Calling All Current & Former Pantex Plant Workers

Are you battling a pulmonary illness or cancer?

Have you filed for EEOICPA benefits but been denied?

Are you stuck in the claims filing process?

Do you have questions about your benefits?

You’re Invited to our Atomic Heroes Townhall
Learn about your benefits & get answers to your EEOICPA questions

Individual appointments are also available on Wednesday, August 17th.

Please call in advance to reserve a 45-minute time slot.

Melissa Byrd

Melissa Byrd
 EEOICPA Benefits Specialist

Appointment Instructions

  • Filing Help
    If you are needing help filing for benefits, you must have a confirmed diagnosis for disease (not an injury like a broken leg, back, etc.) Please come prepared to discuss your diagnosis.

  • White Card Review
    If you are wanting a white card review, you must have a DOL White Card. Please bring your white card with you to the appointment as well as what illnesses have been approved so we can best assist you.

  • Denial Review
    If you would like to schedule a benefits denial review, you must bring your denial paperwork. If you do not have it, please call the District Office in Washington, D.C. and request a copy: 

    (202) 693-0081 (Main)
    (202) 888-3322 (Toll-Free)

    OR you can register & download it on the site: