Recent EEOICPA Policy Changes

What is Changing?

As many of you know, in February the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) published updates to the policies under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA). Primarily, the final rule: Sets out a new process for authorizing in-home health care. This new process involves the addition of two forms that now need to be completed by the patient and physician for prior authorization.

What does this Mean for You?

The final rule went into effect on April 9, 2019 and applies ONLY TO NEW PATIENTS. Current patients will not require any additional forms and there will be no lapse in their care.

  For new patients, the update creates two additional steps in the prior authorization process for home health care. The first form (EE17A) initiates the claim for home health care and must be signed by the patient and sent to the DOL. The DOL will then send the listed physician the second form (EE17B), which the physician will complete.

  Nuclear Care Partners is working to make this process as easy as possible by assisting patients in filling out the form. We will also take care of sending the form to the DOL.

What is Nuclear Care Partners doing?

Nuclear Care Partners has made the necessary changes, from a procedural standpoint, to continue to operate in accordance with the final rules and are committed to working with claimants, physicians, and the DOL to make sure beneficiaries have timely access to care.

This is not the first time the DOL has made policy changes. We will continue to adapt our processes as changes are made and will maintain transparency in how these changes may relate to your benefits.

Our commitment has always been and will continue to be, advocating and caring for our former workers. We feel strongly that our former workers’ rights are paramount -- not only for Nuclear Care Partners -- but across the industry.

Nuclear Care Partners is actively present in Washington, D.C., building relationships and connections with members of Congress in the House and Senate. Our goal is to ensure patients have access to their benefits in a way that is timely, effective, and consistent with their level of need.

You may note that a lawsuit was filed against the DOL as it relates to some of these changes. Nuclear Care Partners has chosen not to participate in the lawsuit at this time but rather to focus on advocating for our former workers on Capitol Hill. However, we are closely monitoring the case and will keep you abreast of any major movement as it relates to the final rules or your benefits.

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