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Better health is just a phone call away!

This free 8-week program will provide you with a variety of resources related to your EEOICPA benefits, and will keep you informed through your benefits authorization process.

You’ll receive weekly calls from a specially trained DOL expert that will discuss a variety of topics including:

  • White Card Review

    • Are you using your white card to its full potential?
  • Durable Medical Equipment

    • What would make getting around your home easier?
  • Assist with Coordination of Errands

    • Do you need help around the home or with coordinating prescription and grocery delivery?
  • Consequential Illnesses

    • Do you need help adding a consequential illness to your white card?
  • Reimbursement Forms

    • Do you need help with your medical travel/mileage reimbursement forms?
  • Family Q&A

    • Would any of your family members like to ask us some questions about your health or your benefits?
  • And More!

Former Atomic Worker and Nuclear Care Partners Patient

Are you considering home care, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you?

Wanting to stay on top of your health from the comfort of your home? 

Curious to see how we can make a difference in your care?

Then Health Watch is for you!

Our specially trained Health Watch team has vast experience in chronic disease management and extensive knowledge of the resources available through the EEOICPA program.

Give us a call at 888.525.5111 to learn more & to get signed up for Health Watch!

“I never realized all I could use my white card for. They helped me understand instead of paying my monthly deductible I could order my oxygen and supplies through the card. On my limited budget that savings really helped.”

Roger S.

“Health Watch is amazing. They walked me through all that I was missing, looked at consequential illnesses, impairment ratings, and even let my wife ask questions. They were so patient and kind. I looked forward to the calls every week!”

James W.

“I love the Health Watch calls. They do a wonderful job communicating with me and giving me all the information and help I need with my benefits. They even told me about how I can get safety equipment for my shower with my white card to keep me from falling or hurting myself. My experience has been really great, they’re like family to me now.”

Tanya W.