialist role seamlessly.  She is very kind internally and externally and has excellent follow up skills.  She is constantly updating on status as well as anything that may be missing / needed for new hires.  If she requires a little assistance she is not afraid to ask.  She is very prompt and thorough as well as easy to work with!  Karina brightens our day with her smile, positive attitude, trivia and work ethic.   

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Amy Thompson         

Story: I would like to vote Amy Thompson because every time I walk by her office she is diligently working with a smile on her face. She is always hard at work, being one of the first point of contacts that a potential new employee will hear. When I first heard her voice, her enthusiasm, caring, and knowledge for the company, I knew I was doing the right thing by applying to NCP. She truly makes you feel welcomed and comfortable in the preliminary interview. Without that passion for the company and what she does that clearly comes through her voice, I don't know if I would be here today.  She is also very nice and kind to everyone she meets and has interactions with inside the office. Amy I vote you as "Be the Difference" winner!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Natalie Roberts         

Story: Natalie has had nothing but a positive and professional attitude since the day I met her.  She is a great role model, always looks professional and has a smile on her face, and sincerely tries to do her best in every situation.  It is a pleasure to work with someone who has high standards and is also an exceptionally pleasant person.

Location: Ohio

Nominee: Carmonie Russell

Story: One of our patients was thrilled to tell us that Carmonie Russell and her husband did a beautiful thing for him. He has been worried about his deck because he has not been able to tend to the wood as he should. So, Carmonie and her husband spent a weekend power-washing it and staining it for him. They even came back the next day after it dried and put everything back on the deck. Now he and his wife can enjoy their backyard without worrying about what can't be done. He was thrilled.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Ashley Halpin

Story: Ashley Halpin truly embodies the values of NCP and uses them gracefully in the position she holds. Ashley is a huge contributor to making a difference in many employees lives at NCP, which in turn help enrich the lives of our patients. She is upbeat, hardworking, ready to tackle anything, and keeps a level head when working with diverse groups, departments, and people. She also knows how to tactfully push the envelope to make sure that to do lists get done! In the past quarter she has worked closely with the MARCOM department in helping them with their many initiatives. Her help has made a significant difference within the department, and with the company wide initiatives. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Kasadey Shutt

Story: Kasadey Shutt works diligently behind the scenes to help the entire marketing department and NCP as a whole complete huge company initiatives. As well as helping the COMS have materials that help them generate leads. She recently organized a patient photography project. This project went off without a hitch and the marketing department was able to get a talented photographer to capture the lively hood of our patients, and to showcase how NCP has truly made a difference within the lives of our patients. Not only did this make a difference in the lives of the patients and staff that were honored to be showcased. This made a huge difference in what the marketing team can now produce on materials and mediums across the country. This is going to take NCP to the next level! Kasadey took the lead and did an amazing job! Kudos to Kas!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Alyssa Needham       

Story: Alyssa has hit the public relations ground running! In the month of July she has had numerous articles, stories and interviews be published in different mediums and states across the country. That's FREE media coverage that we didn't pay for! Without Alyssa's experience and persistence with working with the media and press this could not have been made possible. Great job Alyssa you are helping take NCP's brand awareness and recognition to the next level! Keep up the great work!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Kathy Carr

Story: Kathleen is such an asset to our team.  She is always willing to help when needed and to help cover shifts when we are in tight situations.  Her commitment to the patients and her professionalism has been noted by the patients and staff.  I do not know what I would have done without her this past few weeks.  I thank her so much for her flexibility and team work.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Jennifer Vander Meer 

Story: In the short time that Jennifer has been with us, she has exemplified the qualities in nursing that we desire in our staff: teamwork, pride in her work, compassion, tremendous work effort, flexibility and she smiles from the inside!  She is willing to assist whenever needed and has never voiced a complaint even when we were struggling to get her the hours she needed.  She has picked up shifts and projects to help elevate the team structure that we are growing. She embodies the quality nursing that our front range team is becoming and is an excellent example of the team members that we have on the front range.  We appreciate her so much!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Blake Schild  

Story: Blake is such a tremendous support to the team.  He is always easy to work with and pleasant.  He responds timely to requests for assistance and never makes you feel stupid for asking the “little stupid” questions.  He makes it comfortable to go to him for assistance and I really appreciate his expertise and his willingness to always help. 

Location: Corporate     

Nominee: Janice Roman

Story: Janice is the quiet type on our team. But when it come to her patients, they are not so quiet. They rave about her care and the special niceties she does to make them feel comfortable. She takes her time to understand who they are and provides them loving care like they were her own family.  One of her clients states her visits are so comforting to him especially during his time of grieving. Thank you, Janice, for all you do for NCP. You embody the NCP culture of family. Thank you!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Jennifer Gottlieb

Story: Since Jen has been with NCP. She has shown excellence in her care for her patients. She goes above and beyond to ensure they have all their needs met. She communicates clearly and effectively with her leadership team on what is happening with the patient. Her compassion shines through in her genuine care. She takes her time with her client when educating them about their condition, ensuring they fully understand the disease process, effects of any treatment, possible outcomes and more. She is always willing to accommodate their needs with schedule changes. She is a true example of the Excellence NCP strives for.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Ann Marie Broda-Cook

Story: Ann Marie continues to be an asset to the company. Her patients have nothing but good things to say about her. She is a great team player and willing to help out with picking up extra shifts.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Alisha Bradley           

Story: I would like to nominate Alisha Bradley. She is great with communication, and always willing to pick up shifts when available. I always receive great feedback from patients on her performance.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Yesenia Acevedo

Story: Yesenia Acevedo. This girl has her game on! She is a model employee, and I am so impressed with so many aspects of Yesenia's character. She is very professional; she maintains a routine that puts her patients at ease because they always know what to expect from her. She keeps her patient's homes neat and tidy. She is on time and stays the whole time. Her charting seems spot-on, and she frequently picks up shifts to make sure the patient's are taken care of. Most importantly, she genuinely cares about the people she works with. Add to this list of qualities the fact that she does all of this while taking care of her family without a lot of external support. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to get to know Yesenia! She inspires me with her work ethic, professionalism, and caring nature.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Valene Willford

Story: Valene is a patient’s greatest advocate, the way she encourages his independence helps him to maintain his self esteem and dignity in the face of a chronic illness. She always encourages him to be independent; she patiently stands by him as he fills his medication box. She always encourages him to do things that he can by himself, even when it may be easier for her to do things for him. Also, she encourages this patient to make his own decisions regarding his medical care. For example, he does his own peritoneal dialysis on a nightly basis. When he has problems with the PD, she has him call the dialysis center to problem solve and trouble shoot. She stays nearby to answer questions as needed, but she allows the patient to troubleshoot and problem solve independently. Her example inspires me and helps me understand how someone can balance maintaining independence and supporting as needed.

Location: Idaho



Award Winner: Carol Hall

Story: We had a patient family that had a FCG for years. When the time came that the FCG could not fulfill her duties because of her own poor health, we had great difficulty finding a caregiver that was a good fit. 
Carol Hall was placed in the home. Initially, the family only allowed her in for very short durations of time. She was patient and sensitive to the family’s needs for control. She provided exceptional care to the patient as well as the former family caregiver. Carol went above and beyond in her duties to provide care for this family. In the end, she was the only CNA they wanted and made herself available nights and weekends in addition to her daily shifts in order to meet the family's needs during their darkest days at the end of the patient’s life. I am so grateful to have had her on this care team. She is a gem!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Yesenia Acevedo

Story: Yesenia is an exemplary employee; the kind that every employer needs on their team. She pays attention to every detail. When I first started working after her, my patient told me about how she anticipated his needs very well. He said she has a routine, she stuck to it, and because of this the patient felt secure; he knew exactly what to expect every single time. This helped him because he didn’t have to constantly have to ask for the things he preferred, and he knew she paid attention to his preferences. He felt more like a human and less like a burden. Yesenia always left the patient's home very neat. Add to that the fact that she is scrupulous in her time-keeping. The most impressive part to me, however, is that she did all of this while managing her family of four kids by herself. I am so impressed with Yesenia - she is a marvelous asset to our patient and to our company.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Carmonie Russell

Story: I would like to nominate Carmonie Russell for Be The Difference of the month of June. Carmonie was caring for one of our elderly patients Tuesday afternoon. The wife, who is a frail little woman, was talking about a spot next to her front walkway where she was unable to get anything to grow. The next morning the patient's wife went outside to find Carmonie kneeling on the ground planting flowers. The wife was so excited to share this story with me. Carmonie demonstrates the value of not only providing care for our patient's, but to support their families as well. Thank you Carmonie for adding a little light to her life!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Kelly Jordan

Story: Kelly shines like a star. She does the small things to go above and beyond for her patients and her team. Recently we needed to get a team member started and trained quickly for an emergent patient. Kelly was the "yes" person. She took the lead with little instruction and trained the staff member that very day. The person she trained felt equipped to go into the field immediately and provide care. Kelly also is taking her role as team lead and blossoming before our eyes. She holds herself to a high standard of professionalism and it reflects in the care she provides and how she interacts with her peers. She reaches out for guidance to ensure she is providing quality care and meeting the needs of her clients. She has recently been sung praises by the patients she serves.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Cory Krouse

Story: There is not enough you can say about Cory. Cory goes above and beyond to support his leadership team, peers and patients. He gets right in there and volunteers to pick up shifts, help orient and so much more. Every patient that has had Cory as a nurse has nothing but high remarks for his professionalism and knowledge. What I hear the most is "I like his style". Cory is patient, courteous and kind to all those he serves. He ensures all team members who are working with a client are updated with any changes. It's a pleasure to work alongside Cory.

Location: Colorado


Nominee: Melissa Gallant         

Story: Melissa Gallant is an RN/Case Manager in the Idaho Falls area. Melissa is the embodiment of what a caring and a proficient case manager should be. She manages her time effectively and efficiently and attempts to take care of herself and maintain a good work/life balance. In addition, Melissa takes the time to personally remember patients and staff members birthdays and special occasions. Recently I had a loved patient pass away, and Melissa sent me a personal note of condolence. When I needed to go out of town on short notice, she readily agreed to be available for a challenging patient. When an SOS goes out for a case management task that needs to be completed on short notice, Melissa is quick to step up to the plate. I strongly feel that Melissa Gallant truly makes a difference to her patients and coworkers on a daily basis.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Kim Pugh     

Story: Kim has been an amazing addition to our California nursing team! She has gone above and beyond in so many ways. She provides excellent care to one of our patients living in a remote area, where she literally goes the extra mile to make sure his nursing and healthcare-related needs are met. When the patient's wife was out of the area, Kim provided support for the patient in an emergency and made sure he was safe. When the patient needed help with his renewal appointment and related documentation, Kim assisted the case manager and authorizations team by ensuring all the necessary details were covered. For these and many other reasons, we are truly fortunate to call Kim an NCP nurse, and we are grateful for all she does for her patient.

Location: California

Nominee: Kathy Ball

Story: Kathy Ball exemplifies the true spirit of a "can-do" nurse. Kathy cares for patients in remote areas in California, and shows her dedication to patients in everything she does. Kathy goes above and beyond to reach our patients. She collaborates with the case manager to ensure patient needs are met. She demonstrates leadership and accountability as she takes on responsibilities, and she makes it a priority to communicate with the team. Kathy continues to provide such valuable care to patients, while demonstrating what it means to go the extra mile. We appreciate you so much, Kathy!

Location: California

Nominee: Francis Gamboa

He has been a mentor for me since arriving at NCP. He helped with my charting and getting to know the patient’s. I can call him at any time and he is always pleasant and ready to assist in any way that he can. He will walk me through procedures if they are unfamiliar to me. He is a great nurse!

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Amanda Jensen                    

Story: Where do I start?! Her mastery of communication skills, are phenomenal. No matter where she is, she makes herself available. Her compassion towards her "flock," is exemplary. She truly enables us ALL to feel we are a part of something greater than ourselves and leads by example. Never in my nursing career, have I experienced leadership of this magnitude. Whenever I have had difficulties, she has been there to help identify the problem, then puts the focus on the solutions. She empowers me to grow and be the best human being possible. Because of her leadership style, I truly feel like a valued member of NCP. Thank you, Amanda!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Taylor Vanlandingham

Story: I want to show my gratitude for Taylor. Her guidance and advice is always appreciated. Taylor is always working hard to support all teams, and her time and effort means a lot. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful! Thanks again for being a great boss and for all your support!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Trina Williams

Story: I would like to recognize Trina Williams. I had the pleasure of working with her to try and resolve a particularly difficult issue regarding the DOL and their authorization process for a long time patient. Trina followed my lead and recommendations, reacted accordingly due to the importance of the issue, and went well beyond my expectations in her approach to the problem.  She advocated for the patient as a professional, she created well thought out and well-crafted documentation, and she broke ground that I have not previously seen in similar situations. Specifically, she provided me with language that I could use to accurately respond to the DOL, and in doing so, she gave me insight into the clinician’s (our nurse’s) minds as far as our patient’s daily care goes. Our patients are not cookie cutter people, they each have individual needs, individual requirements, and they need specialized care specific to their DOL diagnoses. Trina’s well thought out documentation showed professional skill, exceptional disease-specific expertise, and an extreme level of care and compassion for this patient. I have no other words, Trina knocked it out of the park.

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Estephen Cordova                 

Story: Recently, Estephen requested a meeting to strategize about what the DOL required to ensure additional authorization for a particularly challenging case. He was aware that the patient had an appointment the following day with a signing physician who has not always proven effective in providing the supportive documentation for initiation, renewal and/or increased authorization for patient care. According to Estephen, the meeting would provide the CM with the necessary talking points in preparation for the appointment. Prior to the meeting, Estephen prepared a detailed outline of the discussion items, which he sent via email to all intended attendees. This enabled him to demonstrate respect for all party's time as he managed the conference call in an organized manner while working through each item. At the close of the meeting, the CD and Administrator readily complimented Estephen on his organized approach and concern for the patient and nurse.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Christina Brumfield

Story: Christina Brumsfield, RN case manager. She does a great job of mentoring, giving me feedback, good follow through, and I appreciate her as my case manager.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Andrea Goble

Story: Andrea always cares deeply for her patients and coworkers. I work with Andrea every week and she always makes sure to ask how my week was and how I am doing. I have also learned so much working with Andrea; whenever I ask questions about lung diseases, medications, Etc. she makes sure to thoroughly explain them to me, so I better understand. Overall, Andrea is a fantastic nurse and I love working with her.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Emily Cuprzynski

Story: I truly cannot say enough about how fantastic it is to work with Emily. Emily is incredibly smart and dedicated to her team and patients. Emily has taken on functioning as a preceptor and does a lot of staff supervision. Emily goes above and beyond he part time staff nurse position every week. We are so grateful to have an amazing nurse like Emily at NCP!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Lori Schuster

Story: Lori spent a great deal of time planning an amazing event for our Rocky Flats workers in Denver. The event was well attended, and Lori's creativity really showed! Thank you for all of your hard work on this great event!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Cheri Coley

Story: Cheri has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond to assist with getting tasks accomplished for our patients whenever needed.  She demonstrates initiative to get the job done and has performed all her duties and added tasks without complaint. She is a very valuable and appreciated member of our team. 

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Emily Cuprzynski

Story: Emily has been a tremendous help to our team.  She has been willing to take on a preceptor role with new staff to help CM while we are sorting through our various staffing challenges.  She has been a tremendous asset to the patients and an invaluable resource who works hard to overcome challenges for our patients.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Lorrie Cordle 

Story: I met Lorrie through a training shift with my client, where I learned that she is new to in home care and on her very first shift she had a loss of a client. The fact that she continued with the job is amazing to me. Talk about trial by fire! I recently emailed Lorrie asking her if she could cover any of the days I was requesting off and she offered to cover them all! She exudes such a “go getter” attitude with every situation that comes her way and I believe that she deserves to be recognized for this.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: "Since Rochelle began just a few months ago, she began to assist Amanda Jensen in every detail. She hit the ground running. She has been available for any questions and responds to them very quickly, which is so helpful to the field nursing staff. Home health requires independence on the nurse’s part, and it’s so nice to know that when we have a clinical question for Amanda, Amanda can delegate specific tasks to Rochelle and they are completed immediately. She is very dedicated to making our job easier. We are fortunate to have Rochelle on our team. Thanks to Rochelle Cox, for her time, her endless energy and her steadfast dedication to us so that we can make the lives of our patients better!"

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Patty Fischer 

Story: I would like to recognize Patty Fischer for her dedication to the team, she truly cares about her patients and is excellent with communication. She is always willing to help out when possible and holds herself to high standards. Thank you Patty F.!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: Every time I walk into the office Rochelle always has a big smile on her face and wears her heart on her sleeve. She goes the extra mile to help everyone find coverage last minute or in advance. She is also so energetic and shows that she loves what she does. Rochelle brings so much happiness into the workplace and I am always eager to help cover shifts that she needs covered! Thank you so much for everything you do Rochelle!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: I nominate Rochelle Cox as an employee to be recognized for being an awesome secretary for our home base!   She is kind and her smile is contagious!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: Since Rochelle joined the NCP team she has been a key player in helping all of us BUSY nurses stay on track with kind reminders for important deadlines, expediting physician communication, assistance with staffing, organizing meetings, and functions. She is always kind and cheerful and willing to help! Thank you Rochelle!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Asma Jilali    

Story: Asma has been a great asset to the Front Range team. She is calm and patient with all of her patients even in the hardest of circumstances. She provides them with quality care and goes out of her way to make them comfortable. She performs extra duties for the patients to ensure they are in a safe environment. Everyone of her patients is over the moon for her “tender care” she provides to them.  Asma also works closely with the team and leadership to help support the patients in home care.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Kelly Jordan  

Story: Kelly has been a true lifesaver during the front range CM transition. She has taken on extra to assist the new CM’s with items such as training staff. She will rearrange her whole schedule to help assist the needs of her CM’s in a time crunch. She also does the same for her peers. We have heard nothing but kind things from her peers but also the new staff she has trained. She takes her time to make sure they understand what they should be doing. She has a great report with the entire team and her clients.

Location: Colorado



Award Winner: Kathy McDonald

Story: I am nominating Kathy McDonald for the Be the Difference Award. Recently, Kathy not only lost one of hear dearest patients, but two within a VERY short period of time. With the most recent gentleman, the majority of the family was not able to be present during his time of passing. Kathy, who had become close to many of them, knew that they would be arriving in town to pick up his ashes. The day after this task had been completed, Kathy hosted a barbecue for his friends and family to remember and honor the great man that she knew. To me, she is the epitome of what NCP strives to achieve. I would be proud to have Kathy as my nurse if I ever need. Love you Kath!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Lauren Mondragon

Story: Lauren is one of the most delightful people I have ever encountered. She brings so much warmth to the office and has a wonderful demeanor on the phone. She is always helpful and is always offering her assistance in anyway. She definitely goes above and beyond her duties every day. I am so happy we hired Lauren.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Amber Hawkins

Story: Amber has been so helpful these last few months that I have to honor her commitment in helping us through this process. Thank you, every time I call she is very professional and pleasant to speak to. Amber and her amazing team are the reason we all are successful. Thank you all!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Elizabeth Reed

Story: Patient's wife stated "I would like to nominate Liz for the outstanding job she does. When she arrived the patient was extremely agitated, delusional and angry. She was able to calm him down, get him to a place where he would be safe. She stayed by his side the entire day continually doing her best to keep him as calm as possible. When you have a loved one going through a delusional episode it is extremely nerve racking. Liz's ability to keep the patient as calm as possible was very comforting for me also. We are lucky to have her in our home."

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Kim Pugh

Story: Kim is new to the NCP team, but she has already made a huge difference in the lives of one of our patients. In just a few short weeks, Kim has taken the initiative to develop a strong and supportive relationship with the patient and his wife. Since she started caring for him, the patient is now walking 40 minutes, when he used to spend most of the day in his chair. His pain management has significantly improved, and she has offered to help him with many organizational tasks related to his doctor appointments. When his wife needed to make plans to be away for a family event, Kim went above and beyond by offering to change her shift hours to be available in the evenings to prepare dinner for the patient and keep him company, so the wife could enjoy the event and not worry. We are so proud that Kim has joined our team and helped to create such a positive patient experience. Thank you, Kim!

Location: California

Nominee: Sasha Reyes

Story: Sasha Reyes, is dependable and able to work in stressful situations for long periods of time. She reports patients' needs to the correct sources in a timely manner. She is professional and cares for all of her patients.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Norma Hamacher

Story: Norma is a brand new RN with NCP, she started in the middle of March. Norma is exceptionally sweet, empathetic, kind and knowledgeable with our patients here in the Springs. I had a family emergency that I had to attend in March and Norma was extremely flexible and jumped right in on her 2nd week and didn’t blink an eye. She was my angel that week as well as the patient’s. I didn’t have to worry about anything while I was gone. The patient’s absolutely love her and have been very open and receptive to her. They complement her with the care she provides to them every shift. I am nominating Norma for the Be The Difference award because she is a pure example of: Compassion, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence. Thank you, Norma, for everything you have done to help our patients and me.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Karina Schild

Story: I would like to nominate Karina for Be the Difference! She has been a joy to work with and is always working hard to process candidates quickly! She is always on top of it and very timely in responding to any requests. I have received many compliments from employees coming on board about their interaction with her! Thanks Karina for your hard work and constant communication with recruitment and other hiring managers!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Trista Linsacum

Story: I can't say enough about Trista- she is always smiling and welcoming to everyone she encounters- Trista has helped me personally with several travel messes I have created and always does so with a positive attitude. Trista is extremely quick to respond to emails and always follows-up . Thank you, Trista, for sharing your gifts with NCP!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Kat Burroughs

Story: Kat is a terrific supervisor and Case Manager. She takes any extra time that is needed to answer her client's questions and requests. She is also available day or night for any questions that her nurses may have. She is dependable and always has a smile on her face.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Nicole Burns

Story: Nicole has been a great mentor and teacher. She is patient, thorough and always willing to give positive feedback for improvements and growth. She has a great work ethic and is committed to her patients and colleagues.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Emily Cuprzynski

Story: Emily is a pleasure to have on our team. She is thorough, pleasant and has great communication skills. She always follows up in a timely manner and has a YES attitude. She is a strong asset to our company and is going to be an incredible nurse practitioner when she finishes her education.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Nicole Burls

Story: Nicole came on at NCP during a whirlwind of change and transition for our branch. Nicole is the calm in the storm, she puts people at ease with her kind and gentle spirit and tone. She has stepped up to the challenge and has brought new and exciting energy to our team. Nicole sets the bar for leadership and we are extremely grateful she joined the NCP family.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: I get so much praise and positive feedback from staff about Rochelle. She takes initiative, has a positive attitude and works to make staff feel engaged and appreciated. Her smile can be heard while talking to staff and patients on the phone. She keeps me (Director) on track and organized. Rochelle has totally changed how we function as a branch in such a wonderful way.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Elizabeth Bell

Story: Elizabeth has been with NCP for 4 years, she started in Authorizations and brings that set of skills to Case Management. The Colorado branch has 6 new leaders and Elizabeth has gone above and beyond to support myself (Director) and the new leaders. Elizabeth steps up to every situation with grace and professionalism. She goes out of her way to teach staff, facilitate great communication and provide knowledgeable feedback. She truly sets the standard for NCP Case Management. I could not do my job without her incredible support.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Carmonie Russell

Story: Carmonie demonstrates the definitions of grace and class. She is an astute nurse that goes the extra mile for each of her patients, putting their needs above her own. She has the ability to connect with each of her patients in a manner that allows them to feel secure and well cared for. She maintains great communication with her case managers and is willing to pick up shifts at the last minute. She goes above the call of duty day in and day out without calling attention to herself or expecting accolades. I strive to model her behavior and am so grateful to have her as such a great leader through her actions on our NCP team!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Liz Reed

Story: Liz has been a great asset to our NCP team at various homes. She has jumped into her role as CNA at NCP with enthusiasm, kindness, compassion and the ability to maintain professionalism in all situations. She has had to deal with some unpleasant situations but did so with grace and maintaining integrity. I am so glad she has joined our team!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Mary Gay Crawford

Story: Mary Gay Crawford is always very pleasant in her demeanor. Mary Gay is very thorough in her cares and consistently does same day charting, following the POC. She is available at each RN visit and readily discusses her husbands care, condition, needs, POC and goals. Mary Gay is open to any feedback and works diligently to effect change. She helps our patient to manage his medications, diet, activity level and monitors his respiratory status. She readily reports changes, concerns and problems to the RN and CM. Mary Gay collaborates well with the RN and CM to provide optimal care according to the POC. She has high expectations of herself and is a terrific role model for all FCGs. She is a remarkable lady.

Location: Wyoming

Nominee: Shanti Anderson

Story: I would like to submit Shanti Anderson for Be The Difference award. Last week, Shanti received a report that one of her patient's fell in his home. Shanti displayed exceptional care to a patient. The patient was cleared from doctor’s office to go home. While at a visit the Shanti accessed that the patient needed to go to the hospital for further treatment. Shanti worked with the staff at the hospital including the on-call surgeon to make sure her patient was okay. Shanti continued to follow up on the status of the patient, checked on the FCG to see how she was coping with the situation, and kept the Case Manager informed at ALL times during this crisis. I have observed Shanti in this home. She is an absolute breath of fresh air while providing utmost care, education, and gaining and keeping the trust of the patient and family as well (and she even sang the same song, in the same location, as the Sound of Music was performed at! She is a nurse with many talents!) Love ya Shanti!!!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Lindsey Nestor

Story: Lindsey is such a pleasure to work with! She is a great communicator with all of her teammates. She goes above and beyond to ensure that she can help cover shifts when needed.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Sierra Shiner

Story: Sierra has been with NCP for about a year and it has been such a pleasure to watch her grow in her skills and grow as a person. Sierra is learning so much as a CNA as she works through getting her prerequisites for her BSN. Sierra is very organized, a great communicator and a fantastic team player.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Ann Marie Borda

Story: Ann Marie is always being complimented by the patients she sees! I often hear comments that she is a hard worker, anticipates patient needs and gets the whole job done with little direction. Patients appreciate this as it takes the stress off of them and places them at ease.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Eric Benter

Story: Eric always has such an upbeat positive attitude when he attends company events or meetings. This attitude flows over in his patient care. Eric is always pleasant and even when pushed against, he lets situations roll off his back and does not carry it with him to his next patient visit. Good Job Eric!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Lindsey Nestor

Nominee: CNA

Story: Lindsey is a true team player! Always willing to help out. Her patients have nothing but good things to say about her. She reports abnormal v/s promptly and is always kind and courteous.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Patricia Fischer

Story: I was called by a local physician that stated that our nurse, Patricia, had saved his patients life. Patricia saw an issue and was persistent even though a physician blew it off she knew something was wrong and she was right. The patient ended up needing a stint put in. The doctor stated that if she was not as persistent the patient may not have made it. He was very appreciative of all of her efforts and her dedication to our patients. The patient and doctor were very complimentary about our nurse Patricia, about her professionalism, compassion and dedication to her patient.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Cindy Pettis

Story: Cindy is a new addition to our team! Cindy brings experience, professionalism, compassion and excellent communication skills with her to each shift that she works. Cindy is an excellent team member and is always willing to pick up open shifts even if the shifts are out of town. Thank you, Cindy, for coming and being part of our NCP team!

