Did you work in uranium mining, milling, or transporting between 1942-1971?

Good news! RECA Benefits have been extended to June 7th, 2024!

Have you been diagnosed with a lung disease or lung cancer? Commonly covered diagnoses include: lung cancer, silicosis, pneumoconiosis, cor pulmonale, or pulmonary fibrosis.

If yes, you may qualify for up to $150,000 in compensation through the Department of Justice’s RECA Program.

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Commonly Covered Illnesses Under RECA

For Uranium Miners, Millers & Ore Transporters:

  • Lung cancer
  • Fibrosis of the lung
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Silicosis
  • Pneumoconiosis
  • Cor pulmonale related to fibrosis of the lung
  • Renal cancer
  • Chronic renal disease

For Onsite Participants & Downwinders:

  • Leukemia (but not chronic lymphocytic leukemia)
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Lymphomas (other than Hodgkin’s disease)
  • Primary cancers of the:
    • Thyroid
    • Male or female breast
    • Esophagus
    • Stomach
    • Pharynx
    • Small intestine Pancreas
    • Bile ducts
    • Gall bladder
    • Salivary gland
    • Urinary bladder
    • Brain
    • Colon
    • Ovary
    • Liver (except if cirrhosis or hepatitis B is indicated)
    • Lung