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We Do the Right Thing

We collectively agree that we’d rather do the right thing even if it’s unpopular, even when no one is watching, and especially when it isn’t easy.

We Own It

We own our actions every day. Original thought, hard work, and taking initiative are built into everything we do. We learn from our failures and we celebrate our successes.

We Make Connections

Connection and human relationships are at the core of our foundation. We believe that making meaningful connections with our patients and with each other, makes a difference.

We are Kind

Each of us has a heart for service. We show compassion and kindness to one another in every interaction—with our patients, our coworkers, and our communities. We are drawn to this mission because we want to give back to those who gave so much.

The Values We Stand For

We are a community of extraordinary individuals brought together by our shared purpose. Our core values guide us in our mission each and every day. Beyond simple honesty, we have the courage to own our actions and do what is right. We have a kind heart for service and believe that creating meaningful connections with our patients, and with each other, leads to better outcomes.

We love being the premier provider of home care services to former atomic workers.

Ready for a Rewarding Career?

“What I love about working for NCP is how I am accepted into our patients’ homes. I love how I am treated like part of their family, not just a worker. When I leave at the end of my shift my heart is fulfilled because I know I made my patient and their families happy, so in return I’m happy. I love how this company holds true to our standards and values—how we are committed to being the best we can be.”

Kristie, CNA

“I enjoy working at NCP because I’m able to make meaningful connections and build relationships with my patients and their families.”

Nataliya, RN

“One thing that makes me absolutely LOVE working for NCP is that we truly exhibit our mission and core values. ‘We are KIND’ being the one that stands out most for me. NCP is continually making sure our amazing patients are getting the care they need and that they are able to advocate for the things they need. I love working directly with patients and their families and building bonds I will never forget.”

Haley, Clinical Assistant

“I enjoy working for Nuclear Care Partners because I feel like our patients need to be treated like family, because they are someone’s family!”

Jessica, RN

“I absolutely love working at NCP for several reasons. I love being able to spend quality time with our patients, who really need someone to listen and give them one-on-one time! I love that I’m not rushed like I was in my previous job at a skilled nursing facility. I now feel my work is superior and I know my patients are as comfortable and happy as possible! NCP treats us well, too! I’ve even helped 2 friends of mine come over to the NCP team!”

Sharon, LPN

“I love working for NCP because I feel like leadership genuinely cares about the mission and the team.  My experience with NCP has allowed me to work alongside nurses and aides in the field, as well as leaders across the country and I’ve met the most amazing people. I have always felt supported in my various roles and hope I’m able to continue paying that forward to others on the NCP team and our incredible patients and their families.”

Debbie, Clinical Educator

“I love meeting patients and hearing all their wonderful lifetime stories. It’s a great feeling knowing you are making a difference in the lives and health of former atomic workers on their path to a healthier life.”

Caren, RN

“My why starts with joining this outstanding team of compassionate and vital people who have a passion to really hone in to find and provide the best whole person care possible to this vulnerable and deserving population of people. Over the years and through all the changes and growth, I have had the pleasure to speak to thousands and thousands of nurses who share their stories as well as their love for providing the best care to patients. I have heard some very sad stories that break your heart, some hilariously funny stories that bring happy tears to your eyes, and some not so fun stories that every nurse has to endure from time to time. Every nurse I speak to, has something to add to my why. Even though I do not personally talk to or care for our patients, I feel I have been part of creating a better life, and sometimes end of life, to these wonderful people. I am part of the greatest team who just keeps driving toward that goal of helping as many of these people as possible! And that makes for a great WHY!”

Amy, Corporate Recruiter

“I have shared stories in the past about the unique people I have met working for NCP. Incredible people who I have been fortunate enough to take care of, as well as work alongside.

Nuclear workers are a different breed, they just are. Everything from pipefitters and welders to nuclear engineers and scientists. Even with the vast diversity of backgrounds they all seem to share a common  strong work ethic and pride having served their country. It makes me feel that in some small way,  I have also contributed to our country by taking care of these amazing people who dedicated their lives and their health to serve and protect their fellow man.  

