How Nuclear Care Partners is Responding to COVID-19

We continue to prioritize the health and safety of our staff, patients, and the communities we serve. Nuclear Care Partners continues to follow the appropriate COVID-19 safety protocol including wearing a mask, conducting self-screenings and patient screenings with the COVID-19 safety questions, and utilizing our COVID Hotline to report any signs or symptoms of illness, even if our staff and patients are vaccinated.

We are very grateful to have seen effective infection control with the use of our current COVID-19 protocol and procedures in caring for all of our patients, including patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who are presumptive positive.

Click Here for the most up-to-date information from the CDC.

  • We are asking our staff to perform daily health self-assessments with COVID-19 screening questions before reporting to work. If staff are feeling ill, they are being asked to stay home from work.

  • We are also pre-screening our patients with the COVID-19 screening questions (listed below) prior to making a home visit.

Screening Questions:

All questions below were sourced from

  • COVID Hotline 888-525-5022
    We have created a 24/7 hotline for our team members to call to report any presumptive staff or patient illness, no matter what signs or symptoms they are experiencing.

  • Staying the Course
    Our teams are continuing to stay the course with our current COVID safety protocols. Our staff are provided with the necessary education and resources to ensure we are following the proper safety protocol.

  • COVID-19 Task Force
    Our nationwide multidisciplinary COVID-19 Task Force continues to meet bi-monthly and as needed to stay up to date on CDC recommendations and ensure the health and safety of our NCP family.

  • CDC Signs
    Signs are posted on all NCP location doors with CDC recommendations for screening visitors. We have mailed these signs to our patients as well so they can post them on their doors.

Please know that we are actively monitoring the evolving recommendations from our federal, state, and local health agencies related to the virus and will continue to post any relevant updates.

*All recommendations and protocol sourced from the CDC