Atomic Health News

Atomic Health News is a custom-made newsletter for former atomic & uranium workers that is distributed multiple times a year & features:

  • EEOICPA Resource Articles
  • Offers for Free Atomic Gifts
  • Real Stories from Real Atomic Retirees
  • Historical Highlights of Atomic Sites
  • And Much More

Learn more about atomic sites across the country, our patients’ stories from their time in the atomic industry, specialty programs for former atomic workers, EEOICPA resources, and more.

2023 Fall AHN Cover

The Fall 2023 edition features a variety of stories from former atomic workers, an Ask the Experts: Chronic Kidney Disease education article, an atomic sites feature, a Q&A with our Co-founder and CEO, and much more!

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Bonus Gift

2024 Atomic Heroes Calendar

Each month features real stories and photos submitted to us by former atomic workers across the country and we are honored to share them with you.

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2024 Atomic Heroes Calendar