Former Atomic and Uranium Workers in Pennsylvania

Thousands of former Department of Energy and Atomic workers living in Pennsylvania suffer from illnesses due to exposure to radioactive and toxic substances.

Nuclear Care Partners is one of the largest home care providers serving former atomic workers across the United States. We provide the highest level of in-home care to each patient we work with and will tailor a plan to fit individual needs.

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Meet your Local Community Outreach Manager

Nick Ferrigno

Nick Ferrigno is an EEOICPA benefits specialist. He is passionate about helping former workers learn about and apply for their benefits.
“My inspiration are the patients. Being able to assist those workers who sacrificed so much to advance our country’s nuclear power. That’s my inspiration and it’s truly and honor.”

Interested in learning more about the EEOICPA and if you may qualify? Call today to set up an appointment with Nick!

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Major Facilities Served in the Area:

Nuclear Materials * Equipment Corp. | Vitro Manufacturing | Westinghouse Atomic Power Development Plant