Former Department of Energy and Atomic Workers in Ohio

Thousands of former Department of Energy and Atomic workers living in Ohio suffer from illnesses due to their workplace exposure to radioactive and toxic substances.

Nuclear Care Partners is one of the largest home care providers serving former atomic workers across the United States. We provide benefits guidance, advocacy, and the highest quality of in-home care to former atomic workers. Our patient-centered care prioritizes your personal health needs & wants, being responsive, fostering a trusting caregiving relationship, emphasizing your freedom of choice, and promoting physical & emotional comfort.

Connect With Your Local Benefits Specialists

Nick & Ashley can help you determine your EEOICPA benefit eligibility, establish your next steps, connect you to resources to help you file your claim, & help you get the most out of your white card benefits.

Nick Ferrigno

“My duty is to ensure every single DOE worker is well educated & well informed regarding the in’s and out’s of the DOL process and the various benefits that come with it. I know my mission and I know what I’ve been called to do, and that’s to serve the great people of Ohio who need help. I consider myself extremely blessed to be in the position I am to continue to serve.”

Nick Ferrigno, Local Benefits Specialist Serving Western Ohio

Ashley Oesch

“As a Portsmouth native, I’ve always had a calling for helping people. With my Master’s Degree in Social Work, patient advocacy has always been something I put first in my career in healthcare. Living in a small rural community, many of my friends and community members have worked at DOE sites such as the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. I am thrilled to be joining Nuclear Care Partners’ mission to help our community’s former atomic workers with their EEOICPA white card benefits!”

Ashley Oesch, Local Benefits Specialist Serving Eastern Ohio

For more information please call us at: 740.648.3009

Ohio Branch Office

Major Facilities Served in the Area:
Mound Site | Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant | General Electric | Fernald Site