Celebrating National Family Caregiver Month!

We want to honor your family caregiver with a gift of this candle.

Just as your caregiver shines light to your day, and we hope that every time they light this candle, they are reminded of your appreciation and the selfless love, care, and attention they provide for you.

Call or fill out the form below today to order your caregiver a Nuclear Care Partners scented candle in celebration of National Caregiver Month.

While supplies last, please order by November 30, 2022

Why work as a family caregiver at Nuclear Care Partners?

Direct Employment vs Independent Contractor Employed with Nuclear Care Partners (W-2) Independent Contractor (I-9)
Benefits for full-time employees (30+ hours)
Taxes taken directly out of paycheck
Overtime for full-time employees (40+ hours)
Workers Compensation Insurance
Eligible for patient & employee referrals
Training and Support

Questions about becoming a Family Caregiver with Nuclear Care Partners?

Give us a call at 888.525.5111!

“Being a caregiver with Nuclear Care Partners means you’ve got a team. When I was doing it before, I did everything I’m doing now, but I didn’t have anybody I could call and talk to that knew the situation and could help me. We have some of the best nurses who are like family to us and who I don’t mind calling when I have questions. Plus I’m getting paid for what I was already doing!”

Linda, Wife & Caregiver for Terry, Former Atomic Worker