Preventative Care

Our Preventative Care Program allows you to stay on top of your health from the comfort of your own home! We will help you monitor your medication, track new conditions, and develop healthy habits to avoid potential illnesses or injuries

What is included in our program:

  • A custom plan of care
  • Skilled nurse visits
  • Monitoring vitals, medications
  • Disease Management
  • Medication Management
  • EEOICPA Benefits Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Education
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • Durable Medical Equipment coordination
Ronald Schmid
Robert doing stretching exercises

What are the benefits?

  • Maintain or regain strength
  • Stay active
  • Delay illness progression
  • Prevent hospital visits
  • Live independently at home
Having a nurse visit can make such a difference in a patient’s quality of life. Our nurses get to know and understand their patient’s health history and health status, watching for any subtle changes. By catching illnesses early on, we can help prevent hospitalization. Before starting care with Nuclear Care Partners, one of our patients was continually hospitalized for pneumonia at least twice a year and his quality of life decreased with each hospital stay. Since starting care, he has stayed out of the hospital and he attributes this to being under the careful watch of his nurse!”
Monica Maurer
Monica MaurerVice President of Clinical Operations

When we first signed up for care, Dean was relatively healthy and we weren’t sure he needed a nurse. But Pam has helped with more than we could have imagined and now we don’t know what we’d do without her! She’s like family to us now.

Suzanne, Wife of Dean, Former Hanford Engineer

There are also several free medical screening programs available based on the worksite, where you live and which trade you worked in, including:

  • Former Worker Medical Screening Program
  • National Supplemental Screening Program
  • Building Trades National Medical Screening Program
  • Miners Screening Program

The free medical screening programs use independent occupational health experts from universities, labor unions, and commercial organizations to administer the medical screening. To ensure objective and credible medical examinations, the exams are offered by third-party providers.

Your local benefits specialist can help you determine what screening is best for you!

Want to see if you qualify!

Give us a call and we’ll connect you to your local benefits specialist to learn more.