A Virtual Event Series

We realize that protecting your health is more important now than ever before. So your local Benefits Specialist, Nick, is hosting a series of virtual events to provide answers to your EEOICPA frequently asked questions.

All virtual events will take place from 6:30pm – 7pm.

If you cannot see the video below, please refresh the page. (Video will only show up during the virtual event)

How to file for EEOICPA Benefits

September 21st
  • What do I need to file?
  • Who helps me fill out paperwork?
  • How long does the process take?
  • What is the difference between Part B and Part E benefits?

Denied Claims

September 22nd
  • If my claim is denied, can I reapply?
  • What if I want to file for a different illness than my denied claim?
  • How do I reopen a denied claim?
  • What does the denial process look like?

Filing for Consequential Illnesses

September 23rd
  • What is a consequential illness?
  • How do I add a consequential illness?
  • Will my doctor tell me if I should file for a consequential illness?
  • How does filing for a consequential illness help me?

Impairment Ratings

September 28th
  • What is an impairment rating?
  • How do impairment ratings work/what do they base it on?
  • How often can I receive an impairment rating?
  • Do I need to see a special impairment physician?

Obtaining Medical Equipment & Prescriptions

September 29th
  • What is medical equipment?
  • How do I get the medical equipment?
  • Will I be charged for the medical equipment?
  • Are all my prescriptions covered?

Your One-Stop-Shop, Nuclear Care Partners

September 30th
  • I do alright on my own, why do I need help?
  • My family helps take care of me. Do I really need Nuclear Care Partners?
  • What does NCP offer that will benefit me?

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Your local Benefits Specialist – Nick Ferrigno

“Even though we can’t host in-person events right now, I want to make sure that former atomic workers are able to get answers to their EEOICPA benefits questions and help with their health during these uncertain times.”
From determining your benefit eligibility to helping you get the most out of your white card, Nick is your personal EEOICPA expert!
Nick headshot