Location: Colorado



Award Winner: Kristen Ambo

Story: Kristen Ambo for CNA of the month. Kristen has been an excellent employee since she started in January. Kristen has quickly adapted to her role and constantly seeks ways to improve her care. Recently, her main patient was hospitalized for 8 days. Kristen stuck through the lack of hours and really stayed positive about making sure her patient had the best possible care. Kristen volunteered her own personal time to spend several hours on several days with the patient at the hospital, just to ensure that he knew NCP was there for him. Kristen even volunteered to let the patient’s son have a break from being at the hospital and stayed with the patient, so his son was able to have some respite. Kristen exemplifies the caring nature that we should all have as healthcare providers. Her passion for this industry, and for her patient is very admirable. The patient was moved to tears because of how wonderful she has treated him, even when she was not being compensated to do so. I am proud to have Kristen on our team because she truly goes above and beyond what is expected of her position.

Location: Wyoming

Nominee: Kylee Price

Story: Kylee Price, she has been my go-to girl when I needed shifts covered, she has adjusted her schedule accordingly to help cover the shift needs. She will contact me asking if there are any shifts I need help covering, she is even willing to cover the 2 or 4-hour shifts I have. She never waits until shift cover bonus is offered (but is happy when it is offered haha).

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Mary Duncan

Story: Mary reaches out to me to see if I have any shifts I need covered and is willing to cover any shifts she can. When I send out the text asking for shift coverage she will ALWAYS respond with a yes or a no and if it is a no she explains why she cannot cover the shift. She is truly a blessing, I know I can always count on her when her schedule allows, and she also does not wait until shift coverage bonus is offered.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Elizabeth Sumpter

Story: Betty goes above and beyond her duties that she is scheduled and paid for. Even though the patient is her husband, she ensures that he attends all appointments, helps in promoting the patient to take his medications, and problem-solves areas where improvement could be made to have pt be in compliance with therapies and treatments. Her documentation is always submitted in a timely fashion. Rarely has a chart audit come back to where something she wrote was flagged and needed to have corrections made, and when they have, she is very open to suggestions and feedback and will make appropriate changes immediately. She has a very good rapport with the nurse in the home and ensures that the nurse is up to date on all happenings, especially when the pt is hesitant to report things.

Location: Idaho

Nomination: Josh Yerkes

Story: E mail to Josh after exchanging a computer for a tablet---. "You may not think so but I spent 2 hours working with FCG completing a note for the day that I was there. I then went back two days later and went over how to turn the computer on and what screen needed the "nuclearcare" password versus her password. Needless to say it is very hard to teach a person in their 80's a new task." Josh's response to me---"I understand the difficulty of training. We help people every day with that challenge. Know that you are not alone and that we are here for you. " My experience later that week-- I was working with a local DME company yesterday and the person I was working with was having problems with her computer system. She was a little exasperated because she had to contact the IT department. Oh how I remember the days! Now I have no dread of contacting the IT department because I know not only will I get help, I will be respected in the process.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Blake Schild

Story: I had no clue that when I decided to become a nurse, I also had to be proficient at trouble shooting IT issues. As with most nurses, I am technologically challenged and without the support of IT, I would still be charting on paper. The Washington Branch would like to nominate Blake Schild for patiently putting up with all of the phone calls, emails and tickets that he encounters every day. Regardless of the reason for the call, he is always gracious and demonstrates the true spirit of team and comradery. Thank you Blake, for all you do.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Brandi Blackburn

Story: Brandi is new to case management with NCP but has many years of experience in patient care. Brandi has been running since hiring on with us last fall quickly showing her leadership skills and abilities. Brandi took on the Team Lead role last fall and then was promoted to CM early in 2018. She does a wonderful job providing the quality of care the patients deserve. Brandi is doing a fantastic job in a position that demands skills such as organization, time management, personnel management and commitment to quality. Great Job Brandi.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Ann Marie Cook

Story: "It is with pleasure that I recognize Ann Marie Cook for her patient relationships. Ann Marie is a people person and she is constantly receiving compliments from her patients about how hard she works when she is with them. She is a forward thinker, always looking for areas she can help with to assist in improving her patient's lives. Ann Marie also receives recognition for her thorough documentation and attention to detail. Chart reviewers have stated "it is a pleasure to review her documentation!" Ann Marie is always willing to bring new ideas to the table. Thank you Ann Marie!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Jessica Harrell

Story: "Since meeting Jessica for the very first time I have been impressed with her nursing knowledge and ability to make anyone that meets her like her almost instantly. Jessica is warm and friendly and is a true patient advocate. She has worked diligently to get her patients DME, Dr. orders etc. Her determination to get the job done has earned her the nickname "the pit bull nurse" from her patients and co-workers, she will do what it takes to get her patients needs met. She is willing to jump in and help whenever she is needed. She is flexible and willing to be creative to meet patient and organizational needs. She is a huge asset to CO and the organization- thank you for all that you do Jessica!!"

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Melissa Byrd

Story: When Melissa started with NCP she had some pretty big shoes to full, however not only did she fill them she exceeded them. She has been a blessing to all of us in the Idaho Falls office. She is a quick learner, she is not afraid to ask questions and she is a take charge kind of person. There is nothing she will not do and she does it with a smile on her face. She lights up the office with her personality. I am blessed to be able to work with her. Melissa you have made a difference in not only my life but in the lives of our patients, co-workers and our office.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Lori Schmalz

Story: Lori Schmalz took over as Case Manager for a very challenging patient knowing the case would be demanding and challenging. Lori navigated through staffing challenges, incredible challenges with the patient’s family, coordinating care with two different hospice agencies and on through until the end of this patient’s life. She did all of this with incredible compassion, grace, integrity, professionalism and kindness. She managed to perfectly support our dear patient, the patient’s family, and our amazing care team throughout this time and spent an incredible number of hours over and above her case management hours to be sure everything was handled and all involved were supported. Just to share a couple of examples, Lori came to the home on short notice to cover needs repeatedly (for both nurses and aides/family caregivers, she spent many hours in patient care in the home tenderly tending to this fragile patient including many hours at the patient’s bedside the night before she passed away. She always made herself available for patient/family needs or to support the staff who all struggled with the declining health of this patient. She consistently advocated for the patient and staff as well. The patient loved Lori. The family loves Lori. Everyone on the large care team involved all love and appreciate Lori. She is an incredible example to all of us.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Amanda Jensen

Story: From our very first meeting back in May of 2017, Amanda has impressed me to no end. The way that she is able to gather people together under her strong leadership is an absolute inspiration. From caring about employees to reaching out to patients, Amanda has made a true impact within the Colorado Branch. From where I sit, all the way over in the West End, I see Amanda as a guiding light that keeps my motivation moving forward every day, forces me to reach new heights, and is that strong yet peaceful voice that I have come to depend on. The unity within the Co. Branch is only getting stronger for her leadership skills and diligence to excellence. I cannot express in under 300 characters all that she has accomplished over this last year. Thank You Amanda, for all that you do every day!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Lori Schuster

Story: Lori has been on "fire" this year. This past week she recently hosted an event in Denver, CO that brought in over 90 former atomic workers. Lori has been working extremely hard and is always pleasant to work with. Her sense of humor brings fun into the workplace. Thank you for all that you do Lori! You truly are making a difference in the lives of former atomic workers.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Lisa Rodriguez

Story: Lisa is always upbeat, polite and considerate of other’s needs. She is very respectful to employees as well as patients. No matter how much is going on, she keeps a smile on her face and her voice when on the phone, I am proud to work with her,

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Ricki Pederson

Story: Ricki goes out of her way to make sure she reaches every person that is entitled to the benefits promised them. She has a heart of gold that shines and effects not just the people she interacts with during her marketing for NCP but to the nursing staff as well. She does not forget these people once they are approved for us to go into their homes. She is remembered by these people as being warm and caring and I have been told by many of my patients that she is the reason that they came on board with us. She reaches out to these people and makes a positive connection, and they trust her as do I.

Location: Washington

Nominee: Rebecca Sargent

Story: Rebecca has been someone I have always enjoyed working with! She makes me laugh ALL the time! Even when you may be one of the busiest workers you are always so great at answering my calls or getting back to me very quickly, and you always seem to have the answer I am looking for! Thank you for putting a smile on my face and for all your hard work!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Michelle Merrill

Story: There isn't one event that defines why Michelle deserves to be nominated for Be The Difference, she has exemplified this over the course of years. Michelle has been a dedicated employee with NCP for nearly 5 years. In her current role as CD she provides support to all of the clinical staff, but especially to the Case Managers. The Idaho/Wyoming team is a solid as it has ever been under her leadership. She also is a great educator. For RN meeting in March, she prepared a well-researched presentation on lung assessment. She has created a committee whose aim is improving onboarding and orientation for new hires. She's done all this on her own and continues to look for areas to improve. She is never hesitant to jump in and problem solve and get things done. She is a great asset to NCP and especially to Idaho/Wyoming!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Amanda Jensen

Story: Amanda exemplifies the meaning of team player. She is a great leader and true advocate for her associates and territory. She is very innovative and always trying to improve herself as a leader and as a professional. She leads by example and dedication in her position. Amanda works tirelessly to accomplish her goals and initiatives. We are truly blessed to have a great leader in the Colorado branch.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Wendy Smith

Story: Wendy is available to answer questions 24/7, she has taken on the roll of Lead RN and CM in a difficult case. In order to open up our area, she often worked at all nursing roles including HHA nearly 24/7. Without her, there would be no Washington office, kudos to Wendy.

Location: Washington

Nominee: Janet Minton

Story: During a case management home visit, I was shown the notebook that Janet Minton had created for her patient. On her own initiative she had printed the PPOC, the Medication Record, Nursing Care Plans and goals. She had also printed teaching guides which included information on hand washing, nebulizers, signs and symptoms related to patient’s diagnosis, actions and side effects of pertinent medications and a flow sheet that included all the items she was measuring. A traveling nurse came over the weekend and was able to tell exactly where Janet was in her teaching program. His wife can use the flow sheet for physician appointments. I was impressed with her initiative and resourcefulness in ensuring her patient’s, wife’s, and team members needs were met.

Location: Washington

Nominee: Kathleen Weller

Story: It is such a pleasure to work with Kathleen (Katty). She always shows up to her visits dressed nice, groomed well, happy and energetic. Her presentation makes the patients feel better just to have her there. She works hard to keep the patient’s environment safe and healthy. While she does a great job with the cleaning and assessing vitals, she also provides companionship, instinctively encouraging patients to express themselves and validating the patient’s thoughts and feelings. She also provides encouragement and support to the family care givers. She is very consciousness to communicate information about the patient's physical and psychological condition to the nurse promoting continuity of care. The Colorado NCP team and patients/families are lucky to have her enthusiastic professional contribution!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Dana Edge

Story: I would like to nominate Dana for all of her hard work, willingness to help, and positive attitude. Dana takes great care of her patient and has even helped out several hours away when there was a need. She is always willing to help out by picking up open shifts and emergencies because she really cares about her patient and does not want him to be without help. Dana always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude when I see her and speak with her. She works hard and communicates wonderfully with patient, wife, daughter and other staff. Very happy to have Dana on our team!

Location: Ohio

Nominee: Rena Rowberry

Story: Rena Rowberry is a wonderful family caregiver. She works so hard every day and gives her husband the best care possible. She gets her charting in on time and I don't have to remind her. She updates me on any changes in her husband's condition and does an awesome job of knowing what to do to keep him safe. She is kind, loving and patient.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Danielle Willden

Story: Danielle Willden should be considered as the RN of the month because of her amazing communication skills with patients, co-workers and leaders. She jumps in and helps out with patients whenever needed and is pleasant all the time.

Location: Idaho


Award Winner: Lori Johnson

Story: Our patient received a call that he needed to get to the hospital immediately if he wanted to see his mother before she passed away - Lori was working in the home at the time of the call. This patient is unable to drive and did not have a ride. The shift was almost over, and Lori let the patient know she could not give him a ride while working, BUT as soon as she clocked out, she drove him to the hospital, so he could visit his mother before she passed away. This went above and beyond her CNA duties. She has made this patient forever grateful for Lori's compassion and kindness.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Ashley Halpin

Story: I would like to nominate Ashley for Be The Difference in March for many different reasons, although unfortunately not many employees get to work with Ashley in person but she is constantly making sure that the entire NCP community is taken care of. Ashley really works behind the scenes to make sure that all meetings are held on time, all visitors have amazing impressions of us and you can truly see her love for NCP shine through her hard work and commitment. She is constantly thinking of new ways to improve our performance as a team and as a company. Thank you for everything that you do for NCP Ashley.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Maureen Day

Story: Maureen Day was nominated for her love and devotion to her husband Walt. She knows what he needs, and she isn’t afraid to question someone if she feels he isn’t getting what he needs. She works so hard to make sure he is clean, comfortable, and that he is safe. She does a great job with her documentation and it’s always done on time.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Bridget Sierra

Story: Bridget Sierra CNA/HHA for employee of the month. Bridget has been an excellent addition to our team in Casper since she started. Bridget constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that our patients receive excellent care. Since she started, Bridget has helped repair our reputation with our patients in Casper and has played a key role in developing and maintaining positive relationships with our patients. At the beginning, Bridget really struggled with her documentation, but she has dedicated herself to improving the quality of her charting. Our patients have nothing but nice things to say about Bridget, and she truly does whatever it takes to improve their quality of life. Bridget stepped up and worked a ton of overtime hours for several weeks until we got another HHA on board. She has done whatever it takes to ensure our patients received the best she had to offer. She has been willing to cover shifts for other CNAs with very little notice. She is a team player and always looks for ways to improve. Her positive attitude, excellent interpersonal skills, and her focus on improvement have really helped NCP Casper build a solid foundation for our future success.

Location: Wyoming

Nominee: Ambra Scouten

Story: Ambra Scouten, she really stepped up and went above and beyond to help out not only me but several other nurses/CM's. Ambra was always very willing to help and did it all with a smile. Over the course of several weeks Ambra spread herself very thin to take the pressure off others and make sure our patients were well taken care of. I am very thankful for her help and I know many other nurses are as well. - Thank you Ambra

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Josh Yerkes

Story: Huge shout out to Josh! I'd like to specifically recognize him for his recent work on the MAR and the improvements he was able to make to help keep our patients safe with accurate medication lists. Josh was open-minded and listened to our suggestions and then went right to work on making adjustments. He accepted feedback from the team without being condescending or acting "put-out" (unfortunate traits that some of his counterparts in other healthcare environments possess). We think you are AWESOME Josh and NCP is lucky to have you!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Jennifer Jacob

Story: Jennifer is truly committed to going the extra mile for NCP, both literally and professionally. During the process of hiring a new nurse for a patient several hours away, Jennifer was willing to cover those shifts and provide an outstanding patient experience. She consistently lives out the mission, vision, and values of NCP. She demonstrates both a commitment to nursing excellence, and a dedication to supporting her NCP team members. Even while waiting several months for DOL approval of her next patient, Jennifer remained steadfast and worked with the case manager to bring about a successful onboarding of the patient. Jennifer exemplifies the heart of NCP, and we are thrilled she is a member of our California team.

Location: California

Nominee: Rodica Ghitas

Story: Rodica's patients and their families consistently give her excellent feedback as she provides positive patient experiences. Her patients describe her as thorough, hardworking, and professional, with a calm and soothing approach to patient care. When her patients and their families are going through an especially stressful health crisis, Rodica can be counted on to create an environment that is supportive. By the end of her shift, Rodica's patients remark that they feel much better having spent time with her. Rodica exemplifies NCP's patient care goals, and we are so glad she is part of the California team.

Location: California

Nominee: Monica Layton

Story: Monica has been amazing. She is always trying to fill in shift and hopes to find someone who can help her out. She has a tough job but deserves to be recognized for what she is doing. Go Monica!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Tessa Juneviscus

Story: Tessa is amazing! She has the biggest heart for her team and the patients she serves. She goes above and beyond her call of duty as team player, case manager and RN. As I have observed her with everyone she is just a big JOY BOMB. She makes even the toughest situations seem light. She has poured her heart into the Front Range and it shows in the quality of care the entire team provides. Thank you!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Kelly Jordan

Story: In the short time I have been with NCP. Kelly has stood out with her exceptional care to the patients and her assigned duties. She is dedicated to giving each one of her clients the up most care. It reflects in her interactions as well as in her charting. I have observed her go above and beyond supporting the new hired staff. She ensures they have a clear understanding of their duties and the use of the EMR. Way to go Kelly!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Shannon Bechler

Story: One of our patients asked that Shannon Bechler be recognized for her nursing expertise and saving someone that was not even under her care. Shannon was assisting her 24-hour care patient with getting a meal after a doctor apt. they attended. While they were at a Cafe, another patron began choking and no one else in the establishment knew what to do. Everyone was just standing around and staring in shock. Our patient was proud to report to me that his Nurse, Shannon Bechler, calmly walked from their table, to the elderly woman's table, pulled her up from her chair and performed the heimlich maneuver on her and the food shot right out. Shannon then calmly returned to sit next to her patient.

Location: Ohio

Nominee: Amanda Jensen

Story: I nominate Amanda Jensen DON of Colorado branch, she is professional and always willing to help she has an open-door policy and is an exceptional leader.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Bailey Jessee

Story: Bailey has been a great boss, whenever we have questions or concerns we can immediately address them with him and he handles them. He always is a great sprit with a positive attitude! He makes sure that we have everything we need within reason! At the end of the day he makes sure his team and patient are taken care of. I’m very honored to work for a great boss who treats his employees with respect and integrity! 
Thank You Bailey for everything that you do as a Nurse, Boss and CM!

Location: Wyoming

Nominee: Jan Williams

Story: I would like to nominate Jan Williams for the Be the Difference Award. Jan has gone above and beyond to help us out in Ohio during this transition period. She has been a great source of support for our office. Jan is very knowledgeable and always available to provide answers and guidance when necessary. She truly exemplifies great leadership. Thank you, Jan, for all your help and all you do!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Claudia Cano-Santiago

Story: Claudia is truly 'happy while she works'. She takes direction well from patient & his wife. Exceeds expectations by always doing more, than is expected. Is kind and considerate in the home workplace. Changes her work routine to meet the challenges of the work day (Patients family grieving loss of their son).

Professional appearance, calm, polite and quiet demeanor makes her fit well, into this patient’s home. Always shows great interest in learning from RN (with her supervisory visit), asking appropriate questions. Each week the patient/wife verbalize appreciation, for her work. Claudia, smiles, whenever spoken too. A 'Team player' in her workplace environment.

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Laura Welsh

Story: I would like to recognize Laura for her outstanding efforts in finding people to care for. Laura has helped turn California from a very small branch to a branch with an Administrator and several case managers because of all the patients that she has helped bring into the fold. Her methodical approach has proven very successful and she has been a great advocate for the EEOICPA program for former atomic weapons workers in California and now Oregon. Congratulations Laura! Thank you for all you do.

Location: California

Nominee: Gabriela Dias

Story: I would like to extend my appreciation for Gabriela and all the help she has given me and the team over the past few months. She has greatly contributed to the Recruitment team in helping with our hiring process and other tasks, on top of her daily responsibilities. She has been great with communication, documenting and being open and available to help! Her kind personality is a bonus!! Your work and efforts are so appreciated, and I want to say a big Thank You for all you do!!!

Location: Corporate

Nomination: CO Nurse Leadership Team Nurses

Story: Elizabeth Bell, Tessa Junevicus, Brandi Blackburn, Jessica Harrell, Kat Burroughs, Kelly Jordan, Nicole Burns and Nora Hughes-Weeks-

I have the privilege of working with some of the most committed nurses I have ever met. This amazing team of women have shown such fortitude learning new roles and developing as leaders during a time of change and growth. Each one of them goes above and beyond to get the job done and they do it with grace and compassion. 
Thank you to my team, I truly could not do this without each of you.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Amy Austin

Story: I recently made the move from a competing Nurse Travel Agency to NCP. The one difference that has truly impacted my experience with NCP has been the incredible amount of communication and follow through. This means so much to someone on the road because things can change fast. That is why I would like to recognize Amy Austin, she does truly embody our mission of ” Be the Difference”. She really goes the extra mile to ensure that things run smoothly for clinical staff so that we can in turn “be the difference “ to our patients.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Rochelle Cox

Story: Rochelle has jumped right in to the Colorado family and taken on getting us organized. She has quickly become a fixture for the Colorado team and taken on lots of projects in a very short amount of time. Rochelle shares ideas on how to improve processes and has become a touch point for all the CO staff. Rochelle has a "can-do" attitude every day and is a joy to work with. Thank you, Rochelle, for your amazing contributions to NCP and CO.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Renae Oswald

Story: One of our patient’s "snowbirds" between states seasonally. In order to maintain services, the patient, physicians, and staff must coordinate visits, documentation, and communication to ensure that the patient's home health case is maintained through the DOL. This particular patient, and our staff, did everything by the book, but the documents were unobtainable from the "snowbird" state's physician's clinic. Renae took the time, while on a personal trip, to visit the clinic and help obtain the documents for renewal submission. Had she not done so, this patient would have lost his home health care. Thanks, Renae, for going the extra mile for our patient!

Location: Idaho


February 2018 SUBMISSIONS

Award Winner: Trista Linsacum

Story: I would like to nominate Trista for Be The Difference in February. Trista goes above and beyond to make sure that the entire corporate office is running smoothly, as well as always being available to our many other employees in different states. Trista is always happy to lend out a helping hand to anyone in need no matter the situation. She is an essential asset to the corporate office and I am so grateful to have such a helpful and patient person to come to with any questions or concerns. Thank you for everything that you do Trista.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Asma Jilali

Story: Asma Jilali has been with NCP since October. She always shows up with a smile and has a gentle spirit. Her patients cannot say enough nice things about her. One of her patient's said, " She is the sweetest person I have met in a long time and she always goes beyond what is asked of her." She is very reliable and always reaches out to an RN in a timely manner for patients that have VS out of range.
We are lucky to have her on our team and appreciate her so much.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Jan Trubl

Story: Jan Trubl, family care giver, has been a great addition to our team. She is kind and compassionate. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and ensuring that her husband had a great quality of life. Her documentation is stellar and is always in on time. Jan always is going above and beyond to ensure that the case manager is in the know of the smallest changes with the patient. Jan is a wonderful advocate for her husband and will face the greatest of challenges in his defenses. We are truly blessed to have her as a family caregiver.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Yesenia Acevedo

Story: Yesenia Acevedo, CNA, has been a fantastic addition to our Idaho staff. She has been flexible with her schedule and is willing to often pick up extra shifts to ensure our patient's needs are covered. Yesenia has been instrumental in raising the bar for our CNA's, she is caring and compassionate. She exemplifies NCP core values of compassion, excellence, integrity, and commitment. Yesenia's charting is always in on time and her notes are great and reflect the assistance she provides to our patients. I cannot begin to express what a remarkable resource she is and how thankful I am to have her on our team.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Amie Kenyen

Story: What really sets Amie a part is her commitment to our patients and willingness to go the extra mile. Amie has seen many aspects of NCP from field nurse, to lead-nurse and to a case manager. Amie has excelled and upheld the mission, vision, and values of NCP in all roles she has held. Amie has been amazing with all the patient she has served, she is able to develop a great relationship with them and is able to know when there is a change in each patient's baseline. Amie is great about contacting case mangers, not only with patient concerns but with suggestions. All of her patients are impressed with her professionalism, pleasant demeanor and helpfulness during her visits. Amie's charting is an example of perfection, she is always in attendance at the monthly meetings and on top of everything, Amie does it all with a smile on her face. Amie is a great asset to the NCP nursing team and well deserves this award.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Linda Johnson

Story: Linda is an amazing CNA in the Idaho office. She is always willing to pick up extra shifts when asked. I had a need in a patient’s home 3 days a week, this patients home was over a hour’s drive from Linda's home, Linda did not even hesitate to cover this need and did so for several weeks all the while continuing to pick up other needs. All the patients Linda cares for only have wonderful things to say about her and request her to be their permanent CNA. She has such a love for not only our patients but for her co-workers. She just lights the office up with her smile and personality, and only has positive things to say. I am so blessed to know Linda and to work with her, she is everything NCP stands for.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Emily Cuprzynski

Story: Emily is a joy to work with. She is very professional and her patients love her. Her documentation is stellar and she is great with communication and follow up. She is currently finishing her degree as a Nurse Practitioner and she is going to rock it. We are thrilled to have her on our team.

