Former ORNL, Y-12, K-25, and DOE Workers

Happy New Year!

Now that the new year has officially begun, I want to make sure all your new year’s resolution boxes are checked!

  • Find out if I qualify for my medical & financial EEOICPA benefits

  • Update impairment rating

  • Add consequential illnesses to white card

  • Optimize white card to maximize benefits

  • Make an appointment with Mackenzie to help kickstart your New Years’ Resolutions!!

I can’t wait to meet you & help you check off all our new years resolution boxes!

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Mackenzie Phillips-Smithers

Mackenzie Phillips Smithers, Local EEOICPA Benefits Specialist

For over a decade, we’ve helped former atomic workers obtain and maximize their EEOICPA white card benefits and receive the quality care services they deserve. Wherever you’re at in your journey with your benefits, we’re a free resource here to help you!