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2023 Spring AHN Cover

Atomic Health News is a custom-made newsletter for former atomic & uranium workers that is distributed multiple times a year & features:

  • EEOICPA Resource Articles
  • Offers for Free Atomic Gifts
  • Real Stories from Real Atomic Retirees
  • Historical Highlights of Atomic Sites
  • And Much More

The Spring 2023 edition features a variety of stories from former atomic workers, an Ask the Experts: Bone Cancer diagnosis education article, an atomic site feature (Hanford Site), a Q&A with our Growth and Clinical leaders, and much more!

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2023 Oppenheimer Patch

2023 Collectors Patch

This limited-edition collectors patch commemorates the victories of the three-time Nobel Prize nominee and winner of the 1963 Enrico Fermi Award, J. Robert Oppenheimer—an extraordinary theoretical physicist, often referred to as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”.

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