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Josh Stover

Story: Josh came into his position at a very busy and exciting time. He immediately hit the ground running and took on many tasks and projects to help improve our processes and recruiting! He has a can do attitude! We are so appreciative and lucky to have him join our team! His hard work has helped staff many difficult areas! Thanks Josh for being a great addition to our team!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Sharee Grover

Story: Sharee has been an amazing asset to the Colorado branch during a time of new leadership and transition. Sharee has gone above and beyond to be available to help support and guide the new leaders in the CO branch as we brought on 5 new leaders within the same month. Sharee has provided countless hours of training to the staff and has helped our new leaders to feel supported.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Monica Layton

Story: I want to nominate Monica. I think she has one of the most difficult jobs in making sure all the schedules are filled for each patient. She is always sending texts and emails updating us on what she needs. I know her job can't be easy but I wanted to say thank you to her for all the work she puts in to make sure the patients of Nuclear Care Partners are taken care of. So thanks Mo for everything you do!

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Amanda Jensen

Story: Amanda has really stepped up to the plate since coming on with NCP in May. She comes to Denver once a month (sometimes twice) and keeps our employee morale and team strong. She is always exploring improvements in daily operations and employee recognition. Since she has been on board, our team spirit here on the front range remains high. She sends out surveys, helpful documents, puts together monthly meetings, and we had a fantastic staff appreciation party this month. She listens, is patient, kind and believes in her staff. And we believe in her too. Thanks Amanda!

Location: Corporate

January 2018 SUBMISSIONS

Award Winner: Jami Thomas

Story: I would like to give a huge shout out to Jami Thomas for the wonderful person she is. My husband and I have been fortunate to have Jamie in our lives for the past 8 months. She is a very caring and sincere person. She has helped my husband in so many ways with his struggles to deal with his lung issues, in addition to helping him she has been a real help and teacher for me as his care giver. Jami is always looking and searching for information to help us work with his condition. She always has a happy attitude with a warm smile when she comes to our home. She is always positive and offers us hope and kindness. She goes above and beyond her calling to do whatever she can for us. I have seen her interact with other people and she treats EVERYONE with respect and kindness. She is not only kind to my husband and I but to our children and grandchildren. We have had all had the privilege of getting to know her and we love her so much. She shows concern for our family because she knows how important they are to us. We always look forward to her visits each week, she's not only our case manager she's our friend! Thank you so much for all you do, Jami.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: John Kelley

Story: John is filled with JOY as a person and you see that in every interaction he has with patients, families and colleagues. John is always up-beat, positive and is the very definition of a team player. John is always willing to go above and beyond and do it with a smile! He sets a standard that I am in awe of. So thankful to have him in the Colorado branch!

Location: Colorado

1/5/2018 Nominee: Jackie Steigerwald

Story: I am nominating Jackie because she is truly the definition of what be the difference means. In a short time Jackie has taken the extra steps needed to ensure that our client’s care is top notch even from a long distance, if she is not here, she calls. Jackie is attentive, engaging and always positive. She meets with the care team and together we discuss ways to continue to enrich and improve our client’s quality of life. Our client always says that he is very pleased with Jackie and wouldn’t change his case manager for anyone in the world. We are so proud to have Jackie leading our team! Thank you Jackie Steigerwald!

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Amy Wilson

Upon arriving at a patient’s home for her weekly visit Amy immediately noticed that her patient did not look well. Amy asked the patient if he was feeling bad and he replied, "maybe a little." Amy quickly took the patients vitals and notice his BP was extremely high. Amy informed the patient that he had to go to the ER right away due to his BP being so elevated. With much hesitation the patient went to the ER and found out he was having a heart attack and had to have three stents placed. Amy acted on her instinct and because of this great relationship she built with this patient and her assessment skills she was able to possibly save his life.

Location: South Carolina

Nominee: Natasha Simpkins

Natasha went above and beyond one Sunday afternoon when she was not even working. The RN that was working with the same patient that Natasha would normally see sent out a text stating that the patient wasn't feeling well and wanted to know if any of the other RN's that see him regular had some input. Well upon getting that text Natasha went to the patients’ home to help collaborate with the RN that was on duty and figure out a plan of care. Natasha going in on her day off is truly an example of going above and beyond and truly putting your patients’ needs first.

Location: South Carolina

Nominee: Amy Martz

Amy Martz has been a phenomenal team player! I would like to thank her for her constant communication and updates about needs in her area. She has been very detailed, decisive and organized which has been a big help for my team! Her hard work, the way she talks about her patients & employees, compassion and her kind words - I believe are all characteristics that represent all that is good in NCP! Thank you, Amy Martz, for your great work!

Location: California

Nominee: Sharon Henry

Sharon has been the lone ranger (almost) for the last year in the Kansas City area. We have struggled with significant staffing issues as well as a challenging patient. This patient is truly unable to provide most ADLs and all IADLs on her own. She is basically bound to her room with limited mobility of a couple steps at a time before needing to rest. Sharon continues to go above and beyond to drop whatever she is doing to make a visit to ensure the patient's needs are met if there is a call in, so the patient doesn't go without the help she needs. The patient calls Sharon her angel and knows that she can always count on Sharon. Sharon is a selfless, kind hearted nurse! I am proud to have her in the NCP family!

Location: Missouri

Nominee: Stacy Todd

Stacy is an amazing leader, who is always there to trouble shoot, listen, and guide whenever the help is needed. No matter where she is running all over the country side supporting others, she is always a phone call away!! I am so grateful to have Stacy as a leader and continue to grow alongside her!! Thanks Stacy for being so awesome!!

Location: South Carolina

Nominee: Shirley Henry

Shirley has gone above and beyond in her patient care. She has performed outside of her job duties to help maintain a clean and organized home for the patient. The patient has verbally expressed his gratitude for her hard work and enjoys his more organized environment. She makes sure to go through the patient's HEP with him every day that she works with. He especially appreciates that in light of the unfortunate closing of our home therapy program. She has posted information in the home to help communicate with other staff members what the patient's daily activities should look like so we don't forget anything. I appreciate the quality of care that she provides to our patients. I like to believe that NCP has exceptional nurses and she validates that belief.

Location: Idaho

Nominee: Jackie Steigerwald

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Jackie Steigerwald with a "Make a difference" nomination. As a new employee of NCP, I experienced unwavering support from Jackie. She was able to take time from her full work schedule and full life to orient, teach, and explain need-to-know information about NCP and of the patients. I greatly appreciate her down to earth, straight forward, generous style. It is very clear that she cares greatly for her patients and staff and is a wonderful advocate for both. Thank you for all your time and support, you clearly make a difference in the lives of the patients you serve.

Location: California

Nominee: Jonathan Aduviso

Jonathan has a calm, professional presence and a "can-do" attitude that really make a positive difference for the California team. There have been many times when Jonathan stepped up to work shifts and fill in at the last minute. He communicates consistently with patients and case managers and sets a great example of collaboration and teamwork. He is an extremely hard working and effective nurse, and we truly appreciate him!

Location: California

Nominee: John Kelley

John has a personality that draws people to him. John has more passion for people than anyone I have ever met. To know him is to love him and our patients sure do LOVE him. He makes anyone he talks with feel like family and gives them 100% all the time. John is the type of co-worker that is always asking what he can do to help and support his team. John is a joy to work with and is a huge asset to NCP.

Location: Colorado


Award Winner: Wendy Smith

I would like to nominate Wendy Smith of Richland WA for Be The Difference in December.  Wendy has gone above and beyond each and every week with a terminal patient.  She spent time both Christmas and New Year’s weekend working the night shift providing care for this patient.  Wendy is a team player in its truest sense, she put her personal needs on hold to make sure that this patient had all of his needs met during his final journey to a comfortable death.  Thank you Wendy, you are a wonderful example of how an NCP Nurse provides care.

Location: Richland, Washington

Nominee: Josh Yerkes

Story: Throughout my employment history, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous IT Department staff members. I've always appreciated their gift, largely because I don't possess it. They are a valuable asset to any company, particularly as we witness the progression of the technological age. With that said, I can confidently state that I have never worked with an IT Department member with the magnitude of customer service skills possessed by our own Josh Yerkes. Simply put, he is phenomenal! He is gifted with the technical skills necessary to function very effectively in his role. In addition, he is kind, courteous, joyful, professional and extremely helpful. When I have requested his assistance, he eagerly, willingly, readily and patiently came to my aid. One of the many character traits he possesses that I value a great deal in people is that he says what he means and means what he says. When I have presented him various challenges, he informed me of the obstacle(s), gave me a time frame and, most importantly, followed through. I view him as an extraordinary asset to the company and a true gentleman. I can't rave enough about my experience with him. Interestingly enough, I am confident that everyone who reads this will second that emotion. Every time I mention his name I hear nothing but positive feedback. Josh, unfortunately, there probably isn't a whole lot I can do to assist you or repay you for the assistance you have provided me. Should a need arise, please don't hesitate to contact me. I owe you. It is a privilege and honor to work with you. You leave an indelible imprint on the lives you touch. Thank you for being you!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Zach Daniels

Story: As some of you might know Zach started a physical therapy clinic in the Idaho Falls Office. Zach has worked very hard in getting the equipment ordered and set up, and he even went and bought decor to make the area inviting for all patients who entered. I am able to hear Zach as he is working with each patient and I can tell he really cares for each one of them. He makes sure they are comfortable and not over doing it. He visits with them and really gets to know them, I love listening as they tell Zach stories of their younger years and the adventurers they have experienced. And when they express the pain they felt at losing their loved ones you can hear and see the sympathy Zac has for them. I look forward to coming to work each day and seeing Zach work with our patients and see the love he has for each one of them. To Zach this is just not a job, it is so much more. Thank You Zach for making a different in the lives of all our patients.

Location: Idaho Falls

Nominee: Wendy Smith and Ricki Pederson

Story: Wendy and Ricki have repeatedly gone above and beyond for many patients and families in the Washington area. One particular story stands out. A terminal patient was admitted for NCP services and one of his greatest wishes was to spend 'one more Christmas' .... Wendy and Ricki quickly collaborated and decided instead of having a holiday party for their Branch, the team would donate the money and their time to decorate this patients home inside and out with the sights and sounds of the season, in hopes of helping him to enjoy 'one more Christmas'. Their passion for this mission was contagious, and other nurses and even some staff from his primary provider joined in this project and created a warm and inviting Christmas themed home for this dear patient. His next wish; was to listen to some Mormon Christmas music, again Ricki and Wendy weren't satisfied with just a CD, they worked together to bring carolers to his home to share the holiday spirit. Words cannot express the joy that these two ladies have brought to this patient during the final chapter of his journey. Thank you for the example of caring and compassion that you model for everyone, and for being the difference for this patient.

Location: Richland Washington

Nominee: Estephen Cordova

Story: I cannot say enough positive things about Estephen. Estephen is an excellent team member and such an asset to the NCP team. Estephen functions as the authorization rep for the CO branch and has brought so much value to our branch meetings. He has offered to open our meetings with a reflection and always brings an "auth tip of the week" to share with us. Estephen recently started working on nursing assessment tools and presented to the Director/Admins. This project is going to provide our field staff with extremely valuable tools that will improve our patient care. Thank you for all your do Estephen!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Corporate Marketing Team

Story: My team has recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the corporate marketing team on a number of immediate projects/needs. The way Alyssa, Kasadey and Katelyn come together to ensure that every avenue is explored as well as making sure they work with everyone involved to achieve the greatest outcome, is pretty great! They are a dynamic and forward thinking group and I couldn't be happier to work alongside them. They are a perfect example of how a harmonious and successful team works hand and hand to achieve the results we are all seeking.

Location: Grand Junction

Nominee: Ames Thompson

Story: I couldn't imagine working without Ames! She has been a great mentor and colleague. She has made a huge difference in the recruiting efforts and is always willing to lend a hand where needed. I am continually impressed with the results she produces, and when things get crazy she still crushes it! Thanks Ames for always setting the bar high and always having a smile on your face!

Location: Grand Junction, CO

Nominee: Brenda Defa

Story: I must tell you, that I heard some amazing praises of Brenda Defa from the Idaho team! Thank you for going the extra mile to get a recent emergent increase in care for one of their patients. I have been very impressed with the directions that you have been providing to the CM and you are doing an excellent job with communication and updates! Your extra attention to detail is creating great success! 
Thank you for a job well done! 

Location: Grand Junction

Nominee: Marilee Mercado

Story: Marilee always goes the extra mile -- not only in her attitude and approach to patient care, but literally. She provides support to our patients and families near Sacramento, providing a valuable "remote" extension of our NCP nursing care. She consistently communicates with the patients' Case Manager in order to maximize the utilization of approved hours and advocate for needed services. Thank you, Marilee, for all you do in California!

Location: California Branch

Nominee: Amber Aguilar

Story: Amber demonstrates dedication and comprehensive care as she serves our patients in the Bay Area. Amber has consistently shown excellence in clinical decision-making and advocating for her patients. We appreciate how Amber utilizes best practices in nursing and in doing so, provides high quality patient care. Thank you, Amber, for all you do for your patients!

Location: California Branch

Nominee: Ricki Pederson, Wendy Smith

Story: We have a patient in WA who has lost the ability to speak and has a terminal diagnosis. He lives alone and Ricki and Wendy have become his family. They decided instead of holding a Christmas Party for the WA team, they instead used the money to purchase a tree and decorations for this patient and spent the night decorating this patient's home. Not only did they decorate his home, Wendy found that he loves the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and she called the local LDS congregation and they sent their young women (about 14 of them) to his home and they sang Christmas hymns. This completely made this patient's whole year and he was overcome with emotion.

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Angela VanOrder

Story: Angela has been with NCP for a very long time. She has been providing support for her area in many capacities not only through leadership, but as a nurse, Case Manager, and community outreach. Angela has been in a solo role for a while now, but has been so positive and willing to go above and beyond for her patients. Just recently she informed of a patient in another state that needed immediate attention. Angela put her normal duties aside and concentrated on the coordinating the efforts needed to push forward for a patient that so desperately needed care. She has also went above and beyond for another patient that has been battling for home care approval. Although, this patient is still waiting for the news we can care for him full time, Angela calls him almost daily and sees him frequently to make sure he is ok on her own time. While she juggles these activities, she is filling in for nurse visits and completing her other case management duties all the while meeting deadlines and remaining compliant. I am so proud to be on Angela's team. She always keeps a positive attitude even on the worst days. She makes a difference in the life of her patients and the life of her teammates! Thank you Angela!

Location: Iowa

Nominee: Katherine Rogers

Story: Katherine has always been a huge help in the Las Vegas office helping with new hires coming on board. She has always been mindful of following protocol and goes above and beyond by staying in communication with new hires in setting up appointments with her to submit required documentation. She also has been a big help in finding inexpensive doctors to help direct new employees to for a physical to get the Physician Certification of Good Health form completed if no established doctor. Katherine is a huge team player, willing to help out in any way possible to get employees onboarded as quickly as possible and always willing to take on new challenges if asked. I appreciate her help immensely and do not know what I would do without her help.

Location: Nevada

Nominee: Stacey Mueller

Story: Stacey and I have worked very well together on several projects including a state survey. Stacey has been an invaluable resource and co-worker, always being willing to help out or go the extra mile. She attends our branch meetings and completes meeting minutes with crazy detail! Stacey recently went above and beyond to help the CO branch with patient communication and does an excellent job of keeping the NCP charts top-notch!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Kat Burroughs

Story: Kat has been with NCP for several years as a field nurse, then a Team Lead RN and now as a Case Manager. Kat works in a very remote area in Western Colorado that can present unique challenges at times. Kat has moved in the Team Lead role during a time of high transition in her area and did so with grace and a positive attitude. Kat truly showed her abilities by learning the Team Lead role and is now helping us to train others all while she learns her new role as a case manager. She is truly such a strong member of the CO team!

Location: Colorado

Nominee: Blake Schild

Story: Blake is one of the best IT guys that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Recently, Blake was asked to help with a video production that required a quick turnaround time. The video Blake was able to produce was outstanding. He not only spearheaded the videography but executed the final project with such skill and grace. His commitment to being a team player is remarkable. It does not matter if I am working with Blake on a project or needing IT assistance, I always know he will be quick to help and ensure problems are handled in a timely manner!

Location: Corporate

Nominee: Renae Oswald

Story: I would like to nominate Renae Oswald for the "Be the Difference" award. She makes a difference to me because I know I can perform my job every day to the best of my ability and that her assessment of my work will always be fair. I appreciate that I can go to her with any professional questions and that she will be there without judgement to provide the feedback necessary to help me grow and develop in the workplace. She is just as interested in my development as I am and I love having that support. Unfortunately, all I can give back is a smile or a hug. However, she inspires me to strive to be non-biased of others and help lift them up to reach their potential. She does not work as a manager or director but a staff developer. I so appreciate Renae!

Location: Idaho

November 2017 SUBMISSIONS

11/6/2017 Person you are submitting: Lauri A Nielson

Story: Lauri has been with NCP in Idaho since it's infancy. She has rolled with all the changes with a grace and professionalism to be admired. She goes above and beyond every day for her patients because that is who she is. She doesn't wait until someone is watching to be great, she is just always great! She is very thorough in her role as a visit nurse and lead nurse and she take’s that very seriously. She is an advocate for her team and will always back them up. She is loved and respected by both her patients and her staff. There isn't one thing in particular that she does but all the things she does together that sets her apart. It's been my privilege to work alongside her and to learn from her amazing example. Thank you, Lauri, for sharing your gifts and talents with your patients and your teams.

Location: Idaho falls

Person you are submitting: Lori Schmalz

Story: Lori is just an amazing CM. Not only does she do her job with passion and grace, but she truly goes above and beyond her job duties to take care of her patients. Almost weekly she is discovering new side-effects or illnesses that need to be filed for or investigated to maximize their care. She is a staunch supporter of our patients'' lifestyles and will dig in to investigate the best treatment, pharmacy etc to save them money, time, hassle, or pain. Anytime night or day I know I can call her and she will answer with a smile and a quip. I know that all of the nurses in our area are exceptional at doing their job, Lori just stands out this month as epitomizing the "I can save this one" mentality.

Location: Idaho Falls

Person you are submitting: JaNiece Brown

Story: JaNiece is a budding young Case Manager who is constantly striving to become better at her craft. She is always working on self-improvement and has recently taken two other Case Managers under her wing and has helped with mentoring and educating these newer Case Managers when needed. She always has great suggestions to help with branch improvement. I appreciate her efforts to help improve her branch and help her co-workers.

Location: Nevada

Person you are submitting: Lori Schmalz

Story: Lori has made such an impact in my career with NCP. Starting this job as a new graduate I was scared I would start to bug people with my amount of constant questions. Lori is always there to lend a helping hand, answer and questions and concerts, she gives me great feedback and teaching, and is constantly reassuring her team of much she appreciates us. She never has made me feel like my concerns are silly, and I’m honestly amazed she still answers my phone calls! She’s such a great manager and she always goes above and beyond for her patients. She’s been such a role model to me in my new career as a nurse and I think she deserves some recognition!

Location: Idaho Falls, ID

Person you are submitting: Martha Brown

Story: Martha truly exemplifies the values of teamwork and dedication to patients. Martha has a "can-do" attitude when it comes to schedule changes or requests from a case manager. She also promotes patient safety and quality care through her careful documentation and attention to details. Thank you, Martha, for being such a valuable member of the California team!

Location: Livermore/California Branch

Person you are submitting: Anne Taylor-Loughran

Story: Thank you, Anne, for your initiative and dedication when it comes to patient care. Since the passing of our patient in Anne's area, Anne has gone above and beyond to work with our Outreach Manager to scout out new opportunities for NCP. Anne's years of experience and networking abilities are truly an asset to NCP. We appreciate all your efforts!

Location: California Branch/Orange County

Person you are submitting: Tessa Junevicus- CO CM

Story: Where to start! Tessa is an exceptional member of the Colorado leadership team. Tessa takes pride in her team and her patients. She is frequently mentioned by name in our satisfaction responses and has amazing relationships with her team. Tessa is always willing to take on projects and goes above and beyond to ask for feedback and guidance to improve her skills as a leader. Tessa recently helped to put on an event in Denver with multiple entities to brain-storm ways we can improve knowledge about our patient population and the EEOICPA program.

Location: Denver

Person you are submitting: Stephanie Myers RN

Story: Stephanie Myers is an exceptional RN. She was one of the first nurses hired for the Ohio office. Stephanie has proven herself over the last year through her outstanding performance as a nurse, in documentation and her genuine love for her patient. I have had the honor to sit back and watch life, joy and inner peace come over one of our patient's in a time where his physical life is slowly departing from him. Stephanie has literally filled a void in this patient's life that he felt could never be filled. His eyes light up at the sound of her name and her presence in his home. She shows him the love and care he voiced to me that he has never had. When I first met and admitted this patient I thought he would surly die within months. His physician reported he had 6 months or less to live and to get his affairs in order. With the help of Stephanie, he has made it past his 6 months and just recently put up his first, new Christmas tree!!! He said it has been years since he has had a Christmas tree in his house. He was so proud of it he wanted Stephanie to send me a picture of him and his dog, sitting in front of it. Their first Christmas card photo pose.... This story has many amazing moments with Stephanie's outstanding nursing care and love she has shown to this elderly man in his last days but I will stop at this one. I am forever grateful for what Stephanie has done in this patient's life. The power of one…

Location: Ohio Branch

Person you are submitting: Jebbi Smalls

Story: Often times, we only hear from people when they have complaints. Instead, I wanted to send a positive note to you praising Jebbi. She has been nothing shy of supportive and amazing with me as a new hire. She is attentive, accessible, and has been careful not to overwhelm me with knowledge that I don’t necessarily have to know right away. Often times, being a new hire is such a stressful process. Almost always, starting a new job is overwhelming because of all that is thrown on you at once. Rather than overloading me, Jebbi has shown me what I need to learn as we go. She is, not only great with mentoring her nurses underneath her, but the patients notice her compassion and genuine care and concern as well. My patient today bragged about how “compassionate” Jebbi always is and “how she truly cares” about her needs and comfort level.
She described Jebbi as “genuine”, and my patient could not be more right. I feel Jebbi is just that—genuine and compassionate. She truly cares about her staff and her patients and deserves to be recognized. Just wanted to make you and whomever else aware of an outstanding staff member. Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to work with NCP.

Location: South Branch

Person you are submitting: Elizabeth Bell

Story: Elizabeth is a case manager extraordinaire. Elizabeth is such a committed NCP employee and an amazing resource to the Colorado branch. Elizabeth started working in our authorizations department and is able to help guide us in authorization processes often. Elizabeth showed incredible talent when arranging care for an emergent patient over a holiday weekend, she stayed calm and positive even when stress was high. Elizabeth takes on interviewing and orienting new staff with excitement and skill and she also manages our CMU student rotations. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all you bring to the CO and NCP table.

Location: Colorado

Person you are submitting: Laurel Pruett

Story: I've known Laurel since my first month of employment with NCP. Not only is she an exemplary nurse, but an extraordinary person as well. She is the lead nurse for two of the patients I see, and she consistently goes above and beyond. She has excellent communication skills and keeps our team notified of any changes or news pertinent to the patients' care. There is no hesitation for any of our team that we could call Laurel with any questions. Her informative emails are detailed and instructive. Not only is she administratively excellent, I witness her heart of gold with both these patients. She gives tender, sensitive care to these dying patients. One of them is always asking when she'll see Laurel again. I hope someday to be half the nurse Laurel is! Thank you, Laurel!

Location: Idaho Falls

Person you are submitting: Charity O’Neil

Story: Charity has been with NCP for many years, and always there to help no matter where she has to do. She has brought knowledge and professional example to all of us as she is very devoted to company and patients. She realized there was a need for pulmonary percussion with, so many lung issues and she immediately began informing and training all on the use of pulmonary percussions. Charity is a winner hands down.

Location: Nevada

October 2017 SUBMISSIONS

10/02/2017 Person you are submitting: Katelyn Hansen

Story: Since Katelyn has joined the Marcom team she has made an amazing impact. She is very timely in every aspect of her work. She is also very professional and courteous to everyone around her. She always has great notes and follows up on all that is asked of her. She has learned all about the programs we service. When she talks to media she is very articulate. Thank you Katelyn for all you do.

Location: Corporate

10/03/2017 Person you are submitting: Katelyn Hansen, Alyssa Needham, and Kasadey Shutt- The Marketing Squad

Story: Simply put, I could not do my job without these three. They are insanely creative. They make sure I don't miss deadlines. They put in serious amounts of work to ensure that NCP's marketers are set up to succeed. They are constantly asking how they can help and make our jobs easier. I can imagine that most days they feel like they are herding cats, but they never complain, they are never short, they are always positive and make the marketers feel cared for. They each have a servants heart, and I appreciate them very much.

Location: Corporate

10/03/2017 Person you are submitting: Stacy Todd and Katie Goff the dynamic duo

Story: I hope this is within the rules, but I really wanted to shine some light on these two. First Stacy. A company woman if there ever was one. She works crazy hours, and has insane travel schedule but she never misses a beat. Her work ethic is second to none. Not only does she balance the Southern branch but she is also always traveling to other branches and making them successful as well. Her enthusiasm for taking care of patients and supporting the staff is unmatched and challenges me everyday to work harder. Her patience and work ethic pushes me to be better at my job, no doubt she makes this company successful.

Katie Goff is one of the best managers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a unique way of balancing tough love and a servants heart. She gracefully tells the staff what they need to hear while at the same time caring for them in a way that get the best out of them. I have learned so much about leadership while watching her lead her team. 

These two are my secret weapon in my marketing strategy. I love having them with when I intake new patients because they are so good at seeing things that I miss. They are the heart and soul of the Southern branch, and fantastic mama's. They are the reason I started working for NCP and it is a privilege to be on the same team as them. Thank you guys for your sacrifice and your service.

Location: Georgia and South Carolina

10/9/2017 Person you are submitting: Angela Hays-Carey

Story: I think Angela makes all the difference in the workplace because she is so kind to everyone around her. She is very generous with her talents and using them to show gratitude. I don't think she realizes how precious her art is and how much her teammates appreciate her professional and personal talents. Also, she did an incredible job of putting together our Empty Bowls fundraiser for Be the Difference. Her networking skills are amazing and she is able to get the attention of the community at the drop of a hat. What a huge success Empty Bowls was and I feel so proud of her accomplishment. Helping to provide over 1400 meals to local seniors is extraordinary and we are so lucky that we get to call Angela one of our own!

