How Nuclear Care Partners is Responding to COVID-19

We are all watching the Coronavirus (COVID-19) play out in our communities and in our world. Our top priority right now is keeping our patients, our staff, and our communities healthy and safe. In an overabundance of precaution, we are placing a variety of measures in place across the country.
For the most up-to-date information from the CDC click here

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As of March 16, 2020, we have activated our Emergency Response Plan. This plan involves many initiatives including those listed below:

We are asking our staff to perform daily health self-assessments with COVID-19 screening questions before reporting to work. If the staff is feeling ill, they are being asked to stay home from work.
We are also pre-screening our patients with the COVID-19 screening questions (listed below) prior to making a home visit.

Screening Questions:

1. Have you traveled internationally within the last 14 days to a country with sustained community transmission?

(For updated information on affected countries visit

2. In the last 14 days, have you had contact with someone with or under investigation for COVID-19, or someone ill with a respiratory illness?

3. Do you reside in a community where a community-based spread of COVID-19 is occurring?

4. Do you have signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a fever, cough, and sore throat?

(All questions above were sourced from

Covid-19 & CDC
Symptoms & Testing

If you answered yes to 1 or 2 and 4 then,  contact your local health department.

Health Department Locations
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Please know that we are actively monitoring the evolving recommendations from our federal, state, and local health agencies related to the virus and will continue to post any relevant updates.

*All recommendations and protocol sourced from the CDC

During these uncertain times, we are grateful for the heroes who continue to work, save lives & serve our nation. We are moved by their courage, selflessness, and bravery. They inspire us with hope & positivity in a time where we need it most.

Healthcare Workers

Thank you for having the courage to care for others and for sacrificing so much to save the lives of so many.

First Responders

Thank you for your courage to care for others through service as you work around the clock to keep our nation safe.

Essential Workers

Thank you to all essential workers for sacrificing time with your loved ones & for having the courage to care for others as you put their needs before your own.

Honoring these Heroes

Download, or print & decorate, any of the signs below and display them in your windows or on your doors to help us honor our front-line workers. Or use these templates as inspiration and create your own artwork of gratitude!
Take a photo of your design, share it on Facebook using the hashtag #CourageToCare and tag NuclearCarePartners! 
thank you healthcare workers from ncp
thank you healthcare workers
thank you healthcare workers