Former LLNL, LBL, Sandia, DOE & Nevada Test Site Workers

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Are you receiving consistency in your care?

Do you want a routine schedule with the same nurse?

Is your provider ACHC accredited?

If you answered no to any of these questions, call Laura or submit your EEOICPA questions below to see how we can help you!

Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh, Local EEOICPA Benefits Specialist

For over a decade, we’ve helped former atomic workers obtain and maximize their EEOICPA white card benefits and receive the quality care services they deserve. Wherever you’re at in your journey with your benefits, we’re a free resource here to help you!

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Our compassionate & dependable care teams proudly subscribe to the highest industry standards, best practices, and performance improvements so that our patients receive the utmost quality of care.
Our Service Promise

We believe every former atomic worker deserves the highest level of care. At Nuclear Care Partners we commit to creating customized care solutions to meet your unique health needs, to finding a caregiver that fits your lifestyle and treats you with kindness and respect, and to finding the best solution for YOU.

If we are unable to provide this for you, we will support you in finding a provider who can meet your needs.