Location: Idaho Falls

10/13/2017 Person you are submitting: Jackie Steigerwald

Story: When the opportunity to bring an emergent patient onboard in Southern California arose, Jackie was willing to drive 5 hours, from San Diego to a hospital in Ventura, to conduct the INA. She did this at a moment's notice, and made the difference so this patient could be assessed as soon as possible. As the rest of the team pulled together the necessary documents and plans, Jackie provided the in-person nursing skills and advocacy to let this patient and his family know that NCP cares for them. Thank you, Jackie!

Location: California Branch

10/13/2017 Person you are submitting: California Team - Jackie Steigerwald, Jenni Kenley, Estephen Cordova, Amy Martz

Story: The team received an emergent referral from another HH company early Wednesday morning for a patient in California who was in hospital and very sick. The patient lived in an area that the California Team was just starting to market in, and there were no nearby nurses. In spite of this, the clinical team worked to staff the hours with our own employees (negating the use of contract nurses), communicated with all involved to ensure a smooth and quick discharge, and Jackie even drove 5 hours in order to perform the INA right away. Estephen's coordination of medical records and his communication to the hospital staff was outstanding. He jumped on the case and marshalled the troops, giving the clinical team clear guidelines of what was needed.

Everything was put in place in record speed --- and then the bottom dropped out. The other home health agency had second thoughts and, somehow, convinced the patient that they would be able to serve him -- with 1099 contract nurses. 

Jenny, Amy and Jackie pulled out all the stops and led with 'yes we can' rather than, 'no, we can't'. It's that can-do attitude that makes me proud to work beside this wonderful team.

Location: California

10/19/2017 Person you are submitting: Belinda Jacobsen, RN CM

Story: Belinda is always very kind any time I interact with her. In a recent email, she said, " We are in this together. Let us make each others work as easy as possible! You are terrific." On a regular day when no one is looking she is promoting teamwork and positivity. I appreciate Belinda for being the difference to me.

Location: Idaho/ Wyoming Branch

10/20/2017 Person you are submitting: Michaela Schulz

Story: During open enrollment I had a TON of questions about the benefits. Every time I reached out to Michaela she was more than happy to walk me through me questions. I could even hear the smile in her voice. Believe me I called her A LOT! 
It doesn't end there. The day after the deadline she reached out to me because she hadn't seen my application cross her desk. Had she not done that I could have missed out on the benefits. 
Thank you Michaela for being happy to do your job and for going above and beyond for me and my family. I appreciate your example and am proud to be on your team.

Location: NCP Corporate office

10/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Ashley Necaise

Story: We are so fortunate to have some of the most compassionate, humble leaders in Idaho Falls. Ashley Necaise started with NCP as a CNA. She went to school while working as a CNA, and is now one of our elite RNs. She is the lead nurse in multiple homes, and provides strong leadership to our patients and our CNAs and Nurses every single day. Whether it is covering shifts, reassuring family members, educating family care givers, or supporting our Case Managers and Administration, Ashley has a positive attitude and is diligent to providing excellent care. There have been multiple times Ashley has come in with little notice to ensure our staff receive appropriate training in our homes. Specifically, in one of our 23 hour homes, we had a new CNA working a Saturday Night Shift that she went in specifically to orient. The next morning a no call, no show occurred, and Ashley was at the home to provide training with that staff. She stayed calm, and worked with the patient until our on-call CNA could arrive. She then stayed longer to ensure our on-call CNA was confident in their understanding of our patient's needs and could provide the appropriate level of care! 
In Ashley's spare time she is volunteering at an animal humane society, volunteering as an animal taxi shuttle, teaching toddlers at her church, and fostering cats. She is humble about all of her activities, and shies from recognition. Ashley emanates our NCP values of "Compassion, Commitment, Integrity, and Excellence" in all of her endeavors, not just when she is on the clock. Thank you, Ashley!

Location: Idaho Falls

10/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Elva Espinosa

Story: I recently began working with Elva and quickly admired her. She is always quick to help the branch, and she often drives long distances to get to patients. As a Case Manager, she has filled in countless CNA shifts to ensure patients have care. It’s great to have a coworker who puts patient needs as a priority, and stays positive even when she works extremely hard.

Location: California Branch

10/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Joelle Grossman

Story: Joelle is one of our new PTs. She has made such big difference in some of the patients that we share... one pt is now so much more mobile in his w/c... another is getting up out of bed more often...she has gone above and beyond to think outside of a our "Medicare" and other traditional boxes to ensure she does the best she can for these pts... all of this in such a short time!!!
Well done!!

Location: Las Vegas

10/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Kelly Jordan RN

Story: Kelly has recently went from LPN to RN and with the encouragement and support of her leadership she has gone outside of her comfort zone and has committed to taking on extra responsibilities in order to enhance her Nursing knowledge as well as to challenge herself professionally. Kelly shared that she is uncomfortable talking in front of others, however, this month she has taken on a pilot project of introducing the use of white boards into the patients homes in order to assist a patient with declining cognition that causes him a great deal of frustration. In other cases to keep patients on track during their visit and to allow for effective consistent communication between staff and family members in some instances. Kelly took it upon herself to not only pilot this but to also write up a plan of action and shared it with her team at Octobers Front Range team meeting where Jenna attended. Kelly is also taking on the role as a "lead Nurse" in an effort to gain understanding of her role and the role of others as she works towards her goal of becoming a Case Manager with us.

Location: Front Range Colorado

 10/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Lori Schremmer

Story: Lori goes over and beyond expectations. She does a great job with communicating needs of the patients and assisting the nurse. I nominate her because she's an awesome CNA.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

10/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Amy Austin

Story: Amy is an exceptional leader at NCP. Amy was designated my "partner" when I started at NCP and she took me under her wing and taught me so much about the role, the culture and the community we serve. Amy has an incredible work ethic and is dedicated to her co-workers. Amy is always willing to accept a new challenge and step outside of her comfort zone. She always wears a smile and brings an energy of positivity to everything she is involved with. Amy has the ability to work through issues with a level of wisdom that is well beyond her years. I am continually inspired by her and she makes my job more fun!

Location: Corporate

10/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Virginia Cartin and the entire South Carolina Team

Story: Today I received a phone call from Virgina Cartin who called simply to express how truly wonderful her team in South Carolina is. She explained how encouraging, hard working and nurturing each Nurse, Case Manager, CNA and Aide are. Her team always goes the extra mile to help you. She says everyone she has come into contact with at NCP has been amazing, no complaints and truly uplifting. Virginia makes these calls to our corporate office every few months to share praise, and told me this call was "long overdue." She thanked me for all my hard work and reminded me that even on the days that seem difficult, God recognizes my hard work and she truly appreciates all of us. Thank you, Virginia. Your kind words truly touched my heart to know how blessed you feel to be part of such an exceptional team.

Location: South Carolina

10/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Kattie Henderson

Story: Katie, is a amazing person. She is smart, patient, kind and always willing to help others night or day. She goes above and beyond daily. Her commitment to patients and employees is remarkable. She is truly a jewel and a blessing. She is such a caring person. I know her job comes with tremendous pressure, but it never shows. She encourages, guides and supports all of her case mangers, nurses, and hha\cnas. She is an asset to NHC. Sincerely yours, Virgina Cartin.

Location: Jackson, SC

10/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Amanda Stucky

Story: Amanda is one of those "behind the scenes" hero's at NCP corporate. Amanda has been a fantastic resources to me as a new leader in regards to her piece of the NCP pie. Each care period, when we approve payroll, Amanda teaches me something new. She never seems frustrated to answer ANOTHER one of my questions, she always has a smile on her face. Amanda will bend over backwards to assist all staff. She will attend meetings to provide training or even reach out to field staff herself to help them correct time cards. I recently learned that Amanda identified a knowledge gap about non-billable time card entries quickly when she started and worked to create a training video that is now used with all my staff during orientation. 
Amanda is truly a pleasure to work with.

Location: Corporate

10/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Trudy Williams

Story: I have the opportunity to provide supervised visits for Trudy on Friday's in a patient's home. Trudy comes in and gets right to work, takes time to visit with the patient and patient's spouse, is professional, and does exceptional work. The patient's wife has told me several times, "In the time we have been with NCP, Trudy is by far the best CNA we have ever had." I think that this patient has been with the program from the start.

Location: Arco, Idaho

10/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Linda Johnson

Story: Linda comes in after my visit and helps to shower one of our patient's in the evenings. The other day, one of our patient's had a large BM and made a huge mess. The patient's wife felt overwhelmed and called Linda. Linda was at home making dinner, put down what she was doing and came right over and gave the patient a shower and was a huge help to the family. Linda has offered this service many times, and I think does more "under the radar" than most people know.

Location: Arco, Idaho

10/26/2017 Person you are submitting: Cindy Johnson

Story: Cindy is our Home Health Aide of the month. She goes above and beyond to help our patients feel cared for, as if they were her own family members. She consistently demonstrates patience, dependability, flexibility, and teamwork. Our patients owe much of their ability to stay in their homes due to her support and skills. We appreciate you, Cindy!

Location: California Branch

10/26/2017 Person you are submitting: Kimberly Pogue

Story: Kim is our October RN of the month for so many reasons. She consistently demonstrates excellence in her nursing skills, and is able to care for our most complex patient needs. Kim is dedicated to compassionately serving patients and their families. She sets aside time in her busy schedule to attend staff meetings and contributes to NCP's overall success. We appreciate you, Kim!

Location: California Branch

September 2017 SUBMISSIONS

09/04/2017 Person you are submitting: Stephanie Myers RN

Story: Stephanie always goes that little extra, she has made a big difference in her patient and also makes things run smooth for the other nurses which I am one of. Great Job to Stephanie

Location: Piketon Ohio

09/06/2017 Person you are submitting: Cory Krause, LPN

Story: I received a letter in the mail from a patient and thought Cory Krause, LPN deserving of the Be The Difference award. The letter reads as follows, "To Whom It May Concern: I am a patient in Colorado under Nuclear Care Partners Home Healthcare, living with my grandchildren so I wouldn't be alone in a nursing home. I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you of the excellent care I received while Cory Krause was my nurse for eight days. Cory was very attentive to my vital signs, exercises, meals and everything a patient needs. He helped me walking, turning and sitting, into and out of the shower and dressing. Cory did this with a smile every day and his positive attitude was overwhelming to say the least. He was positive to the last minute of his service to me. 
Respectfully submitted
old pain in the butt old man patient"

Location: Corporate

09/08/2017 Person you are submitting: Renae Oswald

Story: Renae has been an amazing example to me since before she was even hired. She came into a case manager meeting during her interview process and laid it all on the table. She told us her story then asked us what she could do for us. I loved how bold she was and how eager she was to just jump right in and be a part of the team. I could write a book about the number of times she has gone above and beyond or demonstrated true leadership at it's finest. She is an example of how I want to lead my team and I'm so grateful she picked us to land with. 

During a case management meeting a couple of weeks ago we had a few minutes left in the meeting so Renae opened it up for a roundtable discussion. It was brought up that some of us may be feeling inadequate in our roles as case managers with all the demands of the job and the rest of our responsibilities. It was a wonderful discussion and I personally walked away feeling so much better. Renae took that to heart and this week before our case management meeting she sent us an assignment "How to define success." It was an excellent exercise and I learned a lot from it but it doesn't stop there. This week we had a meeting and we were able to review the assignment as a team and it was amazing. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Renae loves each of us as individuals, every single one of us. I also know for a fact by her actions with this situation and many others that our success is her success and she wants nothing more than for us to succeed. She has become the voice in my head telling me I can do it, that I am doing it, that I'm doing well, and that I matter. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to work so closely with her as a case manager. She is a shining example of integrity, compassion, and trust. An example I will strive to be like even in the slightest way. 

Thank you Renae for not only choosing to be with us but for loving us!

Location: Idaho falls

09/13/207 Person you are submitting: Jennifer Ferguson

Story: Jennifer would be a great person for this honor. She always is professional and truly cares about the patient's needs. She takes the time to find out about her patient and goes above and for her patient’s and their families. She is great to work with. She has a good heart and that helps when trying to take care of sometimes an impossible situation. She always has a smile, and a positive attitude she can make her patient’s laugh even when they are not having a great day. She is very calm and level headed during a crisis. She also always cares about the patient and tries to keep her patient's feel like they are the most important person. I hope you will really consider her for this honor, she works hard and deserves it.

Location: Idaho Falls Idaho

9/20/2017 Person you are submitting: Josh Gibbs

Story: Josh is amazing co-worker to work with. He truly has a passion for helping people. He does his day to day job duties, and more. He has worked exponentially hard on planning his upcoming events, and in sponsoring and attending events to generate leads. 
Josh goes above and beyond and always has a great attitude!

Location: Aiken, SC

9/20/2017 Person you are submitting: Ricki Pederson

Story: Ricki had an amazing Atomic Worker Appreciation night event. It was the Tri-cites Dust Devil baseball game. She had an amazing turnout, and the former workers truly felt appreciated.

Location: Richland, WA

9/22/2017 Person you are submitting: Pam Wilson

Story: Pam is an extraordinary nurse. Any patient who has the privilege of having her in their home feels as though she is family because she always makes it her priority to go above and beyond what is expected of her. Recently Colorado Branch had a surprise survey and Pam's patient's home was utilized during a home visit survey. They patient stated "I am more than satisfied with my care. Because of this Agency and my nurse, my family and I have been able to stay together in our home." I know this statement was due to the outstanding care Pam provides for her patients on a day to day basis. She is a caring nurse, coworker and individual and I feel she is more than worthy of NCPs Be the Difference award.

Location: Grand Junction

9/22/2017 Person you are submitting: Amanda Jensen

Story: Amanda has come into the Colorado office and hit the ground running. As someone who is not on clinical staff, I notice how Amanda does all she can do to incorporate changes to benefit not only her staff, but the patient as well. She is always looking for ways to improve processes and ensure we are always focusing on positive improvement. I truly appreciate her efforts to include staff opinions and how to continuously better our policies and procedures. She has done an outstanding job running the Colorado branch and I know her attention to detail and genuine thoughtfulness to her patients and the staff who help our patients was only a small example as to why our recent Colorado survey was completed without any deficiencies. Thank you Amanda for all your hard work!

Location: Grand Junction

9/26/2017 Person you are submitting: Lorraine Nardella, CNA

Story: Lorraine is an amazing caregiver and a true team player. Not only does she have a great rapport with her patient, but it extends to her relationships with her co-workers. She is always willing to lend a hand and stepping up to cover shifts and do whatever it takes to ensure the highest quality of care.

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

9/26/2017 Person you are submitting: Marilyn Kramer

Story: Marilyn Kramer is FCG for her husband. She and her husband have been married for just over 1 year. She met her husband when he was going through a difficult time, and he still is. She has been his faithful companion since that time. Marilyn faithfully prepares meals that follow her husband’s particular dietary needs and she has looked for ways to add calories to meals that he can tolerate. Marilyn’s husband always comments on what a good cook Marilyn is and how much he appreciates her.

Location: Boise Idaho

9/29/2017 Person you are submitting: Gigi (Georgianna) Smith

Story: Gigi works very hard and consistently responds to case manager's requests for scheduling shifts. She makes herself available for additional shifts, and covers shifts for other people when they need help. Gigi always keeps the focus on helping patients, while showing them respect and preserving their dignity. We appreciate you, Gigi!

9/29/2017 Person you are submitting: Maria Mercado-Domagas

Story: Maria has responded to our increasing census by taking on additional shifts and making herself available to support the rest of the team. Maria consistently works with a positive attitude, and responds in a timely way to communication from other people. Maria also has a special way of gaining the trust of patients who have a history of declining visits. We are so glad that Maria advocates so well for our Branch and our patients!

Location: California Branch



08/10/2017 Person you are submitting: JaNiece Brown

Story: JaNiece is a hard working person that always gets the job done when asked. She always looks neat and ready to get down to business. KUDOS to you!!!!!

Location: Las Vegas Branch

08/14/2017 Person you are submitting: Niki Hall, HHA

Story: Niki shows knowledge and patience with a very challenging patient. Patient has refused to eat past few days. Niki made her "tiny" tacos and hand-fed them to her. Patient was so excited. She has been telling staff, "I ate 3 tacos!!" Niki is always there when we need her, we know we can depend on her to get the work done. Niki takes time to understand patient and her needs in a gentle, understanding way.

Location: Idaho Falls

08/14/2017 Person you are submitting: Katherine Rogers

Story: I met Katherine in August of 2016, we took a Unit Secretary Course together. We were all introducing ourselves and telling our stories and her story was interesting so I introduced myself again to her. Since then we have been speaking and became friends. She is super smart and passes all of her tests and classes. Katherine has a sweet spirit, she's a genuine soul, very kind and caring. What I've learned about Katherine is that she is very driven, goal oriented and a hard worker wanting to climb the ladder in all she does for success. I see Katherine being very successful in the near future, I see us working together down the road as Nurses. I nominate Katherine Rogers for employee of the month due to the fact that she is a great employee and shows that daily at work, I'm sure everyone see's it.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

8/16/2017 Person you are submitting: Cassie Garcia

Story: I want to take a moment to express my appreciation and gratitude for Cassie Garcia, one of our PTA's. It's not one thing she has done that impresses me but who she is. She loves our patients beyond measure and it shows. She bends over backwards to meet their needs even at her own expense. She is so passionate about what she does and it shows in her daily contact with her patients. One day in particular a patient who is a pretty difficult to transfer had a Dr. appointment. She rearranged her schedule at my request and was there to help the patient loaded into the car. While she was there she asked about getting our patient into the appointment and back into the patient’s house. We had made arrangements but Cassie wouldn't have it. She went with the patient to the appointment then went back to their house with them, and helped the patient back in. She was so willing to do this and rearrange her schedule at the drop of a hat to serve one of our patients on her own time. Zach found out and made sure she was compensated for her time but there is no doubt she would have done it either way without a second thought. It's a privilege to work with such a good, loving person. I appreciate her example.

Location: Idaho Falls

08/17/2017 Person you are submitting: Teessha Griffith

Story: I appreciate Teesha for the hard work she puts into making NCP successful in operation everyday, and all that she does to help NCP be recognized in our communities. She has been an awesome receptionist and CNA, and the best at the many job duties she has taken on. It's a lot of responsibility but her smile, kindness and helpful attitude you wouldn't know if it weighed heavy on her. I want to express my deepest appreciation for her. I can't wait to work closely with her when she finishes nursing school. She will most definitely be a hard working and compassionate nurse because she already lives by our NCP mission statement. Teesha thank you for always being kind and helpful.

Location: Idaho Falls

08/18/2017 Person you are submitting: Renae Oswald

Story: Renae has gone above and beyond in her role as Administrator for Idaho. She jumped right in to NCP in January and has worked hard toward team cohesiveness. With her leadership we have had a lot of changes but also a lot of stability in learning our roles. She has been a constant support to me through trying times as a case manager and over the past month has been instrumental in making decisions regarding care being provided to a 24 hour patient in our area. She has become involved personally with the family and staff to resolve concerns that have been present for over a year. Thank you Renae for your leadership and being a leader when leading is hard.

Location: Idaho

08/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Ricki Pederson

Story: I just want to recognize Ricki for what a wonderful job she is doing in Washington. We have had a few bumps in the road in that area, but she has stayed strong and committed to the people she is working with. She is really starting to catch fire and is quickly becoming the resource for that area. Great job Ricki!

Location: Grand Junction

08/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Ruben Mendoza

Story: Ruben has been a source of motivation for all of us. He treats everyone like his family and on every encounter greets people with a big warm hug. Ruben has successfully managed to bring new patients each month to NCP. He has developed great relationships with his leads and has a huge heart to help these people get the help and care they need. Thanks for all you do Ruben!

Location: Grand Junction

08/24/2017  Person you are submitting: Amber Hawkins

Story: Amber is an extremely dedicated team member. She cares tremendously about the success of her team and it shows in the quality of her work and her commitment to positive outcomes. She is a problem solver and works incredibly hard to meet the ever changing expectations of the federal program. She is a gem!

Location: Corporate

08/24/2017  Person you are submitting: Alyssa Needham

Story: Several times over the past few months Alyssa has jumped in and supported the expanding communication needs of several departments. She is enthusiastic, willing to help and has great ideas. She is a talented and driven new member of the marketing and communications team and a joy to work with.

Location: Grand Junction – Corporate

08/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Elizabeth Bell

Story: Elizabeth is an incredibly hard working employee! She deserves to be recognized for "Be the Difference." She consistently goes above and beyond to assist our patients. She ensures that patients have needed support! She is also a great resource to staff and very supportive of all on the clinical team. She is a great example of what a case manager should be! She is an incredible advocate for our patients! She is not afraid to make phone calls to ensure that our patient's needs are being met, even if the task may take several hours of her own personal time. She assisted one of our clients in a phone call that they were reluctant to do on their own and were afraid that they would have to pay roughly a thousand dollars out of their own pocket. Elizabeth made phone calls to ensure that this sweet couple was not taken advantage of due to their circumstances. She deserves to be recognized for all of her efforts in helping our patients. She is professional, direct, compassionate, and caring!

Location: Grand Junction, CO

08/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Jami Thomas

Story: Jami is a great asset to our team. Whenever she is in the office she takes personal ownership of what is going on around her and ensures that she can help it go well. A patient walked into the office and once he was seated his wife asked if a nurse could listen to his lungs. Jami jumped up from another room and took on the task. I have seen her respond to several other situations in the same manner. If she is present, then she is helping. That seems to be her nature. I also very much appreciate her positive attitude and sense of humor. Jami makes a big difference for NCP.

Location: Idaho Falls

08/24/2017  Person you are submitting: Sharon Henry

Story: Sharon has been a rock star and our saving grace in the Kansas City area since she has been employed last December. We have struggled with staffing since her first day. Sharon has another job as well and is committed to two days for NCP, however the past several months she has checked in with the patient daily when there is no nurse scheduled. (keeping in mind this patient is approved for 7 days a week) Sharon gives up her off time, before and after her other job to care for our patient if needed. The family calls her their guardian angel. She wants no recognition for her service to this patient, it comes naturally to Sharon. She has gone out of her way to stop at the store if she knows the patient needs something and has made a wonderful trusting relationship with this patient whom is not always the easiest to care for. I am so thankful and grateful that Sharon is such an amazing part of our NCP family!!

Location: KC, Missouri

08/24/2017  Person you are submitting: Debbie Fenske

Story: I would like to nominate Debbie Fenske for the Be the Difference Award. Debbie has worked extremely hard and diligently since the Finance team has been short on team members. She has a positive attitude and answers questions with a smile. Debbie has worked longer hours to complete tasks that the other employees at NCP rely on. Debbie has truly made a difference!

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

8/30/2017 Person you are submitting: Kay Burchett

Story: Kay is a strong member of the authorization’s team. Her commitment to helping patients receive the care they deserve is unwavering. She works diligently with field staff, clinics, and her peers to ensure all Department of Labor requirements are met. On top of her daily commitment to our patients, one late Friday afternoon she was working on a patient’s case when it was brought to her attention that his cancer had returned and he had an appointment with an oncologist in 10 minutes. There was not enough time to gather someone in the field to attend the visit. She quickly grabbed the patient information and went with the marketer and patient to the physician appointment. She worked with that physician to ensure that documentation would meet DOL requirements for the return of the cancer and the initiation of home care. Attending the appointment was not part of Kay's job at that moment, but she knew that it would truly and positively impact the patient and the company. I believe this is going above and beyond in her role and most definitely making a difference.

Location: Corporate


07/21/2017 Person you are submitting: Melissa Maniffee, CNA

Story: Hello Renaé and Michelle,

I’m not sure if your company has a reward/award program, but I have to recognize exceptional performance. In this case, Melissa M deserves the highest honors. I’ve worked with hundreds of aides over the past 12 years at his home, in facilities, and at the hospital, and I have never seen anyone as hard-working, dedicated, compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile as Melissa Maniffee. She continually goes above and way beyond the call of duty...consistently...on every single shift. She does more on ONE shift than gets done all the days she is gone combined...(that’s not to say everyone else is not doing anything) and she maintains exceptionally high quality of care while doing it all. She is someone who seeks out the opportunities and sees what needs to be done...and does it. Rather than think that the person coming on the next shift can ‘do it.’ Anyone that follows her generally has very little or nothing to do, except attend to Mike’s needs. She is one of the most compassionate aides I have ever worked with. She also goes the extra mile to learn about Mike, especially communicating and ensuring his needs are met. She doesn’t guess. She gets it right, or she calls me because she wants to make sure she is doing things how he wants them done. She is always making sure he is comfortable...not just comfortable for a few minutes, but truly comfortable from head to toe that will last for a long while—she ensures high-quality care. Melissa expertly attends to his needs and does so much more. She is able to anticipate his needs and takes care of them. She does the whole ‘basic’ checklist every time and finds more to do. She is amazing. She reads and follows the Guide, the checklist, my text messages, keeps me in the loop with Mike’s condition, greets his visitors and makes them feel welcome, and never misses a beat. She even ‘oversees’ the nurses and ensures things are getting done the way they should in a diplomatic and factual matter to ensure high-quality care for Michael. She is super quick at learning. We had unexpected company drive up from Arizona to see Mike (his uncle and aunt of 83 years old) and I was telling her I was stuck at work and couldn’t leave until after my meetings and wished I knew they were coming. I would have cleaned out the back room so Arlene would have a place to rest. She immediately said, “Camille, I can do this. You do what you need to do” ...and she did... and did it quickly and efficiently. I told her I was trying to making dinner for everyone coming, including her and the nurse, in between everything (gotta love a Bluetooth and the Mute button, right?) and I even texted her to ask her to turn on the oven there and make room for food on the table. She ran circles around everyone there yesterday...literally. When I arrived she asked what she could help with and kept right on going. Melissa is beyond AMAZING! Please let her to come as often as she can. I would absolutely feel like I could leave for 5 days and know that Mike would be ok if she was there. I will write other commendations especially for Zoann and Jenn, but I had to let you know about Melissa today. It was overdue, but what she did for me/Mike yesterday (and every day) is beyond exceptional.

