Savannah River Site Plant


Savannah River Site (SRS), was created when President Truman sent a formal letter to DuPont requesting the design and construction of an atomic project. SRS is located on the Savannah River near Aiken, South Carolina, and bordering Augusta, Georgia. The area the site is located within has a radius of 310 square miles of 198,344 acres in the sand hills of South Carolina. 

As the project began in the early 1950s, SRS produced materials for nuclear weapons such as primarily tritium and plutonium-239. The site hosts five reactors, two chemical separations plants, a heavy water extraction plant, a nuclear fuel and target fabrication facility, a tritium extraction facility and many waste management facilities. From the reactors exposed materials were moved to the two chemical separations plants, which were known as the “canyons”. After the materials were moved they were chemically processed to separate useful products from waste, and then refined and shipped to other DOE sites. From 1953 to 1988 the site produced roughly 36 metric tons of plutonium. 

In 1989, the Savannah River Plant was on the national priority list and became regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where Westinghouse Savannah River Company took hold of management and operation changing the name of the site to Savannah River Site (SRS). Today the site employees over 10,000 people.  



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