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Leslie HigginsHello! My name is Leslie and I am proud to be the Health Watch Representative for Nuclear Care Partners. As you may know, Health Watch is a free 8-week program that was created to provide a better experience for former workers by allowing them to experience the NCP difference before they are even approved for care. It provides former workers with a variety of resources related to their EEOICPA benefits and keeps them informed through their benefits authorization process.

Leslie Higgins, Health Watch Representative

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The Health Watch Program was designed to make sure our patient population knows that they have a team looking out for them. As the Health Watch Representative, I make sure that questions patients have about the DOL process and/or new needs get over to the experts on our Nuclear Care Partners team. While I cannot provide any medical advice or guidance, I can facilitate their needs to the local care team who then connects with the patient to make sure their needs are taken care of.

This program has so many benefits and as I’m learning the DOL process, I feel that it is crucial to keeping in touch with patients and showing them how we are truly here to help them.

My favorite part about being the representative for Health Watch is the fun stories I get to hear from the people I speak with. Most of the stories are about their grandchildren or great-grandchildren. And then there are days when sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them. Not all days are good days, and it’s the days that the patients are in a lot of pain that I just listen. The patients I call are such a blessing to me and I always pray for them and for their comfort. A dear memory I hold is speaking with a patient’s wife who shared with me about retiring to take care of her husband, “There’s more to life than money—this is my job”, she said.

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“I never realized all I could use my white card for. They helped me understand instead of paying my monthly deductible I could order my oxygen and supplies through the card. On my limited budget that savings really helped.”

Roger S.

“Health Watch is amazing. They walked me through all that I was missing, looked at consequential illnesses, impairment ratings, and even let my wife ask questions. They were so patient and kind. I looked forward to the calls every week!”

James W.

“I love the Health Watch calls. They do a wonderful job communicating with me and giving me all the information and help I need with my benefits. They even told me about how I can get safety equipment for my shower with my white card to keep me from falling or hurting myself. My experience has been really great, they’re like family to me now.”

Tanya W.