Former Atomic and Uranium Workers in California

Thousands of former Department of Energy and Atomic workers living in California suffer from illnesses due to exposure to radioactive and toxic substances.

Nuclear Care Partners is one of the largest home care providers serving former atomic workers across the United States. We provide the highest level of in-home care to each patient we work with and will tailor a plan to fit individual needs.

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Meet your Local Community Outreach Manager


Laura Welsh has been working at NCP since 2015 and is an EEOICPA benefits specialist. She has helped hundreds of former workers apply for, and receive their medical benefits.

“My position affords me the opportunity to help so many people who served the United States and I’ve learned so much about our nation’s history in return. After a healthcare-related career spanning 30+ years, I recognize that NCP is a special kind of company: My work with NCP is more than just another job — it’s family helping family.” – Laura Welsh

Community Outreach Managers are available for appointments throughout the states they serve. Call today to set up an appointment with Laura!


Your local team can help you determine your EEOICPA benefit eligibility, establish your next steps, connect you to resources to help you file your claim, & help you get the most out of your white card benefits.

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Major Facilities Served in the Area:

Lawrence Livermore Lab | Lawrence Berkeley | Sandia Laboratory |  General Atomics | Atomics International | Santa Susana Field Lab IV | DeSoto Ave | Canoga Ave | Downey Facility | GE Vallecitos