Thank you! Hugs, Camille (care giver of MC)

Location: Idaho Falls

07/08/2017 Person you are submitting: Anne Taylor-Loughran

Story: I nominated Anne a few days ago... the patient is in the process of passing away, which may happen any day. Please add that Anne has gone above and beyond to offer a supportive and compassionate presence to the family as they go through this process.

Thank you

Location: Southern California

07/10/2017 Person you are submitting: Dana Bacon

Story: Dana has been such a wonderful CM that all I here from her patients are that they love her. She is on top of their health and is always emailing me about other symptoms that I could help them with to get more stuff added to their card. Dana is such an asset for our team here. Thank you Dana

Location: Las Vegas

07/12/2017 Person you are submitting: Alyssa Needham

Story: Alyssa has been a rockstar in the marketing department. She is constantly bringing new ideas and strategies to how we can better brand the company and services. She has been instrumental in getting several projects off the ground including the database intake form and the marketing request form, not to mention that she is managing all of the advertising that is happening across the country. She brings a level of detail that has been missing and has been a great asset to the department. Thank you Alyssa.

Location: Corporate

07/12/2017 Person you are submitting: Angela Hays Carey

Story: I had the opportunity to spend some time in the Idaho branch because of a baseball event. I was amazed at the attention to detail that Angela had put into the event and how she motivated her team of amazing cna's nurses, and case managers. She even offered her home to two nurses that came down from outlining areas that wanted to help with the game. She has helped create a culture of giving back and it's evident because of the after hour activities that she has at her home for craft nights to benefit a local organization. I also have seen how much the people (potential patients) that she works with affect her. Unfortunately, death has happened all too often with the leads and patients she works with and she is devastated every time it happens. She has a passion of helping people that is contagious and she has made a significant difference in my life because of it. Thank you.

Location: Corporate

07/12/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: I just want to give a special shout out the Teesha for her help with the baseball game we had in Idaho. She worked extremely hard in helping Angela get calls to leads and was instrumental in helping fill the four sections of the stadium. We will be sad to see her go, but wish her the best in her schooling. Thank you Teesha.

07/20/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha is awesome. She is going above and beyond in her role after the speedy departure of our office manager. She has been on a waiting list for RN school and was almost in school starting in September. She was assured a date in January to start. She was going to leave in case the call for school came in last minute, but she is staying because we need her! She will continue to be a CNA for us and is great in that role as well.

07/20/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha is awesome. She is going above and beyond in her role after the speedy departure of our office manager. She has been on a waiting list for RN school and was almost in school starting in September. She was assured a date in January to start. She was going to leave in case the call for school came in last minute, but she is staying because we need her! She will continue to be a CNA for us and is great in that role as well.

07/21/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha Griffith, CNA and Adm. Asst. For the Idaho Falls office. Teesha has always been one of those employees to go the extra mile for others. Whether it be patients, office coworkers, peers in the field, or helping the marketing dept., Teesha does what she can to contribute above and beyond expectations.

Recently Teesha made a decision to support the IF office and put her own goals on hold for a bit in order to do that. Teesha wasn't asked to do this. She chose what she felt was best for NCP knowing her own goals would be delayed a little while longer.

I could list the many, many things Teesha has done for NCP out of her desire to better the company and help others, but in the end...I think the overall message would be that Teesha is the ultimate NCP Team Player.

She takes advice for improvement and runs with it to better herself and her job. She listens and hears needs that people don't even openly voice and instinctively goes to work at fulfilling those needs. She has a big heart and is dedicated to NCP in a way no one has the right to ask of her...but she does it anyway.

Thank you Teesha! Your hard work and dedication is inspiring.

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: I would like to nominate Teesha due to personal sacrifices that she has made to ensure that NCP continues to receive quality care. There was a recent incident within the office that left an unexpected loss of staff. Teesha, who had already tendered her resignation to attend the LPN program, rescinded her resignation so that she could remain working until appropriate staff were hired and trained. Teesha had been looking forward to starting school but has put her life on hold so the company and her co-workers did not have to endure any additional stress. She is hopefully going to start school next semester. Thank you does not say enough for what Teesha has done.

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: As Administrative Assistant/CNA, Teesha is a highly valued member of our Idaho Falls NCP team. Teesha had been planning to leave her office position in August to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Two weeks ago, our long time Office Manager resigned very suddenly. Teesha, of her own accord, withdrew her resignation, postponed her nursing education and agreed to stay on for several more months to help keep our office running in this time of great upheaval.

Additionally, Teesha continues working PRN as a CNA for NCP. Last weekend, she agreed to be the CNA on call, and ended up working both Saturday and Sunday. She did this with grace and humor.

Teesha truly makes a difference to every staff member and patient in our Idaho branch and deserves this award.

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha is an amazing and compassionate person. We all adore her and she is always so willing to help us out. Recently, Teesha chose to put her own life on hold by waiting to go to nursing school until January just to help the company. We recently had an office manager quit and Teesha has stepped up and was willing to stay with the company in our desperate time of need. She is amazing and I respect her so much! Thanks Teesha! You are awesome!

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: This is a great big thank you to Teesha Griffith for going above and beyond taking on extra duties and responsibilities during a time of great need in her branch. She has worked extra hours and on the weekend to ensure that the work is done, and the branch continues to function smoothly. Teesha put her personal education goals on hold for a few months to provide her services to the branch. This directly effects NCP patients, employees and the branch team. Thank you Teesha for being the difference!

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha G is an amazing person, she is always there with a smile and sense of humor, she has been so helpful to have around the office and really goes out of her way to make sure things are running smoothly, she is so selfless and goes above and beyond. She recently stepped up to help out when our scheduler quit and has made some personal sacrifices to help our office in this time of need. Whenever I have a question or need help she is more than willing to assist me however she can.

07/12/2017 Person you are submitting: Lori Schmalz

Story: Lori has been an employee for a long time at Nuclear Care Partners and I was so glad I got to know her a little better. She was amazing at working the booth at the baseball game in Idaho. She would flag people down and talk with them and would not be afraid of talking to people about what we did. She had several patients of hers at the game and it was evident of the relationship she has with them. Thank you Lori!

Location: Corporate

07/12/2017 Person you are submitting: Idaho Team

Story: I just want to give a special recognition to all of the Idaho team that helped out at the baseball game event. It was an amazing sight to see the interaction between the Idaho team and the doctor’s offices, patients and leads. It was a great turnout and I am so grateful for all of you. It was very touching and inspiring!

Location: Corporate

07/13/2017 Person you are submitting: Cassandra Garcia, PT

Story: While at a patient home visit this evening, Cassandra showed up with her husband and two children to work in a patient’s yard and garden that had been overcome with weeds. She did this charitable act of kindness with her family despite the fact that this patient has not been very grateful towards her when she has gone above and beyond for her in the past. Cassandra is a shining example of charitable works for us all <3

Location: Idaho Falls

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Rafael Evangelista *received recognition in July 2017

Story: I would like to nominate Rafael Evangelista for the Be The Difference award for July.

Rafael has been a great addition to our team here in Las Vegas. He came on as a PRN nurse, with the idea that he would help us as needed. Well, we needed and he jumped in and took patients every day that he was not working at his other job as a school nurse. Then he helped us some more when he finished the school year and took on a full time load. This has been very helpful and gave us the time to fill some gaps we had in RN staffing. When he returns to school in August we will have some new nurses on board to fill the holes he will leave.

Rafael also had the unfortunate experience of leaving a patient’s home and having a gun held to his head and his car stolen. This came about because of his genuine concern for others as he had stepped out of his care to see if the people who hit him were alright. His concern didn’t end there as he had to get a ride home from the CNA that was in the patient home. He continued to worry about her wellbeing and gave her a gift card for her kindness in taking him home. He continued to work to providing the staff in this patient’s home with a plan to help them be safe when they are coming and going from the patient home and to help allay their fears and anxieties as to their safety. Rafael has gone above and beyond to help others not feel threatened by this experience and yet he is still traumatized himself.

Also, Rafael has gone above and beyond in his patient care. He is seeing a difficult patient and has put in some extra time to try and help this patient to resolve his concerns.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Chart Review Team: Kassie N, Jana E, Linda S, Judy E, Sandy S, Heidi D, Barb M, Susan B, Courtney P

Story: Just like to shine a little light on these gals. They are not the front runners in seeing patients but they are the front runners in chart review. These women are amazing and are always willing to help when there is pick up. I feel blessed to have such an amazing team and proud to work with them. Thanks for being so amazing, always trying to be better, and being team players!

Location: all over :)

07/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Michaela Schulz

Story: I need to recognize Michaela Schulz for going above and beyond over and over during the last several weeks. She has stepped up to cover for another Leader's time off and has done an excellent job keeping things flowing nicely even though the department has been stretched thin. Thank you Michaela, for calling me after hours, providing great insight and advice, and very good timely follow through.

Location: Grand Junction CO

Location: Corporate

7/27/2017 Person you are submitting: Michaela Schultz

Story: Michaela has really stepped up and taken on a great deal over the past several weeks. She is thoughtful, always looking for ways to grow herself and operates with integrity. Her willingness and excitement to jump in a support in any way possible are impressive. Michaela is a team player and has grown in her leadership skills. She is making the difference for HR and many others at NCP.

Location: Colorado Corporate 

07/28/2017 Person you are submitting: Michaela Shulz

Story: Michaela has really made herself available to the South branch in Taylor’s absence. Every time we have called with questions Michaela has made herself available to help us figure things out. There was approximately two weeks straight that the south branch had a need from Michaela daily. Michaela was sure to get all of our needs taken care of quickly and with the best outcome possible. Thanks for all your help Michaela

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

7/27/2017 Person you are submitting: Amanda Stucky *received recognition from supervisors July 2017

Story: Amanda has been a vital part of the success with the recent transitions in the Finance Department. She has taken on new responsibilities and operates with integrity and accountability to her deadlines, her team, and her role. She is a team player and cares about the work she does. Amanda makes a difference

Location: Colorado Corporate

07/26/2017 Person you are submitting: Amanda Stucky *received recognition from supervisors July 2017

Story: Amanda has been such a great support for the corporate office and field staff. She always takes time to address requests such as looking up PT eligibility etc. She is very friendly and professional even when she is very busy. We appreciate all she does and feel fortunate to have her on the NCP team!

07/27/2017 Person you are submitting: Josh Yerkes

Story: I believe Josh Yerkes is a very deserving candidate for the Be The Difference Award. Josh is incredibly resourceful and helpful. He is a creative thinker that always finds excellent solutions to improve people’s day-to-day lives with the use of technology. Josh has been a great asset and has helped me with many projects:

-              Automated Intake Form in the Database:

Josh did an incredible job of developing the new form and all of its functions, improving on the current system, and saving lots of people on time with this helpful tool! He was so easy to work with, very responsive, and developed the form quickly.

-              New Marketing Request Form in the Database

With Tyler managing requests for marketing and communications collateral from 8 Community Outreach Managers, a new system to filter requests was greatly needed! Josh was very receptive to the idea, I created a draft of what I thought it could look like and Josh got to work right away! He found creative ways to make each of the sections work within the database with calendars, drop down menus, fill in boxes, and more! The form was complex, but he made it seem like a breeze to put together and was even very helpful in troubleshooting and adding features as our team began using the form. He also added reports so we could see how many requests had been made, filled, and unfilled so we can check on progress at any time.

Aside from these major projects, Josh is always quick to respond when I’m having a technology crisis. Whether that’s working with a special software or tech vendor, helping me research new technology solutions to enhance our communications within the organization, or reassuring me that everything is going to be ok when I have a random error appear on my computer! He treats everyone with kindness and respect and is always willing to help. He’s a great guy to have on the team and I am very grateful for him.

Location: Grand Junction, CO

07/28/2017 Person you are submitting: Kayla Brown

Story: Kayla has been very helpful as the front end transitioned. She has been a great resource in the office. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help at all times. Without her the front end would not be running as smoothly as it is. Kayla is a great person in HR as well. She handles all situations with kindness.

Location: Corporate

07/31/2017 Person you are submitting: Amber Hawkins

Story: I would like to nominate Amber Hawkins for the “Be the Difference” award. While there is no single event that makes her a worthy consideration, I think that it’s worth recognizing her general work style, ethic, and knowledge. She really attacks the complications encountered by the day to day interactions with clinical staff, authorizations staff, and the Department of Labor. Her style is of clear, direct communication. She provides sufficient information to allow her colleagues and subordinates to approach the problem with enough information to independently solve issues and to learn from difficult scenarios. Her work ethic pervades those with whom she works with a strong desire to work hard, accomplish tasks, and maintain clear lines of communication. Finally, her knowledge of the DOL programs is so extensive that she is able to lead through any number of complicated situations. Her judgement is excellent, and she saves untold numbers of hours and effort by providing solid and appropriate guidance based on prior experience and knowledge of the DOL programs. Amber deserves to be recognized for being a vital gear in the machine that drives NCP.

Location: Grand Junction Office

June submissions

6/13/2017  Person you are submitting: Joel Cruz, PTA

Story: I would like to nominate Joel Cruz for Be The Difference award. Joel is a physical therapy assistant working with most of my patients in Arco and Carey, Idaho. Joel really cares about each of his patients and encourages them to work hard to gain strength, endurance and functionality. One patient commented to me, "Joel doesn't take 'no' for an answer!" I often hear, unsolicited, from patients and family of Joel's skill and helpfulness. One day last week, a patient was to receive his new Jazzy Power Chair. As Joel has some knowledge of this product, he rearranged his schedule to be in the home when the chair was delivered to make sure it was being adjusted properly. Later, when the chair was not working, he coordinated with the DME company and found several connections that had not been made and was able to get the chair going. I can count on Joel to let me know if something different is going on with our patients. Joel is a great asset to NCP's therapy team.

Location: Arco and Carey, Idaho

6/30/2017   Person you are submitting: Anne Taylor-Loughran

Story: When Anne's patient was admitted to the hospital suddenly, Anne was called by the family and immediately went to the hospital to give report to the physicians and nurses. She was very helpful with coordinating his discharge with the hospital Case Manager, and has been working diligently with training agency-hired aides to chart correctly for NCP. Anne has been our eyes and ears for Case Managing this patient. She has assisted with CNA staffing, finding local resources such as DME and palliative care agencies. She communicates with the patient's physicians, and has been working hard on coordinating his complex care. Now that the patient is on hospice, his care needs have increased and Anne continues to go above and beyond to serve as an asset and source of care to the family. She truly reflects NCP's values of compassion, commitment, excellence and integrity.

Location: Southern California

may submissions

5/4/17 Person you are submitting: Audrey Rohde

Story: I would like to nominate Audrey Rohde for a Be The Difference Award for April. She has really gone above and beyond in the care of patient. She has been supportive in assisting with the monthly scheduling. Since I as a case manager live so far away and do not have the opportunity to visit with the staff there except by phone, text or email, she has met with the various staff members who care for this 24 hour patient and made a schedule that works for everyone and keeps all 24 hours covered even when we do not have enough staff members to cover all hours for which we are approved. She has completed this even while attending school. She is taking prerequisites for Nursing School and hopes to attend Nursing School in the Fall Semester!

On top of this she as answered the call when a fellow coworker misinterpreted the schedule and did not show up of a 12 hour night shift. (Audrey does not like to do night shifts!) She also rearranged her schedule to cover shifts when one of her coworkers required bereavement leave due to the death of her mother.

All the staff of this particular patient reached out and adjusted their schedules to cover for this coworker but Audrey made herself available even though she was trying to study and end her semester strong. Again this including picking up some night shifts.

Thank you Audrey. What you have done has made a difference in my life and in the lives of your coworkers.

Location: Coeur d' Alene, Idaho


5/10/2017 Person you are submitting: Shayla Woods

Story: Shayla came on with us a few months ago and she has been such a great employee. She always answers the phone with a smile and is always wearing a smile in the office. She is genuine, caring and has a contagious laugh. She is also very helpful with any task or project. Shayla communicates very well with all levels of the company as well as with our patients and vendors. I am very happy and thankful that she is part of our team!

Location: Grand Junction – Corporate


5/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Joanna Godwin

Story: Joanna Godwin is such a value to the NCP team here on the Western Slope. She recently aided a family through the passing of one of our patients. As our patient's dementia worsened, she helped the family handle the forgetful moments and smile through the pain. Her support and heart will never be forgotten to this family and so many others. Thank you Joanna for all that you do and for your commitment to providing such great care to our patients.

An example: There was a day that Joanna went in for her nursing visit and the patient was trying to get his “truck” (which was actually his walker) started. Joanna handed him tools for an hour while he “worked on the engine” until they were able to “get it running.” She didn't skip a beat and they were able to celebrate the success of him “starting his truck.” This is just one example of a time that she brought joy to the family and put a smile on the patient's face during a difficult season.

Location: Colorado


5/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Linda Johnson, CNA

Story: I would like to nominate Linda Johnson, CNA for Be The Difference. Linda has the biggest heart and our patients tug at her heartstrings all the time. Recently Linda heard of our difficulty finding a CNA in the small community of Carey, Idaho. Linda, who lives 43 miles from this patient volunteered to cover this patient until we were able to hire another CNA. Faithfully Linda drives to spend 4 hours providing care and compassion to a patient and his family that are truly in the middle of nowhere. Thank you Linda for your kindness and dedication to NCP.

Location: Arco, Idaho to Carey, Idaho


5/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Lisa Ferland, CNA

Story: I would like to nominate Lisa Ferland, CNA. Lisa left the comfort of her home, patients and community to travel from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Coeur D Alene, Idaho, some 478 miles away, to allow another full time CNA to have a vacation. I am always amazed at the selfless acts that our aides do for one another! Thank you Lisa for the kindness and understanding that you show on a daily basis to those we serve.

Location: Idaho Falls


5/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Audrey Rhode

Story: Audrey Rhode, CNA, has been a resource to all of the staff in Coeur d Alene. She regularly changes her schedule to accommodate the needs of her fellow staff members and has come in at a moments notice to cover shifts when a coworker has been sick. Most recently she rearranged a whole weeks schedule with a fellow CNA who had requested certain days off to participate in a community volunteer function. After the schedule was made and one week prior to the event he found out that the event was occurring on different days than those he had requested. Audrey rearranged her schedule and took his night shifts and made it work so she would not have overtime and he would have the days he needed. She has also been proactive in helping new staff members feel like a part of the team and encouraging them with positive comments. She has assisted the Case Manager in completing a workable schedule with staff members getting as close to their ideal schedule as possible while covering all of the patient needs. I cannot begin to express what a remarkable resource she is and how thankful I am to have her on my team.

Location: Coeur d' Alene, Idaho


5/25/2017 Person you are submitting: A Courtney Patterson

Story: I would like to nominate A. Courtney Patterson for nurse of the month. She works in Wyoming and I do not know about her patient care but she does chart review for my 24 hour patient in CDA.

Courtney has been incredible when it comes to chart review. She performs chart review on my 24 hour patient in CDA and believe me when I tell you that at times it has really been a struggle. We have had changes in staff which include a CNA becoming a nurse and charting both as a CNA and as a nurse in the same care period. We have had late charting in because of this nurse working some shifts shortly after the death of her mother and while also trying to finish some classes for her BSN program. A new CNA who is working some 12 hour night shifts and has had some trouble understanding how to divide the shift documentation. How wonderfully patient she has been in recognizing the problems. She is also careful to read the narrative notes and progress notes and ask questions when the notes and assessments do not match. Her reviews greatly add to the quality of charting that is then submitted to the DOL and reflects the NCP core value of integrity and excellence.

Location: Wyoming

5/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Elizabeth Bell

Story: I have a longstanding personal/professional relationship with a family member of one of our patients. This person constantly praises our organization every time I see him. He was particularly grateful the last time I saw him, offering many words of what I would describe as profound gratitude. He singles Elizabeth Bell out each and every time I see him. He said today that she is a very special person in being able to help the population we serve. While it’s difficult to describe the level of complete satisfaction that he has with our services, it is possible to say that he really attributes the quality of care to one person overall, that being Elizabeth. I just want to offer my gratitude for our team and their attention to this patient, and would like to single Elizabeth out as a shining example of what we stand for.

Location: Colorado Branch


5/31/2017 Person you are submitting: Sharon Henry

Story: I am entering Sharon Henry, RN in Kansas City, Missouri for Be the Difference this month. Sharon has continued to go above and beyond for our patient in Kansas City. This patient has been a challenge to staff due to her own decisions and has been rather difficult towards our staff at times. Sharon has built a great relationship with this patient and is able to help the patient in ways that others cannot. The patient has boasted about her several times in how wonderful of a demeanor Sharon has and how much she has gone above and beyond to help her. Sharon was only hired for 2 days a week as she has another job, but she has gone to the patient's home multiple extra times per week as we have been short staffed to ensure that they patient is taken care of to the best of her ability! Sharon has a great heart, compassion, and has been a wonderful asset to our patients and NCP!! Thank you Sharon for your kindness, hard work, and generosity with this patient especially when times have been tough, you are greatly appreciated!!
Location: Iowa/ Missouri

april submissions

4/3/2017 Person you are submitting: Cindy Skinner

Story: Cindy advocated for a difficult patient to return to home after hospitalization. Cindy was passionate about this patient returning home so that he could be with his daughter and close to family. In doing so it helped the family come to terms with the terminal nature of this patients disease and that the best place for him would be with the daughter in the care of NCP in partnership with Hospice. Cindy understood how difficult of a journey this has been for this patient's daughter and knew NCP had to do everything they could to get him home. I was inspired by her dedication to this patient and his family, and her determination to do all we could to support his return to home. Her attitude toward this helped make a very difficult situation much better.

Location: Idaho Falls

4/4/2017 Person you are submitting: Kim Merritt

Story: On 4/3/17 (a Monday morning!) we had a staffing mix-up on Arco, Idaho. Arco is close to 85 miles from where Kim lives. Kim, without hesitation, reorganized her day and drove to Arco to care for the patients who were otherwise going to be missed. This is just one example of how Kim goes above and beyond for our patients. Last week she attended a doc appointment with a patient, she invited him to the office for our "pot-luck" prior to the appointment because she knew how much he would enjoy the social interaction. She was so patient and kind to him and when the doctor had a tough conversation with him about relocating to be closer to his family, Kim cried with him. It's clear how much she loves the patients she cares for, and in turn, how much they love her. We are all honored by the care and example that Kim shows and how she represents NCP.

Location: Idaho Falls

4/6/2017 Person you are submitting: Ranae Oswald Story: We have a patient we are working on getting approved for services. He was admitted to the hospital then discharged to a nursing home. While he was in the nursing home his wife felt she was being bullied by the office manager and therapists. Ranae took the time to explain the dynamics of his complicated situation and empowered her with information. She was able to go back to the nursing home and talk with the administrator and DON and was armed with information. The patients wife felt so empowered and said she really appreciated Ranae taking the time to give her that power. It was an amazing example for me to be a part of the process and see what true patient advocacy looks like. Thanks Ranae for your example.

Location: Idaho Falls

4/7/2017 Person you are submitting: Jen Fergusson, CNA

Story: I am recommending Jen Fergusson, CNA for the Be The Difference Award. Jen called when she came on shift that power had gone out at the patient’s home and that it had affected the patients electric powered chair on the stairs. After flipping breakers, to no avail, Jen thought outside the box. Mind you that half of their outlets have been unusable since before Christmas so they have had extension cords throughout their house, which is a major fall issue. So when CM would approach spouse about it, she kept saying that she would have someone come in and fix it. Well, last night with more fuses unable to be reset, his power chair on the stairs still did not work even after turning it off for a few minutes and attempting to restart it. Jen then went online and found a member page that donates services. She was able to reach a volunteer electrician who came in after hours (stayed until 11:00 pm) and fixed all of the outlets upstairs stating that most were fire hazards and one already showed signs that a fire had more than likely started there. This gentleman will not accept monetary donations, just donations of food/volunteers, etc Then after Jen’s shift was over, she took food donations to this organization. I was impressed with Jen's thinking on this one! She could have just saved the entire family, their pets, and home!

Location: Idaho Falls

4/17/2017 Person you are submitting: Debbie Rominiskious

Story: Debbie is an awesome lead nurse!! Debbie always goes above and beyond to ensure that her patient receives the best care. Debbie's patient was recently hospitalized for several days and during this hospitalization Debbie visited the patient in the hospital everyday without pay and on her own time. During the patient hospital stay the patient was not eating the hospital food and Debbie knew just what the patient liked and took him some of his favorite foods to the hospital. Debbie also knew that the patients wife was home alone while the patient was in the hospital and Debbie took the initiative to call and check on the wife daily to ensure that she also was managing ok on her own. NCP is blessed to have Debbie as a part of our team.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

4/25/2017 Person you are submitting: Kimberly Pogue, RN

Story: Kimberly Pogue: She's up for everything we do and her husband works as a Physicist at LLNL, too! From the time she began last year, she's jumped right in whenever Iwe ask for help during outreaches. She is also the primary RN for one of our most challenging patients/families and handles requests from them with calm and cheery professionalism, always. What sets Kimberly apart, is her willingness to engage with our guests. She does not shy away from chatting with folks and gathering needed information to assist in our marketing efforts and makes a habit of talking about NCP to people she encounters everywhere. Coupled with her strong nursing background, Kimberly is an outstanding asset to the Livermore, California Branch and we are so pleased to have her on our team!

Location: Livermore, CA


4/28/2017 Person you are submitting: Lisa Rodriguez

Story: Lisa is one of our administrative assistants and helps us everyday. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help. She assists with whatever she can to make patient care and schedules easier for everyone here in Vegas. We appreciate and thank our Lisa R for all she does!

