EEOICPA Claims and Benefits

The EEOICPA was created to ensure that former Department of Energy workers get the proper medical attention and compensation in the event they have suffered work-related injuries or sicknesses during their tenure as atomic workers. As highlighted by both part B and part E of the program, it is also responsible for administering claims filed by current and former employees, as well as qualified survivors.

Part E of the EEOCPA details the health benefits that former workers will get through the program. Individuals who were previously under the employment of the Department of Energy and its associated contractors and subcontractors, as well as former atomic weapons employers who now have radiation-induced cancer will be awarded a lump sum compensation of $150,000. This includes payment of medical expenses from the date of the claim.

These EEOICPA benefits will also be given to employees who were members of the Special Exposure Cohort (SEC), and have at least worked 250 days before February 1, 1992 any of the three Gaseous Diffusion Plants in the country.

Former Uranium workers, or their survivors, will also be awarded health benefits under the EEOICPA. The compensation includes a total amount of $50,000 and full coverage of any medical expenses from the date the claims as filed.

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