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Kalina Wong

About Atomic Health News

Atomic Health News is a custom-made newsletter for former atomic & uranium workers that is distributed multiple times a year & features:

  • EEOICPA Resource Articles
  • Offers for Free Atomic Gifts
  • Real Stories from Real Atomic Retirees
  • Historical Highlights of Atomic Sites
  • And Much More

Learn more about atomic sites across the country, our patients’ stories from their time in the atomic industry, specialty programs for former atomic workers, EEOICPA resources, and more.

Spring 2021

Atomic Health News Cover Image
  • Patient Feature – Paul, Former Construction Pipefitter & Hanford Worker
  • Atomic Site Focus – Pinellas Plant, Florida
  • Special Exposure Cohort (SEC): What You Need to Know
  • Answering Your Common Questions About Filing for Part B & Part E Benefits Under EEOICPA

Summer 2021

Atomic Health News Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Atomic Health News Cover

Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Atomic Health News Cover