A Checklist for End-of-Life Planning

While it can be difficult, making decisions about your end-of-life plan can be a meaningful experience. It’s an opportunity to consider the things that are important to you, establish your legacy, and reflect on positive memories. Advance planning will also provide peace of mind for your loved ones in knowing that they are acting according to your wishes.

The following checklist walks you through a basic outline of critical end-of-life planning components to aid you in the process:

  • Documents

    • Durable General Power of Attorney
    • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
    • Living Will
    • Last Will & Testament
    • Explanatory Letter
    • Create a Password List
    • Draft a “where to find…” Document
      Ex/ where to find the title and keys to your car, social security & insurance cards, etc.
  • Financial Planning

    • Real Estate & Mortgages
    • Bank Account Information
    • Life Insurance Policies & Beneficiaries
    • Investments
    • Debts
    • Loans Owed to You
    • List Bills with Due Dates & Amounts
  • Care

    • Create an Advance Directive
      Detailing your health care preferences and wishes for the end of your life, or in the event you’re not able to communicate.

      • Resuscitate Orders
      • Organ & Tissue Donation
      • Use of Nursing Homes, Hospitals, or Hospice
      • Wishes for Where You would like to Live (or not live) at the End of Life
        Make copies of your advance directive to provide to your healthcare agent or trusted family/friends.
  • Funeral Planning

    • Whom to Notify
      Make a list of contacts so your family can let them know upon your passing
    • Funeral Home
    • Type of Service & What Elements You would Like
      Readings, songs, life sketches, etc.
    • Treatment of Remains – Burial or Cremation
    • Obituary
      Write your own or provide guidelines for your loved ones
    • Funeral Expenses
  • Estate Planning

    • Establish an Ownership of Assets
    • Choose Beneficiaries
    • Establish Asset Protection Tools
      Trusts: if warranted
  • Conversations

    • Have the Difficult Conversations with Your Loved Ones.
      • Topics may include:
        • Final wishes.
        • Share your decisions on end of life care and who will make medical decisions if you cannot.
        • Reconcile with lost friends/family if desired.
        • Your hopes and wishes for the future of those you love.
        • Where do I want to spend my last days?
        • Who do I want to be present?
        • Have my wishes changed from our last conversation?
        • What does a good day look like?

Please know that all of us here at Nuclear Care Partners are here to support you wherever you’re at in your health journey. Should you have any questions about your EEOICPA white card benefits, getting connected to resources, or end-of-life planning, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 888.525.5111.

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