Do you know your rights under the EEOICPA?


The right to choose your care provider 

In 1999, the President’s Patient Bill of Rights was enacted ensuring that all consumers have a right to choose their healthcare provider and that covers all approved providers under the DOL as well. 

  • If you are unsatisfied with your care for any reason you have the right to find a provider that can meet your needs without fear of losing access to your benefits. 

The right to choose how to file for your benefits.

There are numerous ways to file for compensation benefits under the EEOICPA including; self filing, working with a local resource center, working with independent Authorized Representatives*, or lawyers. There is a set fee independent Authorized Representatives and Lawyers are allowed to charge in accordance with the DOL’s requirements. 

  • You are free to change how you file at any point in the filing process and if you feel you are not being advocated for you have the right to find someone who will provide guidance in the filing process. 

*Authorized Representatives are required to be independent and cannot have any financial ties to another company serving white card holders. 

The right to manage your benefits 

The EEOICPA provides lump sum compensation and medical benefits coverage for any expenses related to your approved diagnosis. You can work to get coverage for additional conditions which may result in compensation and expanded coverage but no company or individual can limit access to your care. You can track and manage your benefits through your DOL portal, submitting for reimbursement and tracking claim progress. 

Filing for and managing your EEOICPA benefits can be a complex process, but you can remain in the driver’s seat of your care. There are many free resources available to former atomic workers looking to understand their benefits. 

Find trustworthy resources by asking questions! 

  • Are you accredited? Seeking voluntary accreditation shows a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care and compliance. 
  • Who coordinates my care? Any care provider should be working closely with you and your physician to ensure plans of care are customized to your needs and lifestyle and communication should be frequent and clear. 

The Atomic Heroes Alliance is committed to educating former workers and connecting them with local and national resources. With thousands of members across the country, we have resources from trusted Authorized Representatives, Durable Medical Equipment, Physicians, and more. The Atomic Heroes Alliance is a program of Nuclear Care Partners, a trusted care provider for over 13 years.

Read more EEOICPA FAQs here.


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