Location: Las Vegas

March Submissions

3/3/2017 Person you are submitting: Laurel Pruett

Story: On 2/28/17 Laurel was at the end of a 12 hour shift with a patient. She began to notice some concerning signs that he may be having a stroke. She conferred with the patient's daughter and about 6 pm they called 911. The daughter was very worried and wanted Laurel to stay with her. Laurel stayed at the hospital with the patient and his daughter until 10:30 pm. Laurel did not get home until nearly midnight. She provided emotional support and professional guidance to the patient and his family. She made a big difference to both of them in this very stressful situation.

On 3/2/17 NCP received a call from the physical therapist of a 90 year old patient that lives alone after the recent passing of his wife. He was very dizzy and could not safely ambulate in his home. He was settled on the couch and Laurel, who was not scheduled to see him, drove out to assess the situation. She completed a visit with the patient, coordinated with family to get someone to stay with him and coordinated to get him seen by a physician where he was diagnosed with an ear infection. Again Laurel made a big difference in the outcome for this patient.

Location: Star Valley WY and Idaho Falls area

3/6/2017 Person you are submitting: Lisa Rodriguez

Story: I want to nominate Lisa, she has really shined here by working really hard and working with a short staff. We were working with short staff while we were going through big growth spurts. Lisa was juggling many patients and switching many patients CNAs to cover all new patients. Thank you Lisa for your hard work

Location: Las Vegas

3/6/2017 Person you are submitting: F Judy Lawlor

Story: When I first met Judy, she was in a patients home whirling around like a beautiful butterfly. Judy is positive, professional, and willing to help patients with their needs. Our CNAs have so much direct contact with the patient, that they've truly become the face of our interactions. Judy remains positive, and provides great customer service to her patients. Her commitment to customer service sets an example for us to focus on what's really important--the patient!

Location: Las Vegas NV

3/9/2017 Person you are submitting: Lisa Jackson Director

Story: Lisa has stepped up into her role very nicely. The staff are not afraid to come to her. She wants to help in any way that she can. She is not afraid to say she don’t know but will find the answer. It’s evident that she cares about her staff as a whole and as a team.

Location: Las Vegas

3/17/2017 Person you are submitting: Estephen Cordova

Story: Estephen is always a ray of sunshine in my day! His excellent attitude and communication skills make my job easier as his teammate and I appreciate his dedication to helping authorize much needed care for our patients. He is always willing to brainstorm with me and help me to grow as a CM when it comes to Authorizations and I really value that. He has a can-do attitude that I can appreciate!

Location: Grand Junction CO

3/22/2017 Person you are submitting: Mindy Rigsby

Story: I would like to nominate Mindy Rigsby for the March Be the Difference employee of the month. Mindy has taken on a significant amount of new duties in the past month and has done so with grace and professionalism. She always has a smile on her face when greeting those around her and has worked very hard to make transitions in the front end run smoothly. Her commitment to patient and potential patients who call in is remarkable. Whether she spends 5 minutes on 2 hours talking to one person, she always puts her 110% attention and focus in order to be sure their needs are being met.

Location: Grand Junction, CO

3/22/2017 Person you are submitting: Rick Cain and Melissa Gallant

Story: Rick was attempting to reevaluate a therapy patient in his home after having been discharged from the hospital to home and he found the patient condition to be very unstable. The patient had been send home two without any Home Health care follow up after having a coronary bypass surgery during which he was in the ICU 2 days and on a cardiac unit two days and then sent home with only NCP PT services in place to follow up on this man for 3 weeks until his follow up with his physician. Rick called his manager and reported the concern and a nurse CM was sent out to the home to follow up even though Nursing care has not been approved on this patient as of yet. The Nurse CM, Melissa, dropped everything she was working on to go check on the patient and found the patient to have many concerns and issues that were not being followed up on and advised the patient to return to the hospital ER. Upon being re-evaluated the patient was sent home with daily RN home health nurses for two weeks to follow up on him and ensure he was doing better. Melissa reported seeing Rick at the Hospital ER checking up on the patient after hours that night. Which also demonstrates that Melissa herself was also there at the ER checking up on the Patient, when neither one of them of were expected to do such a thing after hours and on their own time. Both Rick and Melissa in their concern and genuine caring for this patient have demonstrated what going above and beyond and making the difference in someone's life really means. I would like to nominate the two of them for the amazing follow up and dedication to this patient and ensuring that he was taken care of and that he knew NCP cared about what happened to him even if our nursing services were not in effect yet by DOL. Amazing care and professionalism by both Melissa and Rick was demonstrated!

Location: Idaho Falls

3/23/2017 Person you are submitting: Rick Cain

Story: I would like to nominate Rick Cain for the Be the Difference award. I have a patient that is currently in the admission process. This patient had a coronary bypass last week. Two days after his discharge from the hospital, Rick went to do his assessment. Rick noted that the patient's right leg was twice the size as would be expected post-surgery. He took the patient's vital signs and received a blood pressure reading of 90/40. Rick notified the appropriate NCP staff which resulted in the patient being sent to the ER. Though it was after hours, Rick went to the ER to check on this patient. When I spoke with the patient the next day, he commended Rick for his "care and compassion" and stated his appreciation of him. Rick exemplifies the values and beliefs of NCP!

Location: Idaho Falls

3/26/2017 Person you are submitting: Sam Stoddard

Story: Sam always goes above and beyond her duty even when a client is "demanding" . It is obvious when she works that she busts her tail. I always know when I come on after her shift that everything is done to a much better standard than any other aid I have seen. She is always willing to help when needed.

Location: Idaho Falls

February  Submissions

2/2/2017 Person you are submitting: Rebecca Sargent

Story: Rebecca has been managing a heavy intake of new employees over the past month. She is always willing to help answer an infinite amount of questions and always does so with a smile. One of our employees wrote a note with her employment paperwork that read "I am grateful for you helping to push through starting training today. Your willingness to go the extra mile for someone you have never even met has not gone unnoticed. A heartfelt thank you."

Location: Corporate

2/3/2017 Person you are submitting: Susan Jones 

Story: Susan is a CM here in Colorado on the Front Range. She is always available to answer questions and she is very approachable and patient to newly hired employees. She does a lot of training and education and is very thorough. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always doing her best.

Location: Denver

2/3/2017 Person you are submitting: Melissa Gallant 

Story: Melissa is the newest case manager in Idaho Falls. She has jumped in with both feet and has taken on a case load of 11 patients. She went to see one of her new patients this morning and noted that their walk way was a solid sheet of ice that was about 4 inches thick. Creating a unsafe environment for our patient for when they needed to leave home for appointments. So she let the patient know she was going to come back after her next visit and clear up the Ice for them. She then traveled 45 minutes to her next appointment and returned to the patient home to remove the ice from the walk way. She spent a couple of hours on her hands and knees chiseling the ice off the walk way. To provided a save fall risk free walk path to and from the patient car. She truly make the difference in this patient life.

Location: Idaho

2/4/2017 Person you are submitting: Jamie Sweaney

Story: Jamie is a nurse in Idaho Falls who has really stepped up to help care for a sweet, but difficult to staff, patient in Arco. The patient's face really lights up when he knows Jamie is coming. I have seen Jamie go the extra mile to make our patients feel cared for. At one house, she left a juicer and makes fresh apple juice each this patient struggles with nutritional needs and poor appetite. At another house where the patient has no nearby family, she made him a Thanksgiving meal, including a fresh pumpkin pie. Jamie truly cares for each and every patient and embodies 'Be the Difference'

Location: Arco, Idaho

2/8/2017 Person you are submitting: Linda Johnson, HHA

Story: Linda is a CNA in Arco who provides excellent care for her patients. Linda works part time for NCP as she has another full time job, but I can always count on Linda to go the extra mile and pitch in when I need her. One particular patient out here has a lot of needs and is difficult to staff. Linda agreed to do overnight shifts for him and to give extra hours whenever she could. Last Sunday, when a staff member called in sick on short notice, Linda graciously filled in 4 hours so I could get away for a few hours. Any patient fortunate enough to receive care from Linda, is cheered up by her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to meet their needs and made them feel well cared for. Linda is truly as asset to the NCP team.

Location: Arco, Idaho

02/09/2017 Person you are submitting: Ali Padilla

Story: I would like to nominate Ali Padilla. She came to us 3 months ago and has literally stepped into her role like a champ. She is full of great ideas and has amazing people skills. She works so hard each and every day and is always finding great people for our open positions. Not only is she an amazing addition to NCP but she starts and ends every day with a contagious smile and positive attitude, not only in the office but with staff and candidates across the country. Thank you, Ali!

Location: Grand Junction

02/11/2017 Person you are submitting: Debbie Romonouskas

Story: There are multiple stories to give. Debbie, goes above and behind for our patient every single day, even while not on the clock. The patient had a rough night one time and the night RN ended up taking the patient to the ER at 230am. The night RN let Debbie know what was going on and Debbie was there in a heartbeat and stayed with the patient in the ER the whole time even though Debbie worked the next morning at 8am and did not leave until the patient returned home. With Debbie having been up all night since 230am, she came back to the patients home at her regular time and stayed the whole shift. She does not do these thing because she "has" to. Debbie does these things out of the kindness of her heart and truly cares. I can say that I am very happy and proud to be apart of such an amazing care team we have.

Location: SC

02/15/2017 Person you are submitting: Josh Yerkes

Story: I would like to nominate Josh Yerkes for this month's Be the Difference employee. Josh demonstrates a commitment to his team that goes beyond IT help. He exemplifies all of NCP's vision and values on a day to day basis from behind the scenes and has made programs more efficient in ways that many people are not aware of. He always has exceptional customer service skills and is more than willing to help execute ideas to make not only our lives easier, but care for our patients to run smoothly. I have spent countless hours fighting with spreadsheets to gather important patient data and after discussing the issue with Josh, he was able to design a program for Patient Satisfaction calls within a day that will help with accuracy, time and execution of future patient survey calls. I feel very lucky to have Josh on our team and to have the ability to work closely with him on streamlining projects.

Location: Corporate

2/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Desiree Escheverria

Story: Letter written to me from a patient family member-

I wanted to take a moment to bring to your attention a recent situation that was handled superbly by Desiree, thereby avoiding what could have resulted in a medical concern for my father.

Desiree was working her regular swing shift on Wednesday of this week, and when she went to assist my father with his night medicine, she observed that Wednesday night’s pill box was empty. In her mind, she figured that the reasonable course of action would be to go ahead and give him his evening meds to take, using Thursday’s pills. HOWEVER, she did NOT act on that thought. Instead, Desiree followed exactly the protocols we have set out for such a situation- she called me at once using my father’s cell phone (I was out of the house running a few evening errands), explained the situation, and asked for direction. Had she not been able to reach me, she planned to call you.

As she carefully explained the situation, making sure I knew that Wednesday’s morning pill box was still full (thereby supporting the theory that the day shift CNA had inadvertently handed Dad his 8 pm pills instead of the 8 am pills that morning), I was able to completely assess the situation and provide the correct directive.

I explained to Desiree that she could not hand him Thursday’s pm pills, as his evening meds contain 7 mg of Coumadin, and presuming we were correct in assuming he had taken his evening meds already that day at 8 am; handing him a pill box containing evening meds to take again, would DOUBLE his Coumadin dose for that day, which would not be medically advised. I also explained she could not give him his morning meds to take as they contain a Lasix pill, and we would not want him urinating all night, and therefore not get a good night’s sleep. Instead, she was to give him NO pills; and I would make up a special pill cup when I returned home in an hour’s time with just the pills that would be appropriate considering the situation for him that evening.

I would like to emphasize that there were two parts to the protocol that Desiree followed, which are indicative to how carefully she listens and applies the instructions she receives to the service she provides:

1. She used my Dad’s phone. I have a written note posted by the bulletin board, and have orally instructed your staff to always use my Dad’s phone. My cell phone is set to see it as a priority call, and it rings through any time of day or night, and on any setting including “meeting”, “night” etc. By using the correct phone, she got an immediate response from me.

2. She did NOT make any changes to the pill boxes, or act on her own initiative when she discovered the pill box she was supposed to remind Dad to take was empty- she called for instruction.

I was very impressed with Desiree’s actions. Often the most difficult action is to not to act on our first impulse, but instead, to follow the protocols laid out, and call for direction. So I wanted to send you this “Shout Out” and let you know how pleased I am with her responsible and caring actions. I hope you will pass it up the chain of command that you have an excellent employee in Desiree.

(patient's daughter)

Location: Nevada

january submissions

1/6/2017 Person you are submitting: Ali Padilla

Story: Ali may be "new" to the NCP team, but it seems like she has been here all along. I don't know what we would do without her great efforts to work with Ames and identify and bring NCP some really wonderful people. Ali is always kind and smiling and has a great sense of humor. She is a joy to work with and extremely organized and on-the-ball. The recruitment needs at NCP are growing every day and with Ali on the team, the sky is the limit. Thanks, Ali!

Location: Corporate

1/6/2017 Person you are submitting: Courtney Patterson

Story: Courtney is such a joy to work with. She has stepped up to the plate in WY and made a difference in her patient's lives by taking great care while helping with the vast task of chart review. She values her family so much yet is also willing to help her NCP team out whenever she can. The patients are lucky to have Courtney taking care of them and we are lucky to have Courtney as an NCP nurse. Thanks, Courtney, for making a difference in WY.

Location: Corporate

1/13/2017 Person you are submitting: Kathy McDonald and her husband John

Story: Kathy is a CM in Arco, Idaho who continuously goes above and beyond for her patients. They all know her and will ask her questions in the grocery store or wherever she is and she often makes an extra visit to patients who need help. She involves her family in the care process as well. Her Husband, John, recently was called in to help a patient with their satellite dish and ended up spending quite a bit of time at the house in this endevour. She is truly a wonderful nurse and a great asset to NCP.

Location: Idaho

1/24/2017 Person you are submitting: Elizabeth Bell and Tiffany Skeen

Story: Elizabeth and Tiffany have proven their commitment to the field of nursing and NCP by developing a wonderful working relationship with the nursing students at Colorado Mesa University. Their patience and excitement to work with students during clinical rotations are the necessary aspects of truly positive mentoring for future nurses. Feedback from previous students and the university faculty has been positive and proves their time spent with students has made an impact and opened the students' eyes to how amazing NCP and in-home care can be. These RNs continue to be the difference for patients, students, the community and NCP. Many thanks to Tiffany and Elizabeth for working with future nurses!

Location: CO

1/27/2017 Person you are submitting: Angela Hays-Carey

Story: I would like to nominate Angela Hays-Carey for the BTD award for January.  Tuesday we had a huge snow storm that dropped 8 inches of snow and Angela was a hero for many.  She went to a patient's house and brought him food from his favorite restaurant because it was his birthday.  As it turned out, meals on wheels was not able to get to his house because there was so much snow.  So, she fed him when he wouldn't have otherwise had a meal.  She also shoveled his walkway so that the mailman could bring important correspondence from the DOL.  Angela, then went to the grocery store for a lead because they couldn't get to the store due to the weather.  That day she pushed 5 different cars out of drifts during her outings.  A few of the cars had elderly people that were stuck and trying to push by themselves until she arrived.  I am so thankful that we have her out there in my community.  She makes all the differences that I want to see.

Location: Idaho

1/30/2017 Person you are submitting: Amy Johnson

Story: During the terrible Idaho weather that dumped so much snow Amy still made it to see her patients. When she arrived at a patients home all the snow had slid off the roof trapping the patient in his home. Amy spent over half and hour before she could get into the house. When she finally made it in he was lonely and hungry. She spent the time to make sure he was OK then helped him find other help to remove the rest of the snow. When she does other visits she has found a way using facebook to connect the patient with his home town friends. This has decreased his loneliness during these long winter hours.

Location: Idaho Falls

December submissions

12/5/2016 Person you are submitting: Amber Elder Sayre

Story: Amber has shown her dedication to NCP's patients by agreeing to care for them well outside of her desired schedule and working more hours than usual when needed. She is consistently respectfully responsive to all staff and patients while being flexible and kind when working through patient scheduling changes. Amber makes a difference by helping her patients in a very remote area of Colorado, no matter how rural or challenging the patient may be. NCP's commitment, integrity and excellence are all exemplified by Amber. Thanks, Amber, for going above and beyond.

Location: CO

12/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Tiffany Skeen

Story: I know she has been nominated before, but she is one of the hardest workers I know. She always does what is asked of her in a timely manner and goes out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of. Often times, CNA's and nurses call her to figure what to do in tough situations. She is excellent with her patients and she has become like a daughter to them. No fancy story other than she is reliable and helpful to all she comes in contact with.

Location: Colorado

12/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Wyoming Nurses and CNA's

Story: December has been a rough winter month in Wyoming. Snow storms, drifting and frigid weather. Add to that some recent staff changes and it could have been a storm of a different kind. Fortunately, the entire staff in Wyoming rallied together as a great team and made sure the patients were all taken care of despite some of the staff stuck in snow drifts on the way to patient's rural houses. What a wonderful and caring team!

Location: Wyoming

12/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Estephen Cordova

Story: I would like to take the time to recognize Estephen for getting out of his comfort zone and talking to people about what we do at NCP. We have a new patient coming on and a huge opportunity at a local hospital because he talked to his dentist about our services. Estephen also came to me with a great story he heard on NPR about coal miners and the increase the U.S. is seeing in Black Lung Disease. He seems to be always on the look out on how he can help. It is very much appreciated. Thank you Estephen!

Location: Corporate

12/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Amber Hawkins

Story: Amber is part of the back bone of this company and has a very difficult job that is behind the scenes and often does not get recognized. She does a great job at leading her team and works very hard to make sure that we get patients approved and that we have patients to care for. She is always very willing to answer questions and guide the staff to make sure that the hours we are requesting for our patients are appropriate and have the highest possibility of being approved. She definitely deserves to receive the 'Be the Difference " award. Thanks Amber, for all that you do!!!

Location: Colorado/Corporate Office

12/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Elva Espinosa

Story: The California Branch received an emergent, terminal patient (Mr H.) who needed overnight care quickly. Elva stepped up to the plate and provided care from midnight to 8am each day until the patient passed away -- the other nurses and Case Manager could not or would not work these hours. Because Elva put the patient's needs above her own, the patient received quality end of life care and the family could rest a bit as they had been completely exhausted.

Location: California

12/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Kat Fraser

Story: I would like to take time to recognize Kat for her super hard work ethic. She is often one of the last if not the last to leave the office because she is finishing up some spreadsheet for the budget. She has been so innovative in looking at what our current processes are and how we can improve them. Thank you Kat for making a difference in our little world at NCP.

Location: Corporate

12/20/2016 erson you are submitting: Amy Pickard

Story: I would like to nominate Ames Pickard. Ames is always smiling and pleasant. She works very hard finding the right talent for our teams, and always with a positive attitude. Her positive outlook is contagious. She is a joy to be around and I couldn't imagine a recruiting team without her.

Location: Corporate

12/21/2016 Person you are submitting: Amy Thompson

Story: Amy has a smile every time I see her and talk to her on the phone. NCP has identified many stellar team members, most of whom first had contact from Amy. Personally, my interest in a future at NCP increased 10-fold after I talked with Amy, who was my first point of contact after submitting a resume. I have never heard her be anything but sweet and kind to everyone she encounters. There are a lot of ways to do things and Amy chooses the RIGHT way--she is the picture of commitment, integrity and excellence and I am so happy I get to work with her.

Location: Corporate


12/21/2016 Person you are submitting: Michelle Merrill

Story: I just met one of our new patients Mr. Trubl.  Michelle had called to schedule some visits and heard some stress in the background.  The patient's wife said that their granddaughter had just burned her fingers on the fireplace.  So, Michelle dropped everything that she was doing and went over with dressing supplies and tended to the granddaughter's burns. I'm impressed with her self-lessness.  She is always putting others first, almost to a fault.  She is definitely someone that I would want caring for me and my family.  

Location: Idaho Falls

12/27/2016 Person you are submitting: Lisa Rodriguez

Story: Lisa has been a shining star these last 3 months. She has helped tremendously with the scheduling challenges that our branch has had due to being incredibly short staffed. She has gone the extra mile, sometimes working on staffing for 4-6 hours a day and has an hourly paid staff she has taken calls on the weekend and at night to help resolve staffing issues. She has never complained and has graciously assisted me to get staff into patient homes. She has continued to provide excellent customer service for our staff and patients at the front desk and on the phone. I could never have made it through this scheduling challenge without her help.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

12/28/2016 Person you are submitting: Samantha Harris and Lisa Fraise

Story: Samantha has cared for our patient for quite some time and has grown very close to him. He recently celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary with his wife. To make this extra special, Samantha reserved a private room at the restaurant that she also works at for he and his family. She waited on them personally to ensure they had the best treatment for their special day. Our nurse Lisa Fraise, accompanied he and his wife while ordering them a boutonniere and corsage for them to wear, and helped them dress up for the occasion. Kudos to both of these ladies for a job well done, ensuring our patient and his wife had a very special anniversary!!

Location: Iowa

12/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Carmonie Russell

Story: Carmonie has gone above and beyond providing excellent care to two of our patients in the Idaho Falls area. She has a young adult son with a window washing business and late in the summer had him over to a patient's home to clean her windows at no charge. In November this same patient had a birthday and Carmonie came over with a daughter and the two of them played a song on the violin for the patient. She cares for another patient who loves her and relies upon her. Whenever he speaks of her he tells people "she is like a daughter to me." Carmonie has made a significant difference in the lives of these two patients.

Location: Idaho Falls

November submissions

11/18/2016 Person you are submitting: Katie Geoff, RN

Story: Katie is my manager in SC. I am a newly hired RN. She has gone above and beyond her role as a manager to not only ensure my hiring process was as smooth as possible, she has assisted me personally in ways that were unexpected. She is an angel on earth and I am so thankful she is my manager. I look forward to a long wonderful relationship with her and NCP. THANK YOU KATIE!!

Location: Myrtle Beach South Carolina

11/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Amanda Lipin

Story: I would like to recognize Amanda Lipin for consistent professionalism and dedication to service.  I first started communicating with her shortly after she started working with us, and there is not a single event that I can pinpoint as an example of excellence, rather it's every time I've interacted with her.  I think her even, consistent interactions deserve to be recognized.  With each email, she has always presented herself as kind, knowledgeable, and professional.  I once had a supervisor who's mantra was "slow, steady progress".  I feel like Amanda embodies this sort of ethic, she is steady (though probably not slow!), consistent, and exudes a consistent commitment to excellence.  If she is this great with her co-workers, I can only imagine the level of care she must provide to our worthy patients.  Always a job well done, Amanda.  

Location: California

11/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Ruben Mendoza

Story: I had the opportunity to attend Las Vegas's National Day of Remembrance last month. I was caught off guard at how many people came up to me and told me how grateful they were for Ruben. Some had tears in their eyes because he helped them get the benefits card. You also could see the deep relationships he has with these folks. He has truly created a name for himself in that area. Great job Ruben! Thanks for all you have done.

Location: Las Vegas

11/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Vicky Welsh

Story: Vicky has stepped up from RN to case manager and now is the Nevada Clinical Director. Vicky brings to the table Honesty, Integrity, compassion, Can do attitude, Team player and willing to do whatever it takes to complete the right task. Thank you

Vicky for your hard work.

Location: Las Vegas

11/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Michelle Merrill, Case Manager for Idaho

Story: Michelle Merrill has grown with NCP from Staff Nurse to Case Manager and is continuing to grow into leadership. Every step of the way Michelle has worked hard to improve with a positive attitude and solution based focus, a trait that really is not as easy as it sounds to demonstrate. Michelle may be quiet but she is a driving force in the quality of care NCP patients receive and the job satisfaction NCP staff feel. Michelle goes above and beyond on a regular basis in many ways with her staff and the patients, (like helping with road side cleanup, routinely taking extra visit hours to ensure patients are cared for, volunteering for and promoting NCP in the community,) and she does it all with a smile and an unassuming positive nature that is contagious. I know Michelle does not view herself in the same light as the patients and staff working with her as she is very modest, however, I would like to hold her up as a Wonderful cadidate for "Be The DIfference" in that she makes a difference everyday for NCP by modeling the humble, kind, nurturing person we would all love to have taking care of our own loved ones, as well as the driven and dedicated leader that supports her staff while helping them grow and improve. Michelle truly puts others first and deserves to be acknowledged for that and all her efforts to make NCP the BEST.

Location: IF

11/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Terry Wilson

Story: I had the opportunity to meet Terry in Idaho Falls November 16th and 17th.  She has a remarkable understanding of her role as a case manager in Wyoming.  She has concerns and problems that she faces without the physical support of other case managers as her patient's are in a remote area Wyoming and not close to a Nuclear Care Partners hub like Idaho Falls.  She drove to this meeting 5 hours one way and returned on snow covered two lane highway.  These are travelling occurrences that she faces daily during the winter months.  While at the meeting she was informed by one of her nurses in Idaho that a patient visit was not made due to road conditions.  An HHA notified her that it took her 45 minutes to travel to a patient home for a visit.  This travel usually takes 20-25 minutes. Despite these difficulties and problems finding nurses and having patient's with daily needs she is compassionate and caring.  When one of her nurses volunteered to travel to Coeur d Alene, Idaho to stay with one of my patient's over the Thanksgiving holiday, Terry was required to take on patient visits that her nurse would miss as a result.  She was gracious and understanding and I really appreciate the sacrifice she made as do the staff, patient and spouse in Coeur d Alene.

Location: Wyoming

October Submissions

10/9/2016 Person you are submitting: Joanna Godwin

Story: Joanna has been such a hard worker since coming to NCP recently. She was greeted with a very remote and heavy case load and has been caring for all of her cases with her whole heart since her arrival. She goes above and beyond every day to make sure her patients, new patients and staff all have the support and attention they need. Joanna has a wonderful sense of humor and when the going gets tough, she keeps going. NCP is a better place because of Joanna.

Location: Grand Junction

10/12/2016 Person you are submitting: Ruben Mendoza

Story: Ruben Mendoza truly goes above and beyond his Marketing position here with NCP. Ruben really is a “be the difference” team member. He is always optimistic and very quick to offer assistance in reaching out to our patients for needed information and establishing relationships with medical provider offices.  Ruben’s sense of humor is always light and fun, and working with him has been wonderfully entertaining right from the start.

Most recently Ruben was contacted to assist with getting some needed paperwork from a physician’s office. This paperwork needed to be to the DOL before the end of the day in order to avoid hardship on a patient.  Within 30 minutes the paperwork was prepared, emailed to Ruben, he printed it out, and drove to the provider’s office. Upon arriving to the provider’s office Ruben caught the physician in the parking lot heading home for the day. The physician, knowing Ruben’s dedication and commitment to his patients, signed the needed paperwork in the parking lot without hesitation. Ruben was then allowed to fax the needed paperwork back to NCP’s office so that it could be sent to the DOL before the close of business. Again, this all occurred in under 30 minutes!!!! Thank you Ruben for your sense of urgency, your commitment to NCP, and the patients we care for.

Location: Las Vegas

10/12/2016 Person you are submitting: James Parker

Story: James is a newly hired HHA for a client in SC. James volunteered to stay with the client for the entire weekend during Hurricane Matthew when other staff members could not be onsite, even though he was only being paid for a portion of that time. He is dedicated and truly a team player. I can't tell you how happy I am personally to have him as part of our SC team!

Location: South Carolina

10/13/2016 Person you are submitting: Blake and Josh

Story: The NCP IT team has made a difference by not only rolling out a wonderful, simple way for staff to track mileage, but by always being patient and willing to help. The assistance by IT has helped field and office staff multiple times and there is a consistent tone of understanding when working with Josh and Blake to learn or fix things. NCP's IT Team has made a difference in my work-life and they have earned some recognition for their dedication, skills and patience and willingness to go above and beyond.

Location: Corporate

10/18/2016 Person you are submitting: Katherine Rogers

Story: Katherine has been a temporary Admin in Las Vegas. Recently, I expressed that I would like to reach out to her for some help with screenings, interviews and hiring in LV. I have sent over a ton of applicants for this area and she took this project on like a champ and has literally owned it for the past couple weeks. We are now in the process of hiring a number of RN's, CM's and CNA's for the Branch. She has exceptional communication and follow through skills and is one of the most pleasant people I have ever worked with.

Location: Las Vegas

10/19/2016 Person you are submitting: Jebbi Smalls

Story: Jebbie has been with NCP for over a year and continues to provide great care for all her patients. Recently a patient's wife had surgery and was unable to care for her husband as she would normally do. During this time Jebbie carried in a meal for the pt and family along with taking home some laundry to finish when their washing machine broke in the middle of the cycle. Jebbie checked on the family daily and even went by the hospital to check on the family during the surgery. Jebbie did all these things on her own without ever being asked to do so. This is just one of many examples of how Jebbie cares for each of her patients. We are so lucky to have Jebbie on our team.

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

10/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Vicki Winburn

Story: Vicki has been an RN with NCP for over 3 yrs. Vicki cares deeply for her pts and often goes above and beyond for both her coworkers and her patients. This time however, Vicki helped out a family member of a pt who was ill and had no one to pick up her medications for her. Vicki picked up the medications and delivered them to the family member in their hour of need. Displaying the act of kindness meant the world to our NCP pt. And that family member as well I'm sure. Thank you VickI for always doing right by the pts.

Location: IF

September submissions

9/13/16 Person you are submitting: Katie Goff

Story: Katie has only been with us a short amount of time, but since that time she has been a true team player. We received an approval for a patient of 140 hours per week. As we all know this can be very challenging to staff. As the director it is my responsibility to staff even if it means going to work the hours myself. Katie saw the need and reached out to me to offer help. Katie already has 6 visits a week that she juggles and had already been out of town that week. She left her family and took a whole shift for so that I could finish paperwork and the patient would be covered. She never complains about her workload or anything she is faced with. I have learned a lot about patience and being a team player from the short time she has been here. Thank you Katie for making a difference!

Location: South Carolina

9/13/16 Person you are submitting: Amy Pickard

Story: No matter how many emails or calls Amy gets, she is always cheerful and positive. That means so much to me as a Director when staffing is so important to our Patients and Case Managers. It keeps me positive an relieves my stress. Thank you so much Ames for all that you do!!

Location: South Carolina

9/14/2016 Person you are submitting: Camie Woodland

Story: Camie lives close to a pt. She cares for and on several occasions this pt. Has called her to come by when he is alone to help him when she is not on shift for him. Camie does not hesitate to help out and never expects to be paid by NCP for the extra time she puts in. She has a giving spirit and helps others where needed without thought.

Location: IF

9/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Kristin Nielson

Story: Kristin makes the difference as the leader for our Idaho/Wyoming team. The last weekend of September we had two 24 hour patients for whom we had sick calls for the night shift. She spent Friday night and Sunday night providing care for these patients when last minute coverage could not be found. She could have put this off on one of the other case managers, but she set the example of servant leadership by spending the night providing the care needed. She made a difference not only for her team, but for the two patients who received the care they needed.

Location: Idaho Falls

9/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Pam Silzly (Mathie)

Story: Pam has been the primary nurse for one of our more challenging patients for several years. Both he and his wife adore her. He has declined significantly and we recently obtained an increase in care. Even prior to the increase, she made extra visits, unpaid, to obtain lab supplies and draw labs in his home as he was too ill to leave the home. Since his increase she has provided additional care, sometimes stopping to see him after working a full day at another job. She has certainly made the difference in this patient's life.

Location: Idaho Falls

9/28/2016 Person you are submitting: Nichole Williams

Story: This month Nichole stepped up for our branch in a big way. We had a patient in the hospital that desperately wanted to be home. Nichole spent a tremendous amount of time with the CM of the hospital, the MD and the family to find the best solution for the patient to come home to a safe environment where he could actually regain his strength. In doing so this meant she had to step up and fill some of these nursing hours herself. Nichole made a huge difference for this family and the staff of this case. That is what we call "Being the Difference"

Location: Statesboro, GA

9/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Ronda Bean

Story: Ronda was the first CNA hired in Casper Wyoming. She has worked long hard hours to ensure one patient has remained safe and receiving care to meet his needs. One day after her shift she checked on the patient who had taken his motorized wheelchair to the local dollar store but got caught in a rain storm. Ronda made sure the patient made it home safely. Ronda is a great asset to our NCP family. She covers shifts when needed, she goes out of her way to make sure all patient needs are met. Thank you Ronda

Location: Casper Wyoming

August submissions

8/4/2016 Person you are nominating: Sharee Grover

Story: I would like to nominate Sharee Grover for the Be the Difference award.  While on travel for NCP she helped three women in wheelchairs during the flight and when they arrived at their destination in Oakland, CA.  She helped arrange for transportation for the three and made sure they got where they needed to be in order to get home.  Sharee made all the difference for those women in need.  Kudos Sharee.

Location: Idaho


8/4/2016 Person you are submitting: Angela VanOrder

Story: Iowa has had a patient in great need with very low hours for the past 2 years. Angela hung in there with this patient for the last two years, seeing him herself in the case manager role because he had such great need and could only be approved for a few hours each week. The increase finally came through and Angela rallied her team to get staffing arranged for this grateful man! Angela worked long hours herself for several weeks, to make sure that he could stay in his home under our care. Kudos to you Angela for your leadership for this patient, building your team and advocating or this patient against all odds.

Location: Iowa


8/4/2016 Person you are submitting: Kassandra Nichols (Kassie)

Story: Kassie responded with courage and has taken on a short term role to cover case management needs in her region. Kassie has been juggling field nurse role, chart reviewer and case manager for the past several weeks and she has done an amazing job! Thank you Kassie, for taking on this opportunity with energy, enthusiasm and excellent organization! You have gone above and beyond to care for patients, communicate with your patients, local team and leadership. Your extra attention has made the work flow smoothly for the area! Kudos to you for a job well done!

Location: NV


8/8/2016 Person you are submitting: TIffany Skeen

Story: Tiffany has a true gift of healthy communication and a caring heart. When Jenna and Leslie speak about the foundation of NCP--compassion, integrity and commitment, Tiffany is the picture of all things that make NCP great. While dealing with a difficult patient and his difficult wife and a list of complaints, Tiffany is grace under fire. She speaks from her heart and listens with sincerity. Upon hearing of a new issue with the difficult patient, Tiffany immediately stepped up to the plate and made a visit to smooth things over. Of course by the time Tiffany left the home, they were satisfied and felt they had been heard. If everyone took a page from Tiffany's book, the world would be just a little bit better. Tiffany truly makes a difference.

Location: Grand Junction



8/9/2016 Person you are submitting: Rebecca Sargent


Story: Rebecca is in charge of all employee birthday cards for NCP. Today we received a message on the main line voicemail from a gentleman who isn't completely hired on yet but he received a birthday card from the corporate office. He wanted to call to let us know how much that meant to him. He received the card on his birthday and wanted to thank everyone who had signed it because it made a difference in his birthday. Rebecca does this on a day to day basis with all of our staff and has developed special relationships with them in the process.

Location: Grand Junction


8/15/2016 Person you are submitting: Susan Jones

Story: Susan is an amazing nurse that is well loved by her patients and her co-workers. She is always willing to go above and beyond her duties and often takes on extra tasks and shifts to help out. She is adored by her Patients, I hear nothing but loving and supportive comments from her Patients about her. As her Case Manager, I can rely on Susan as a co-worker to be the right person and always do the right thing. Her dedication to charting properly and keeping me on track is very valuable to me. Knowing Susan was taking care of things while I was gone was priceless on vacation and I felt like I could truly relax and enjoy myself.

Location: Denver CO 


8/17/2016 Person you are submitting: Susan Jones

Story: Susan has been so supportive to the Front Range/Denver CO team since beginning at NCP. She has assisted clients in their homes while also directing and helping them to add covered conditions to their DOL cards. She has worked tirelessly through Case Manager vacations to be sure no patient went un-served and has never complained once about feeling too busy. She assisted her director with chart clearing so as to not delay billing and payroll while her CM was away. Susan has really been the difference in not only patients' lives, but coworkers' lives. Thanks Susan!

Location: CO 


8/19/2016 Person you are submitting: Catherine (Danielle) Plude

Story: Danielle has on many occasions been very open and willing to assist is in the coverage of various shifts that have opened up with no hesitation. She has shown the true meaning of being a team player.

Location: Las Vegas Branch


8/22/2016 Person you are submitting: Danielle Plude


Story: Danielle is an amazing CNA, she has a wonderful but firm beside manner. I have witnessed her with some of our more stubborn pt population being about to coax them into completing their personal cares with her assistance were as before they would refuse and simply do without. The pt feedback is that they want her in the home because of her caring attitude. Her communication with her RNs is always spot on, she makes sure all pertinent information is given to the RNs and is ready to go up her chain of command if she doesn't get the response from that she feels is in the best interest of the pt. On the branch side of things, she is always willing to help out with a call in, she goes all out to be available and to pick up shifts where the CNAs have called in or have requested vacation.

Location: Las Vegas 


8/26/2016 Person you are submitting: Kim Merritt

Story: I'd like to nominate Kim Merritt for BTD. She was leaving after a patient visit and a fellow case manager called her and was having a concern. Kim had just left town for an hour and a half drive home from the her patient's home and she turned right around to assist her fellow case manager. This shows the kind of person Kim is, always willing to help and go above and to best serve the patient's and her peers. Kim is a great example of BTD. Way to go Kim!

Location: Idaho


8/31/2016 Person you are submitting: Jana Elkins

Story: Idaho had a patient that had planned to go in vacation to South Dakota - Howard for two weeks to visit his son and grandchildren. Jana who is about 80 miles from Howard, very graciously agreed to see this patient, even though she had not done a regular nurse visit before where she does chart review. She got report and call the patient, the first time he declined stating we are doing okay. The patient called and prolonged his trip due to a fall he had, so I called Jana and she again agreed to see the patient who had spent the evening in the hospital for observation. She drove the 80 miles after her full time job just to see this patient. The patient called me after her visit and said " I am so grateful that she was hear, next time we come to visit our son can she come see us". Thank you so much Jana for being the difference for this patient.

Location: South Dakota

july submissions

7/7/2016 Person you are submitting: Francis Gamboa

Story: He is very good with communication. The patients love working with him. He has no complaints when asked to do extra, and gets it done in a timely manner.

Location: Las Vegas Branch


7/7/2016 Person you are submitting: Dana Bacon

Story: She always makes herself available to patients and staff anytime something comes up. She is an excellent communicator and mentor and is a great case manager. She is wonderful to work with and the patients love her.

Location: Las Vegas Branch


7/8/2016 Person you are submitting: Stacy Todd

Story: I would like to nominate Stacy Todd for the BTD employee of the month. She is always such a joy to work with, communicates so well and truly cares about the well being of her patients. This week, we had a potential patient's son call in. He had to move from out of state to help take care of his father who is diagnosed with cancer. They currently had another home health service in the home but they were limited on the care they could provide. After informing Stacy of the situation she made contact with the family and set up arrangements to drive 4 hours to visit the patient and family. After arriving she was not only able to get this family set up to begin services with NCP, but she was able to help them with resources to help pay for supplies they were being overcharged for. She goes above and beyond every day and all of her patients are so appreciative of her kindness and hard work.

Location: South Carolina


7/8/2016 Person you are submitting: Tessa DeVore

Story: Tessa is absolutely incredible! I'm unsure if I have met a more compassionate and caring individual. After watching her with her patients it is beyond evident that she puts her full heart into helping them. She works endlessly to find solutions for each patient's needs and commits herself to being available to them at all times. There is no doubt that all of her patients consider her family and adore her dearly.

Tessa is also committed to the Denver team. She has ignited a culture in which each team member is supportive to one another and passionate about learning how to improve the lives of our patients. This is evident in the high quality care that the Front Range patients are receiving.

Thank you Tessa for showing us how to give selflessly, care genuinely and serve fearlessly...all the while wearing a smile. You are the difference in so many of our lives.

Location: Denver, Colorado


7/11/2016 Person you are submitting: Linda Schlosser

I'd like to Nominate Linda Schlosser for July. She drove 5 hours from Boise to Idaho Falls to attend our employee BBQ and Be The Difference event, stuffing bags for Idaho 2 Fly. Linda brought items for the bag gathered in Boise. She stayed the entire time, met other staff and assisted in helping get the bags back into the vehicles to take back to the office and assisted in unloading at the office. She also helped clean up from the BBQ. She assisted the entire time and shows true character for the BTD. Donating not only her time, but also care and concern for those who we are helping by coming and staying overnight on her own money, just to know NCP staff better. She stayedand helped even though her she had taken her daughter who came with her to the ER with heart trouble, in the middle of the night. Her daughter stayed in the hotel to rest, while Linda assisted at the BBQ and BTD event. Truly kind and caring nurse.

Location: Idaho


7/14/2016 Person you are submitting: Tiffany Skeen

Story: Tiffany has gone above and beyond in caring for patients. She keeps her word when she promises that she will take care of a patient, she absolutely takes care of them, stating "I promised I would be there for him." Tiffany will go out of her way to be sure patients have everything they need even when NCP isn't there. TIffany dedicated personal time to making sure that when a client was left alone and unable to get to the store that he still had his prescriptions and food. Tiffany has formed a wonderful, caring relationship with a difficult patient and his wife, becoming their go-to NCP person who they trust immensely. Tiffany has been the difference for her patients by being a caring, trustworthy, dedicated nurse with a genuine kindness.

Location: Grand Junction


7/19/2016 Person you are submitting: Sabrina Sheppard

Story: When Sabrina started at NCP she did not expect to take on a full time job and then some. Sabrina was a part of a 2 nurse team that provides care for a 16 hour a day patient. Suddenly, Sabrina was left as the only nurse and got the news after returning from vacation. She never even flinched. For the past few months Sabrina has worked tirelessly to provide as many hours of care as she can for her patient, even on the weekends. We cannot express how much she means to our team for taking on such a task and she never complains. She has even helped coordinated efforts to increase the patients care. We love you Sabrina! Thank you for BEING THE DIFFERENCE IN THE SOUTH!

Location: Statesboro, GA

07/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Terry Wilson

I would like to nominate Terry Wilson as Employee of the Month. Terry is THE asset in Wyoming and often goes above and beyond in her job. This month, however, she shined brighter.

On Thursday afternoon about 4:30, our Wyoming line rang. I happened to be answering it. On the phone was a gentleman who was very hard to understand. It sounded like he had had a stroke. It was very hard to get information from him but we did decipher that he was receiving care from a DOL provider but was not happy. He was going in for surgery the next week and wanted care when he got home. With his zip code and phone number we were able to decipher who he was and where he was located. -- about one and a half hours away from Terry, three hour round trip. He had no family and no one to talk for him.

When we called Terry to see if she could go see him soon to understand his needs, she asked if she could visit him next week while in Casper because she had a full day of nursing visits on Friday. Because he would be in the hospital this was not possible.

On Friday morning at 8:15 I called Terry to see if she had made some sort of arrangement to see him. To my surprise she was sitting right next to him at his home and was completing her visit! She must have left Riverton at 5:30 in the morning to squeeze him in before her full day of visits.

That's just who she is. Amazing!

Location: Wyoming


7/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Blake Schild

Story: Blake is always ready to help those he works with. Last week I was here after hours and I saw Blake in his office on the phone with a nurse. I listened in and could tell that it was a difficult situation but I was impressed with how calm and helpful he was with the employee. He was being the difference by staying late until the issue had been resolved. I think this is a good example of how we should all be with our fellow employees and the patients that we work with.

Location: Corporate


7/27/2016 Person you are submitting: Kristin Nielsen

Story: I would like to nominate Kristin Nielsen for the Be the Difference Award.  There was a lead who came into our office because he had questions about his lab results and was hoping to speak with a nurse about it.  Kristin not only explained the lab results but she helped the gentleman gain a stronger understanding of his overall disease process by kneeling on the ground so she was at eye level and drawing him diagrams to illustrate her point. He remarked that she had explained more to him than his doctor ever had.  I saw Kristin be the difference for that man in her service.

Location: Idaho


7/27/2016 Person you are submitting: Laurel Pruett

Story: I would like to nominate Laurel Pruett for the Be the Difference Award.  We had an employee whose BLS certification had mistakenly lapsed and it needed to be renewed immediately so the employee could continue working.  Laurel met with the employee right away and helped her to recertify.  I thought it was very thoughtful of Laurel to arrange her busy schedule to meet the needs of this employee so that NCP could continue to function well.

Location: Idaho


7/27/2016 Person you are submitting: Laurel Pruett

Story: I would like to nominate Laurel Pruett, RN for Be The Difference. Laurel is a great nurse who serves Idaho and Wyoming patients. Laurel really cares for each of her patients and works hard to meet the needs of each patient as well as the kind and compassionate ear she lends to their family care givers. Last week one of her patients had to be hospitalized 89 miles away from his home. His FCG was very distressed about what to do with the pets, as she wanted to be with patient in ICU. Laurel saw the stress and stepped up to the plate and took the patients dog into her care until they could return to their home. This week Laurel still has the dog and the patient is still hospitalized. She went to visit him in the hospital and assured him that his beloved four legged friend was doing well. In my opinion, Laurel does these random acts of kindness for her patients all the time. Many of which we are totally unaware of, but enhance the lives of our patients. And this is why I feel she should be considered for July’s Be The Difference Award.

Location: Idaho/Wyoming


7/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Amy Hansen-Schwinghamer

Story: Amy has stepped up in her new position in the Las Vegas branch. She works tirelessly making sure our patients have their CNA's and RN schedules complete, always considering patient needs and appropriate fits. Clinically Amy has embraced her clinical leadership and has solidified our monthly CNA and RN meetings providing valuable information and training each month. So much so that we had CNA staff calling the month of July to make sure that they were going to get their CNA monthly meeting as the end of the month was rolling around. The staff have trust in her and reach out to her around the clock in regards to patient needs and questions. Since Amy has taken over and implemented more formalized training for our new staff we find that they are transitioning well and are being provided the appropriate tools to do their jobs and do it well. Thanks to Amy and her persistent engagement with new difficult admits into service, we have been able to accomplish and tackle staffing issues that we thought were impossible. Amy provides many valuable contacts and relationships with hospital case managers and staff in local facilities that have been very beneficial for us here in Las Vegas. Amy bonds with her patients and as she is trying to do some off loading with her new position, we have found that if we remove her from several patient homes they will decline from services. That says alot for Amy and the goal to promote a connection and relationship with our patients that can't be threatened from the outside. Thank you Amy for all you do and for the foundation that you are building here in Las Vegas.

Location: Las Vega

june submissions


I just spoke with a pt. J.O. in Aiken SC. He had nothing but great things to say about his team. He
specifically pointed out that he loves his CNA Renee and that she is fantastic and makes him laugh. He
thinks his new RN Sharla (?) is very efficient. The reason I think this team goes above and beyond is that he said: "The best thing is that the whole team not only cares for me, but for each other -- There are lots of
laughs and you can tell they enjoy what they do."

Great job!

6/8/2016 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha is always so pleasant and kind. She worked so hard to make Nurses Day and NCP's
Birthday very special taking her own time to make decorations and plan a great party. Not only does she
stand out with this when asked to help things are done so quickly. For example I asked to have some
information printed to make In Home Note books for my patients. When I came into the office to put
them together they were all done. She goes above and beyond in her job. She is also a CNA, takes call for the office and sees patients mainly on the week ends to help out! We are
so fortunate to have Teesha in our office.

Location: Idaho Falls

6/9/2016 Person you are submitting: Michelle Merrill, Anna Rogers and Michelle Hodges

Story: Yesterday I had the privilege of answering a patient and FCG phone call. They called to say how
pleased they were with their nurses (Michelle Merrill) and PTA (Michelle Hodges). They wanted us to
know how kind and dedicated they felt our staff was in the "exceptional care that the patient is
receiving". They felt we needed to know that this team has so improved our lives. Way to go!! All three should take a bow!

Location: Idaho Falls

6/10/2016 Person you are submitting: Tyler Skeen

Story: I believe Tyler is intricate part of this process from Clinical to marketing side. I work specifically for him and every time I need him for anything he puts a hundred percent of his effort in to helping me
create Flyers, postcards, or even posters. He&#39;s always there to help in any way shape or form for NCP. I am very thankful of Tyler in the time and effort he puts into working with corporate staff members -local branches. Thank you Tyler for making my job easier.

Location: Grand Junction, CO.

6/15/2016 Teesah Griffith

I would like to nominate Teesha Griffith for the Be the Difference Award. This summer we are collecting
supplies for the cancer patients and volunteers for the Idaho 2 Fly weekends in Idaho. We challenged
each employee to share the news of this wonderful program with businesses who might be interested in
helping us prepare the care bags for the weekend. Teesha excelled and went way above and beyond.
She truly put her heart into it and was able to get donations of quilts for all 200 people, hand sanitizers,
hygiene kits, French fry coupons, Swedish Fish, water bottles and much more. It is still coming in.
What an amazing woman and such an asset to our team.

6/27/2016 Person you are submitting: Tiffany Skeen

Story: I would like to nominate Tiffany Skeen for the Be The Difference Award. Tiffany works so hard for
this company and truly cares for each patient. A patient here in Colorado is currently living alone, while
his wife is out of town. She has been out of town for a very long period of time, and Tiffany has been
caring for him. Each night she calls the patient to ensure he is okay before going to bed. One night, the
patient was not okay, he was very hot due to the AC going out. The patient did not have a fan and was
very uncomfortable. Tiffany gathered fans and her family and drove out to see him after leaving there
only a few hours before. Until a repair man came to fix the AC, she cooled him down and put fans
throughout the house. Tiffany went above and beyond for this patient and continues to do so daily.

Location: Colorado

6/29/2016 Person you are submitting: Teesha Griffith

Story: Teesha has helped out on her own time on many occasions with work parties etc...this time
Teesha has gone above and beyond on our be the difference project for the year in Going out on her
own time and getting sponsors for the event including one which donated commercial time for the
event. Teesha throws herself into each new project with joy and dedication whether on her own time or
work time. She is a true inspiration for those around her.

Location: ID

6/30/2016 Person you are submitting: Amy Austin

Story: Amy has a way of making work look like fun. She embraces each day with energy and enthusiasm
and doesn't stop until she gets the job done. Amy works so hard and takes extra steps to show those
around her that she truly cares. Families, people in the community, coworkers and most importantly,
patients are each treated with respect and genuine caring by Amy. She is committed to living the NCP
mission and is joy to work with and always has a smile. A recent referral was reaching end of life and
Amy went above and beyond with daily contact and providing extra-special communication to the man
and his family regarding his DOL benefits and potential care from NCP. Amy even made a member of the
hospital staff feel special and cared for. Amy was THE difference for that man, his family and the hospital


5/11/2016 Person you are submitting: Amy Austin

Story: Amy relayed a very nice story involving a new patient who will benefit greatly from the services provided by NCP. She described months-long interactions with this person and family, and it was evident that she was very pleased that our team could offer such quality and necessary care for this kind person. I do appreciate the care and skill that the marketing team offers to find these deserving patients.

Location: Corporate Office

5/17/2016 Person you are submitting: Patti Kendall

Story: Patti is patient. Patti is knowledgeable. Patti is hilarious. Patti is kind. Patti is dedicated. Working closely with Patti is as entertaining as it is educational. I find that when I have a question, Patti is absolutely patient and takes the time to go over all of the information I need. NCP is lucky to have Patti on the team. Her spirit and integrity are refreshing. Thanks to Patti for just being Patti...she is a joy to work with.

Location: GJ

5/19/2016 Person you are submitting: Melissa Aguilar

Story: I would like to nominate Melissa Aguilar, CNA for the BTD award. In less than 2 weeks we had three patients pass away. Two were very unexpected. Melissa called our office to say, "I know that some of our aides have to have 40 hours to support their families and I think I would be ok if you needed to give some of my hours to someone who needs them." Melissa sacrificed 14 hours per week so that a fellow CNA could survive. Melissa started with us as a Family Care Giver and moved into her new roll after the passing of her Uncle a little more than a year ago. Melissa is an excellent example of commitment to her patients and her peers. She makes a difference with every life she touches.  Melissa started out with NCP as a FCG. When Melissa's family member passed away she obtained her CNA and began working for NCP as a CNA. She has been a wonderful caregiver for our patients, but what has made her stand out even more than being a terrific CNA this month, is her dedication to her team of fellow staff. Melissa offered to give up hours of her own CNA time to a fellow CNA who was short on hours. Melissa could have chosen to keep her hours and worry only about herself, but knowing she would be ok with less hours and that the other CNA would not, she offered up her hours to help out. Fantastic example of Being the Difference to those in need.

