Top 5 Questions

advocate for nuclear workers talking to patient

You Should be Asking Your Home Healthcare Provider

1. How do you find and recruit quality nurses and caregivers?
It’s important to know that you will be cared for by someone who is not only skilled but who is also compatible with you and your level of care. Directly employing local nurses, rather than contracting employees, helps ensure the consistency of care and develops meaningful nurse-patient relationships.

Nuclear Care Partners proudly hires local nurses to bring jobs to the communities in which our patients live. Our nurses are screened for a cultural fit with our mission of compassionate care and receive on-going training for best practices. We directly employ our nurses, rather than hire them as contract workers, because we believe that long-term relationships lead to better health outcomes.

2. Is your company accredited?
Accreditation ensures that a company operates at the highest standards and is compliant with current industry standards and best practices. Going through the accreditation process helps a company streamline operations, improve the quality of care, and enhance patient outcomes. Simply put, the standards of accreditation ensure that patients will receive consistent, excellent care.

Nuclear Care Partners was the first provider, exclusively serving former atomic workers, to be accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). We are committed to elevating the standard of care across our industry and replicate these standards in every community we serve. For over a decade, we have helped former workers receive the benefits and care they deserve. These years of experience help us ensure that the home health care approval process will be as smooth and efficient as possible.

3. Who coordinates my care?
A home healthcare provider that communicates with all of your care agencies (primary care physician, specialist, insurance, hospice, etc.) will ensure the best possible care for you. Frequent, honest, and clear communication between your home care provider and your other agencies is extremely important in receiving quality care and minimizing confusion.

We are a true patient advocate—not only when it comes to coordinating care with your other care agencies—but also in helping you maximize your benefits. We seek out resources and work with DME (durable medical equipment) companies, physicians, pharmacies, and more to ensure that your white card is being used to cover anything you need that is related to your approved diagnosis. Our skilled care teams are committed to helping you achieve your individual health goals and work with your physicians to create a customized care plan to accommodate your specific home care needs.

4. Who do I call if I have questions about my care?
It’s important to know who to contact and how to reach them, should you have any questions about your care. It’s crucial to have open communication with your provider and have the ability to get ahold of someone at any time, should you experience any problems. Ease of communication and access to help should be a primary focus for a quality provider.

At Nuclear Care Partners, we value open communication and believe that you should always have someone to call for help. A member of our team will always be ready to take your call and assist you. Your local branch office or clinical leader can help answer your questions about consequential illnesses, durable medical equipment, impairment ratings, or any other questions related to your care. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we want our patients to know that they can always reach out and share their questions, concerns, or thoughts.

5. What steps do I take if I want to receive care in my home?
If you have your White Card, call 888.525.5111 today to see how Nuclear Care Partners can make a difference in your care!

Or, interested in learning if in-home care is right for you, call 888.525.5111 today for a free case review and begin the journey to quality care at home!