Former Atomic and Uranium Workers in New Mexico

Thousands of former Department of Energy and former Uranium workers living in New Mexico suffer from illnesses due to exposure to radioactive and toxic substances.

Nuclear Care Partners is one of the largest home care providers serving former atomic workers across the United States. We provide the highest level of in-home care to each patient we work with and will tailor a plan to fit individual needs.

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Meet your Local Community Outreach Manager

Stephanie Bogle

Stephanie is an EEOICPA benefits expert and is here to help former workers take the next step in their journey to receiving financial and medical benefits. Whether you’re new to the program and need help determining your benefit eligibility or if you have your white card and would like to learn how to maximize your EEOICPA benefits, Stephanie can help!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift and passion. I have found that my passion for helping others is a gift that rewards me daily. I am excited for the opportunity to share my compassion and empathy to the men and women who have served us. With 3 years of experience in home health care, I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm, joy, knowledge, and light with all the New Mexico DOL cardholders as well as future patients. I am humbled and look forward to becoming an integral part of the NCP family. I look forward to interacting with NCP clients and staff so that I can touch their lives and show my appreciation for this opportunity.”

Community Outreach Managers are available for appointments throughout the states they serve. Call today to set up an appointment with Stephanie!


Your local team can help you determine your EEOICPA benefit eligibility, establish your next steps, connect you to resources to help you file your claim, & help you get the most out of your white card benefits.

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Major Facilities Served in the Area:

Los Alamos National Lab | Sandia National Lab