Location: Idaho Falls

5/20/2016 Person you are submitting: Cindy Skinner

Story: Cindy is makes herself available to her nurses. I appreciate her communication skills and her willingness to make your burden hers as well. All around awesome person!

Location: Idaho Falls

5/23/2016 Person you are submitting: Michelle Merrill

Story: Recently the Idaho Falls office had a patient who had a heart attack and his son/fcg accompanied him to the hospital. The wife of the very ill patient has demetia and Michelle Merrill offered to stay in the home with the confused and scared wife so that the son/fcg could be with his father at the hospital. I am unsure just how many hours Michelle gave up of her own time to ensure that the wife was safe in her home, but I know that the difference it meant to that Son/FCG while his father was passing away that night was immearsurable. Michelle is the perfect example of being the difference to this family during their time of need and sorrow.

Location: IF

5/23/2016 Person you are submitting: Monica Maurer

Story: Monica is such an important part of NCP! Many people so not realize just how much time and energy she gives to help improve this company and assist those in need. She does much of her work behind the scenes and always has everyone's best interest in mind. She takes on issues that need to be addressed and finds ways to improve them for the benefit of everyone in the company. She loves people and would give anyone the shirt off her back! She is the epitome of what it means to be a part of this wonderful organization and she should be the Be the Difference employee this month.

Location: Grand Junction, CO

05/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Tiffany Skeen

Story: I would like to nominate Tiffany Skeen for being the difference for her patients.  We have a patient here in Colorado that is an extremely hard patient to deal with. It is not just the patient, the whole family seems to find fault in everything that we do. This patient is also extremely sick. Tiffany has had many very uncomfortable encounters with the patient and family to where most people would request to no longer see this patient, but Tiffany puts her feelings aside and knows that at the end of the day there is a patient to take care of. This patient's wife called Tiffany one day and said that she will be going out of town for awhile. She need to leave the state to get some medical procedures done and would be staying with family. She also knew her husband could not travel with her because of his condition. She knew if she asked Tiffany to check on her husband each night via phone call that it would be done.

Faithfully, Tiffany has called every night and will even make sure he has enough food to get him through the week. To this day, the wife is still out of town and Tiffany still calls the patient every night. Thank you Tiffany for showing all of us how to be the difference in our patients lives.

Location: Colorado

05/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Estephen Cordova

Story: I would like to submit Estephen because of his sincere and genuine personality. Each day Estephen goes out of his way to come and say hello. This is such a simple thing, but it means a big deal to a lot of folks including me. It is often the small things that makes the biggest difference. Thank you


April Submissions

4/5/2016 Person you are submitting: Amy Austin

Story: Amy makes on impact on each and every person she meets. There is a potential patient she has been working closely with. The first time I met this particular man, he pulled me to the side and said, "This girl is the only one who cares for me and gives me hope." Today he came into our office to see Amy. He told me, "Any man would be so proud to have her as their daughter." This is only a fraction of the good things I have heard about Amy and her impact on those she meets, but this man thinks the world of Amy and she always goes out of her way to make anyone she meets feels valued.

Location: Grand Junction


4/6/2016 Person you are submitting: Laura Welsh

Story: Laura Welsh is always available and is more than willing to help with anything or help anyone. On a number of occasions I have asked her to help me locate resources in her area and in other areas of CA, which she gladly and promptly did. She is a master with due diligence and comes up with exactly what I was looking for and needing at that time. She has impeccable communication skills, follow through skills and follow up skills. I am very thankful and appreciative of Laura!

Location: California


4/7/2016 Person you are submitting: Josh Yerkes, IT

Story: Josh came to the Idaho office last week to help out with IT issues. He had very little sleep from traveling but worked a full day in the office with his jovial demeanor, helping staff with IT concerns, reprogramming a router which should have been preprogrammed by the provider. Then after all of that, he volunteered to help out the local NCP office that evening by serving meals and helping with clean up at the Elk's Veteran's VFW recognition dinner. Josh truly exhibits the heart of NCP and I would love to see him receive the recognition he deserves for always being so wonderful to work with.

Josh came to Idaho to help with IT issues then volunteer to attend/serve at an Elks's Dinner that honored our Veterans. He was a great sport and a huge help since he had one of the harder jobs at the dinner. This just shows how NCP does work as a team! We really enjoyed having him with us.

Josh was in Idaho Falls Office on March 31 th and April 1 st, doing all the computer stuff he is so amazing at. The Idaho Falls Office had been recruited to assisted with serving at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dinner the evening of March 31 st. Josh had been up since early morning to drive into Idaho Falls and was so great to pitch in and serve the Idaho Falls community but serving at the dinner. I think he worked harder than those of us that were passing dinner plates and clearing the tables by making sure the water and juice pitchers were filled and there was ice. He had to fill the coolers with ice and pack it back to fill the water and juice pitchers fast enough to keep up with the Boy Scouts and GirlScouts that were keeping glasses filled for the Vets and their families. He most definitely went the extra mile and made the difference in our office.

Location: Grand Junction

March Submissions

03/03/2016:  Person you are submitting: Jenni Kenley

Story: Jenni is what making a difference is all about! If I need her help she never EVER says she doesn't
have time. She gets right on what I need despite her own workload. When I took on my new role it could
have been overwhelming, but Jenni encourages me almost daily and makes me push harder to be the
best I can be. She has made all the difference to ME! Thank you Jenni!
Location: South Carolina

03/21/2016:  Person you are submitting: Todd Skinner

Story: I would like to nominate Todd Skinner for the Be the Difference Employee of March. 
Todd consistently takes on doing things for patients and families that others would never consider
doing. For example, Todd often returns to homes after Nursing visits to help out with yard work needing
done, or a broken cubbard that needs rehung. I realize not everyone has the carpentry skills that Todd
possess, but he is an amazing example of someone who gives of their own personal talent freely, as
needed, and on a regular basis that is definitely above and beyond the expectation of the job. 
Todd uses his personal time to help better the lives of others.  
Location: Idaho

03/22/2016 Person you are submitting: Stacy Lumbeck

Story: Stacy is a very caring and compassionate home health aide that has gone the extra mile (literally) 
to ensure that her patients are taken care of. During a lengthy time of illnesses and being short staffed, 
Stacy has been willing to drive from town to town each day, with quite a bit of time on the road to make
sure that the patient's are not going without their showers, household duties, exercises, and cooking or
whatever needs to be done for them. The fact that she is a new mom of her 4 month old baby Lilli, and
her 5 year old son Parker this makes her even more incredible to put so much energy in her job at NCP!!
Location: Iowa

03/22/2016 Person you are submitting: Jennifer Collins

Story: Jennifer has gone above and beyond to ensure that her patient has been taken care of during an
exacerbation of his illness with an added diagnosis that has made it more taxing for him to continue to
live in his own home alone while waiting for an increase in care from the DOL. She has gone above and
beyond making daily phone calls if there is no visit, as well as seeing him on her days off to ensure that
all of his needs are met and he continues to remain safe at home, especially on days he is not feeling
well. She has shown great compassion towards him and all of her patients, making a positive impact on
their lives!
Location: IOWA

03/24/2016 Person you are submitting: Kayla Brown

Story: A gentleman called in to inquire about the Outreach that was being held in Las Vegas and Kayla
had answered the phone. The gentleman showed interest in attending the event, but wasn't going to be
able to on the account that his wife had just been hospitalized. Kayla expressed her sympathies and
when the phone call had ended, took the time to send the gentleman a “thinking of you” 
card. A couple weeks later, while Kayla was at lunch, she received a phone call from the gentlman.  
left her a message thanking her for making his day a little brighter. She doesn't realize that she does this
for so many people on a daily basis with little or no effort at all. It's a natural energy that she projects. 
That's why I nomminate Kayla Brown as the March, Be the Difference, because she is more than
Location: Colorado

03/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Jan Williams, BSN, MPT

Story: I would like to nominate Jan Williams, BSN, MPT for the Be The Difference Award. As the Idaho
Administrator, much is asked and expected of her on a daily basis. This last week she has filled in for
Physical Therapy visits, helped nurses with patient visits and their doctor visits, helped Marketing with
outreaches, and visited patients in Wyoming. Jan had to have put hundreds of miles on her car this
week. Through it all she does the day to day operations with a smile. Jan always has time for her staff, 
offering guidance and support. Jan really does make a difference in the lives of our patients, perspective
patients and her staff. She is the ultimate example of commitment, integrity and excellence we all need
to live up to.
Location: Idaho Falls

03/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Angela Hays Carey, MBA

Story: I would like to nominate Angela Hays Carey, MBA for the Be The Difference Award. Angela is like
the energizer Bunny! This week alone she has signed up two new patients!! There is a notable increase
in the traffic that comes into the Idaho Falls NCP office to ask about our services. Most of them have
Angela&rsquo;s card in hand. Her knowledge in helping perspective patients navigate the DOL system is
remarkable and she often goes above and beyond to help them negotiate difficulties and challenges. 
She always accomplishes all of this with kindness and humor. Every day I see and experience the
difference she has made in so many lives, giving hope to people who wanted to give up!

03/25/2016 Person you are submitting: Samantha Stoddard

Story: I would like to nominate Samantha Stoddard for "Be the Difference" recognition. 
Samantha is an outstanding CNA who goes above and beyond for our mutual patient. Recently, on her
own time, she ran errands to take care of a patients personal needs while the patient was hospitalized
and following her discharge. Samantha is continuously compassionate, caring and professional in the
care she provides and the patient loves her!! She is a pleasure to work with!!
Location: Idaho Falls, ID

03/30/2016 I would like to recognize Jenni Kenley.  

She has taken leadership of the Boise office (and beyond) and is making a go of it.  We really needed
 someone with the leadership skills that she possesses.  It takes a special person and I appreciate
her for being that person.

03/30/2016 I would like to recognize Leslie and Jenna 

For their presentation at the new employee orientation this month.  As a newer team member, I
appreciate the overview of NCP from the perspective of the two who founded it.  It was very nice
of them to share their stories of struggles and triumphs with the new team members.  

03/30/2016 Tessa is an excellent communicator. 

In working with her remotely, she is clear and pleasant.  Her clinical descriptions and patient
centered practices make my job easier.  She obviously takes great care with her patients and
really goes the extra mile to provide detailed information to the team.  

03/31/2016 I would like to again nominate Kayla Brown

Kayla is amazing and does a lot of different things for many different people in the company. I could not
do what I do without her. She always does anything I request, from finding me forms to making my
travel arrangements, and she is always pleasant and helpful. She is a fantastic human being and goes
above and beyond to help me nearly every day. She epitomizes the role of a "team player". I am so lucky
to have such a great person on my team! Please pick her as the Be the Difference Employee of the Month.

February submissions

02/03/2016:  I would like to nominate Elizabeth Bell.  Her positive attitude, clinical knowledge and willingness to help are very much appreciated.  She is an excellent resource and really contributes lots of positive energy.

02/03/2016:  Regarding Barbara McDonald, I was able to hear a very nice, however brief, story about her humanitarian efforts today.  It seems that she contributes not only to our organization, but also makes a difference for people many miles away from us in a place where any little bit of help goes a long way.  I appreciate the excellent story and the fact that such good people work for NCP. 

02/05/2016:  Todd Skinner, to make plans for Saturday.  He told me "I've got some things going Saturday morning."  I questioned him further and he told me one of his patients had a leak in the roof and he was going to go shovel snow off to help him find and repair the leak. This isn't a visit day, this is just his kindness and extra effort for his patient.  I know he frequently does things like this for his elderly patients.  Any patient who meets Todd wants him to see them again. He shows respect and kindness to each one and goes the extra mile to meet any needs he observes.

02/05/2016:  I know of a patient who is very challenging.  Currently there are only a very few HHAs that are able to see her.  Today Nikki Hall filled a last minute need to help us out.  She is patient and kind with this difficult patient and I appreciate it.

02/05/2016:  Kristin Nielsen for the BTD award for the month February. 

KRISTIN received a call from the family of one of our patients andPTA of NCP that our patient was non responsive in bed. It was 6 pm at night and Kristin dropped everything to drive to Firth, about 20 miles away, and arrived just in time for the ambulance to take our patient away. KRISTIN stayed and drove the wife/fcg to the hospital and remained with her all night long. The next day Kristin drove the wife home after learning the patient was dying. KRISTINstayed with the wife until other family arrived and then went to the office to check on staff before finally around 4 pm retiring home to recover from being up all night helping a grieving wife cope with losing her highschool sweatheart and life long partner.

02/09/2016:  Person you are submitting: Michaela Schaller

Michaela came in as an intern and has really made sure to make herself available for anything and everything that comes up. She never hesitates to ask if she can help and she has an ambitious drive to take in and learn as much as she possibly can. She is a busy young lady with attending school full-time, interning, applying for jobs and volunteering as her last semester at CMU comes to an end. Thanks Michaela! Keep smiling and working hard!     

Location: Grand Junction, CO

02/09/2016:  Person you are submitting: Amy Johnson, RN

On a very snowy February Thursday in South Eastern Idaho Amy was traveling up Highway 20 to see a patient that is 36 plus miles from Idaho Falls where Amy lives. As she is driving along she notices a white puff of snow heading her way on the highway-she feels relief for a second thinking it is the snow plow clearing the path. Her relief ended when she realized it was a truck that had lost control and was rolling past her and into the ditch on the side of the road. Amy saw the truck laying on it's side but was unable to stop or turn around in the emergency exit because of the amount of snow and her fear of getting stuck. She went to the next exit turned around and went back the scene of the accident. Truck laying on it's side and not another car to help the driver of the truck. It was a young man standing in the snow with blood on his face. "No one would stop to help me." Were his first words to her. He was on the cell phone with his mother who had notified EMS. Amy stayed until the Ambulance arrived. She didn't have to turn around in the middle of a snow storm, but she did and she made a difference in that young man's life. She was a comfort to him and his mother. This is just one example of how Amy's always going above and beyond for the staff, patients and community. What a shinning example of commitment and compassion. Amy shared that she would have hoped someone would stop for her son and she couldn't live with herself if she hadn't stopped.      

Location: Idaho Falls

02/10/2016:  Person you are submitting: Kristin Nielsen

 Kristin came to the rescue of a patient and his wife not once but twice. She stayed overnight with the patient and his wife after he suffered a massive stroke. She is such an amazing example of selflessness. Instead of going home to bed she went in to the office and tried sharing her lunch. She has a very kind and giving heart and we are all so blessed by her example!

Location: Idaho Falls

02/10/2016:  Person you are submitting: Stacey Todd RN

Stacy Todd RN hired me in SC and she is a very sweet person if I need anything she is very quick to respond!!! She always keep me posted whenever there is a new patient available!!! She is a hard working woman!! I'm so honor to be under someone like Mrs.Todd!!!! Thank you Stacy Todd RN!!!! 

Location: South Carolina

02/11/2016:  Person you are submitting: Kristin Nielson

Story: Kristin spent the night with one of our very ill patients who had deteriorated significantly. This was on her own time. She also spent two late evenings at the hospital with the patient prior to this overnight stay as his wife was very feeble and elderly. She was at the hospital until nearly 1 am on one of the nights. Location: Idaho Falls

02/11/2016:  Person you are submitting: Nancy Pendlebury FCG

Story: Nancy does a great job in caring for her husband. She always has her charting done in a timely manner and is very thorough in her husband's care. She works really hard at being the best caregiver for her husband. She is always positive and happy. She is a wonderful FCG.         

 Location: Idaho

02/14/2016:  Person you are submitting: Amy Hansen-Schwinghamer

Story: I would like to nominate Amy Hansen-Schwinghamer. She has taken on a number of new responsibilities here in Las Vegas in the last few months. She worked very hard at keeping the team informed and updated while the Director-Barb was away. I especially appreciated our communication during this time, which kept the office and team running smoothly and efficiently.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

02/16/2016:  Person you are submitting: Blake Schild

Story: I would like to nominate Blake Schild for his team work! If there is ever an issue, he always shows up right away. He always makes my issues a priority in getting things solved and always makes me feel like my problems are important by his quick response. He is always willing and flexible with IT training if the scheduled day needs to be switched or if there needs to be a second day scheduled within the week to accommodate getting a nurse trained to get them up and going with patient care. I appreciate Blake, his patience and helpful attitude!

Location: Grand Junction

02/16/2016:  Person you are submitting: Carolyn Byrd, RN

Story: I would like to nominate Carolyn Byrd for recognition. Carolyn has a delightful and caring relationship with her patients. She is always pleasant and eager to help as a team player, and a reliable person to go to for information regarding the job.

Location: Aiken,S.C.

02/18/2016:  Person you are submitting: Estephen Cordova

Story: Estephen makes it a point to say hello to everyone in the office, every day, and has a smile on his face at all times. He stepped into his Authorization Specialist role seamlessly and had his first patient approval 3 days shy of his 2 month mark. His kind demeanor and strong work ethic are contagious and never overlooked. I am happy Estephen is part of NCP.

Location: Grand Junction, CO

02/19/2016:  I nominate Kayla Brown for the February BTD employee.  Earlier this week she took a call late in the day from a gentleman that kept her on the phone for over an hour expressing his frustrations.  Kayla stayed on the phone with patiently until well after 5:00 pm, and did her best to calm him down and make him feel understood. When she found out the next day that NCP cannot help the gentleman with our services, she wrote him a note expressing her regret.  Kayla represented NCP in such a positive and caring way.

Location:  Grand Junction, CO

02/19/2018:  I nominate Blake Schild for the Be The Difference employee of the month. 

IT as a whole is always working hard to help employees troubleshoot issues and helping the corporate office to make processes more efficient. This month, Blake took on the task of writing a training manual for HHAs, based off of information from multiple departments.  Some of the information in this manual is crucial to the training of our aides, and was time consuming to compile in a straightforward manner.  While writing the guide, he also came up with some ideas to help improve a very common process that affects a large portion of NCP.  All of this input and hard work are much appreciated.

Location:  Grand Junction, CO

02/22/2016:  Person you are submitting: Kayla Brown

Story: Kayla is an amazing help with everything she does! She makes sure that all of our Admin items are taken care of and even makes appointments for some of us. She answers daily phone calls in our main office and she sends out supplies and swag to those of us in the outlying branches. She is always positive and prompt in everything she does. She is amazing at making travel reservations for those of us that need them. And she is just an extremely important part of this team and one of the biggest behind the scenes players and we could not run as smoothly as we do without her. She is always happy and willing to help in any way she can. She truly makes a difference in all of our lives as employees and does much more than any of us even know. She truly deserves this award as one of the unsung heroes of this team. Thank you Kayla for all you do for us!

Location: Colorado

02/23/2016:  Person you are submitting: Angela Hays Carey

Story: I love Angela's positive attitude. She has proven to be a great asset in every area she has been assigned. She can never leave a meeting or setting where she doesn't make someone crack a smile or bust up laughing. She has patients passing her business cards out, and one in particular that was in an ambulance and could barely breathe, but had to tell the EMT that if they know anyone that had worked at INL they need to call Angela.

Location: Idaho Falls

02/23/2016:  Person you are submitting: Kayla Brown

Story: Kayla has a wonderful 'can do' attitude and it is very refreshing. I have noticed anything that is asked of her is responded with "I sure can". She has continues to be a tremendous help to all of departments here at NCP.

Location: Corporate

02/26/2016:  Person you are submitting: Jenni Kenley

Story: I'd like to recognize Jenni for not only her awesome attitude but complete dedication to her job. She has taken on the role as Coordinator of Clinical Operations and gone above and beyond to exceed her role. She is excellent with communication between branches, always willing to do what it takes to help her team (even if that means being on an overnight flight to spend more time where she is needed.) She always has an upbeat and positive outlook on any situation and has been an absolute joy to work with. All around she is a genuine rock star!

Location: Boise

02/26/2016:  Person you are submitting: Amy "Ames" Pickard

Story: I'd like to nominate Ames for the BTD employee for the month of February. She is always so kind and caring to everyone around her. It takes a special kind of person to continuously show a positive attitude and keep a smile on their face despite what is happening. She is always a pleasure to work with and be around. Her compassion for others is what makes her an excellent co worker and amazing person. She makes a difference each and every day!

Location: Grand Junction

02/29/2016:  Person you are submitting: Camie Woodland, HHA

Story: Camie is always willing to go the extra mile for her patient. She is kind and professional. When her patient was admitted to the hospital, he was very worried about his animals at home. Camie volunteered to go to his home and feed his animals for him while he was away. This took a lot of stress away from the pt and he was able to recover and focus on getting better. Camie is a great representative for NCP!

Location: Idaho Falls, I

January Submissions


I need to lift up the amazing job that Stacy Todd RN and brand new Director is doing in SC and GA.  She has a new patient in GA who has just been approved for a lot of hours and is in great need for care.   Stacy has been hiring staff over the last few days and is in need of an RN to cover right away.  On Friday evening Jan. 8th Stacy received the news that her brand new GA RN license had been approved, and before the ink was dry on the paper she had rescheduled her whole week (Jan 11-15th) of working in South Carolina -and scheduled herself to go to GA and personally care for this patient 6 hours per day, train the new RN on his care and try and interview more nurses in the community.  This is going above and beyond in a major way for this patient.  I am inspired by Stacy's energy, efficiency and advocacy for this patient!   Thank you for giving of yourself  and caring for this patient.  You are a great example of how to 'Be The One' for NCP and for our patients.  Thank you Stacy, you are an amazing ambassador for NCP! 

To whom it may concern,
I would like to nominate Denie Echiverri.  Denie is always in the office and keeps the field staff set up to be successful.  Denie has always been able to answer questions or find the person who can answer the questions.   Denie is the glue that binds is together as a team and helps us to be greater than the sum of our parts.


I would like to nominate Amy Austin for her wonderful relationship that she has with each of her leads and patients.  She still maintains contact with them even after they are approved, not because she has to, because she wants to.  Her commitment to these people is truly an act of service.  


I would like to nominate Taylor Vanlandingham for the Be The Difference employee of the month.  Taylor has shown she is a team player by stepping up and helping out areas outside of her own to get things done.  She is always one of the first people at work and one of the last to leave.  Who knows how much work she does when she is at home, but I know it is a lot.  She is always willing to give an honest answer and help out where she can.  She is constantly bombarded with people at her door which makes it even more amazing that she gets anything done.  Taylor has made a huge difference in my experience at NCP this last couple of months.


I would like to Recognize Amy Shell a CNA in Arizona for being the difference today for her patient and family.  Amy used her skills that she has learned as a CNA to listen closely to her patient and family while on her shift today.  The patient is very dependent on his wife, and today she was not feeling well. Amy realized that this family member needed medical attention quickly and helped to initiate an ambulance for her.   As mentioned this patient is very dependent on his wife and cannot be left alone.  Amy quickly called an NCP  supervisor to get permission to stay at the home past her shift to ensure his safety and care.  With support, Amy was able to get a family member contacted to come and assist this patient.  During all of this, Amy cared for her patient supporting him emotionally and physically while keeping in constant contact with an NCP supervisor about the progress.  Kudos to Amy Shell for 'being the difference' today!  A job well done.  


Dear BTD committee,

I would like to nominate Pam Silzly for her outstanding and compassionate work with her patient RB. She goes above and beyond in her care of RB, her commitment is outstanding and a great example of the way all of us want to be treated.

In my opinion she should be recognized for her superior service to RB.

Just a quick note. Want to recognize John our physical therapy manager in Idaho Falls. He has a patient out in Arco who is just doing PT we are trying to get him on nursing. he met the patient and the son at a basketball game in Idaho Falls at night on his own time. He took his son with him as well. They help  patient and his wife nto the game AND SAT behind them to hold him up so that he can watch his grandson play basketball and then got him back out to the car. The son called me crying just ecstatic that one of our people would do such a nice thing on his own time. Wish I could remember John's last name at the moment but I'm in Boise and I wanted to get this off so I remembered it!

Hey NCP Recognition, it's me, -. I want to nominate Mindy Rigsby to be recognized for the "Be The Difference" initiative. Her friendly and helpful demeanor always brings a smile to my face. I cant think of a time that I have walked past the front desk since she started and haven't been greeted by a "How's it goin' -?"  I don't know much about the front desk work but it seems like it would be hectic at times and somehow she always manages to be so friendly and full of joy! The same goes for Kayla but I guess maybe I just see Mindy more often. How long is this supposed to be?

Josh Yerkes IT head office.  He goes above and beyond and after hours even to help our team.  We couldn't stay functioning without him!

I would like Anna Blonquist to be recognized as an excellent resource for Idaho and NCP. She taught skills lab last year about Care Plans and made a huge impact here in Idaho. Our nurses benefit from her everyday. She always goes above and beyond for her patient's, her charting is exceptional and she is a very caring individual and nurse. 


I would like to nominate an amazing nurse from our Idaho Falls office Laurie J. Nelison

She is always positive and up lifting. She goes the extra mile for her patients. She keeps patient information and medications up to date, she is great at delegating tasks to other team members. She is diligent in communicating with team nurses and case manager for continuity of care. 

In the last week I reviewed four 60 comprehensive assessments for current patient's. Of the four I reviewed she was my only lead nurse to complete in a timely manner and I did not have to contact her to complete ADL form or medication interaction check. 

She truly makes a difference in our patient lives

I would like to nominate Carolyn Byrd for recognition. Carolyn is dependable and caring, She goes out of her way to communicate clearly with me as her leader. She is patient and kind with her patients and goes out of her way to make sure her team and patients have all their needs met. She attends every meeting and event no matter the circumstance. Carolyn embodies the NCP difference. Thank you Carolyn!