Many of the coworkers I have met working for NCP across the years have become dear friends. I know they have my back anytime I need something and I would do the same for them. Enjoying the people you work with everyday plays such a crucial role in job satisfaction. Mutual respect and empathy paves the way to a long, happy career. 

NCP has built and continues to build its foundation on its core values of doing the right thing, being kind and owning it.  A simple, and yet incredibly powerful philosophy to live by. Leaders with NCP are expected to lift their teams up and support each employee in achieving their individual goals, which in turn defines that leader’s success within NCP. In the eight years I have worked for NCP my personal life situation and needs have changed many times. I am so very thankful that as those changes occurred, NCP recognized my worth as an employee and partnered with me in remodeling and adapting my role with NCP in a manner that allowed me to continue being a part of such an amazing company.  Making me feel valued, appreciated and understood is not something the majority of my past work environments were ever able to achieve.  I was simply just one of the masses, who could be easily replaced if needed. I feel truly blessed to be a part of NCP.  NCP is my forever workforce home.”

Jan, On Call Coordinator/Compliance

“What I love most about what I do is that I go to work everyday knowing that I get to meet and help some of the most amazing people in my community. I love that I get to help people find the help and support that they need and I get to go home each night knowing that through my little effort I helped make someone’s day just a little bit better everyday.”

Josh, Community Outreach Manager

“There are a lot of reasons I like working for NCP but the patients are the biggest reason. I really enjoy working with this population because they were hard working people that contributed a lot to their country. They have strong work ethics and are very appreciative of any help they receive. They have great stories about their work, their lives during the depression, their service in the military, their school experiences. You name it! With NCP I get the opportunity to listen to them and help them with learning how to care for themselves. NCP sees the whole person as the patient, not just their illness but how their illness impacts them!”

Belinda, RN

“During my first year with NCP I was in a bad car accident and NCP staff stood by me and constantly checked on me as if I was family and was just as excited as I was when I was finally released to come back to work. They were my extended family that stood by my side during one of the toughest times in my life.”

Stacey, CNA-HHA

“I went to school for nursing because I wanted to provide care for others. I have had several jobs in my nursing career, but this is the best job to not only provide care to others but I get to really know our patients and their families. I don’t have to rush to do treatments, pass meds, or run to the next patient. This job is rewarding professionally as well as personally. Thank you Nuclear Care Partners!”

Lisa, RN

“The meaning of life is to find your gift and passion. I have found that my passion for helping others is a gift that rewards me daily. I am excited for the opportunity to share my compassion, and empathy to the men and women who have served us. With 3 years of experience in home health care I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm, joy, knowledge, and light with all the New Mexico DOL card holders as well as future patients. I am humbled and look forward to becoming an integral part of the NCP family. I look forward to interacting with NCP clients and staff so that I can touch their lives and show my appreciation for this opportunity.”

Stephanie, Community Outreach Manager

“I love working for Nuclear Care Partners because patient care is so clearly at the center of everything that is done. As a recruiter, I don’t directly interact with or care for our patients, but everything I do in my position is for them! I love that I still get to serve our patients indirectly by finding amazing, compassionate healthcare professionals to care for them and give them the incredible service they deserve.”

Mandy, Recruiter

“Firstly, being able to talk to the patients as I am not field staff. Secondly, mediating care coverage with staff in order to help make an impact on patient’s daily lives…well it just doesn’t get much better than that!”

Lyane, Scheduling Specialist

“Working at Nuclear Care Partners is special and rewarding because you get to care for an overlooked population. These patients worked so hard in their careers and deserve to be taken care of. You get to spend a lot of time with patients and get to build a relationship with them that is unique to caring for someone in their home. They welcome you into their home and are so grateful for the time you spend with them, it’s very special. The care team at Nuclear Care Partners is kind, patient focused, and team oriented. If I ever have a question I know I can reach out for help.”

Eric, RN

“Nuclear Care Partners is an excellent company to work for with close attention to patient care. Every employee is committed to providing superior care to former atomic worker. The people at NCP are great and the patient’s we serve are the best. I love working for Nuclear Care Partners, everyone are supportive and management listens to you. People share ideas, success and ways to improve to do the best job we can. The culture of this company is great and all the people I work with are amazing. Nuclear Care Partners has a positive work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated.”

Debbie, Field Case Manager

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