Former Atomic and Uranium Workers in Georgia

Thousands of former Department of Energy and Atomic workers living in Georgia suffer from illnesses due to their workplace exposure to radioactive and toxic substances.

Nuclear Care Partners is one of the largest home care providers serving former atomic workers across the United States. We provide benefits guidance, advocacy, and the highest quality of in-home care to former atomic workers. Our patient-centered care prioritizes your personal health needs & wants, being responsive, fostering a trusting caregiving relationship, emphasizing your freedom of choice, and promoting physical & emotional comfort.

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Amanda can help you determine your EEOICPA benefit eligibility, establish your next steps, connect you to resources to help you file your claim, & help you get the most out of your white card benefits.

Amanda Rhoden

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most incredible people who share with me such vivid and amazing stories. One common theme in almost every story I hear is… sacrifice. Whether it was because they had to put food on the table for their family, keep a roof over the head of their loved ones, or because they felt a calling to serve our country during the Cold War. Whatever it may be, their sacrifice has ultimately led them to me and I feel a true sense of responsibility to them just as if they were my own loved ones.”

Amanda Rhoden, Local Community Outreach Manager

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Georgia Branch Office

Major Facilities Served in the Area:
Savannah River Site